28 May, 2010

Just $1

Found out last night that Mitchell came 5th by just $1.00! He doesn't care how much by. He still didn't come last! Also, $4,000 was raised.

27 May, 2010

Dancing with the Plenty Valley Stars

Saturday night saw us at a local hall for the second "Dancing with the Plenty Valley Stars". One student from each of the 6 secondary levels was partnered with a dancer and competed just like the tv show "Dancing with the Stars". It was a fundraising night for the Moira Kelly Foundation.

Mitchell was the Year 8 representative. After a couple of weeks of extensive training with his partner Katie, Mitchell was the last to dance on the night. He did well although a little stiff! Mitchell and Katie danced the Jive. I haven't got any photos of them dancing as it is all on video.
Here's Mitchell and Katie.
Here' the whole gang after they'd done a "Glee" number.

There were 3 judges plus they received extra votes by the amount of money put into their voting boxes. Although he didn't win, Mitchell was very excited that he didn't come last (he came 5th)! Over $3,000 was raised.

18 May, 2010

Another wedding, a reveal and a birthday!

Last Saturday, Noel and I went to the wedding of Shelley and Steve. It was at the "Singing Gardens of C.J. Dennis" in Toolangi. Although a little chilly, it was a lovely autumn day and the trees were magnificent reds and golds
 (as well as green).

You may remember the sneak peek a couple of posts back. Well this is what I made. A pair of cushions for Shelley and Steve. I'm really pleased with how they worked out. I think I need to make myself a pair. They are just my colours!
Here is a close-up of the centre.

Yesterday was my Mum's birthday. Here are the boys with Nana after helping her to blow out the candles.

13 May, 2010

Oops and finally, a banner!

Last Thursday was our 15th anniversary and someone forgot (for the first time ever)! Once it was realised, he raced down the shops and bought me these beautiful tulips plus one of those yummy choc orange balls. DH made it back home just before I got back from picking up Austin and Nelson from gym.
Mitchell finally got to run through his banner last Sunday (even though it was game 52). Thanks Wendy and Kim for all your help in making it. After all the time spent making the banner....It was gone in just a couple of seconds. Sorry the picture's a bit blurry but Noel was lucky to even get this photo.