31 December, 2014

My Final OPAM For 2014

I've got one final project to squeeze in for 2014.
Mitchell was giving a book to a friend for her birthday,
so I made her a personalised book mark.

December's total is 13 finishes.
 Two cushions.
 Table Topper.
 Little owls.
Mini quilt.
Apron and tea towel.
Nativity hanging.
Santa Sack.

I have a total of 80 projects finished for 2014. Down on last year's 94 but I've worked on bigger projects this year.

A special thank you to Peg and Kris
for keeping us inspired with OPAM.
Not quite finished but I've been working on my FQS Designer Mystery BOM. The centre is now together.
Just have to add the fours borders and
then it's off to be quilted.
I just want to send get well wishes
to my special friend Melody.
I hope you up and about soon.
You gave us all quite a scare!
Hugs, Christine xx

30 December, 2014

Some Lovely Things To Share

 As if I haven't been spoilt enough, Mel gave me these gorgeous gifts. I have the perfect spot for the NOEL blocks in the gap under the television where a dvd player should go. There was some pretty fabric and DMC threads.
 I had my eye on this book at the Patchwork Tea House when we were there last week. Lucky I didn't buy it 
as Mel already had a copy for me.
 Kris Kringle was very good to me this year too (twice). 
I got my first Tilda book. I've been seeing all the lovely projects being made by on-line friends. 
Have you seen Doodle Stitching, The Holiday Motif Collection? Oh my gosh! There are so many wonderful little stitcheries in this book. I already have Doodle Stitching, The Motif Collection but I think the Christmas one is even better. There was a bundle of Christmas fabrics too.
And look what I got for my second KK! Bonnie and Camille's Designer Select FQ Bundle of Miss Kate. What a lovely addition to my Bonnie and Camille collection.
Do you remember Austin's Christmas cake?
We cut into it on Christmas Day and straight away you could smell it. It was very moist and full of fruit. I don't eat fruit cake myself but from all reports it was delicious.
The power went out for a couple of hours yesterday.
Oh no! No xbox! 
It's amazing how much fun can be had by playing
a board game. In case you're wondering,
that's Austin's lovely girlfriend, Paris
What was I doing when the power went out?
I was on a roll putting my FQS BOM together. While waiting for the power to come back on I pinned everything I could and marked my lines on the 100 squares ready for making the flying geese blocks. Hopefully, I'll get back to it today.

29 December, 2014

FHFS For Cheryl

I sent my gifts to Cheryl of Cheryl's Stitchings for our FHFS. Now I can show you what I sent to her.
Day 1 - Ornament.
Day 2 - Dip bowl
Day 3 - Snowman and snowman chocolates
Day 4 - Covered hangers
Day 5 - Christmas pegs, candy canes and
mini stitchery kit in a tin.
Day 6 - Snowman glass dome ornament
Day 7 - Lavender sachets
Day 8 - Christmas fabric and matching DMC threads.
Day 9 - Candle Holder.
Day 10 - Door Hanger.
Day 11 - Snowmanaholic mini quilt.
Lucky for me Cheryl took this in the spirit it was meant!
Day 12 - Christmas hanging.
I had a lot of fun putting Cheryl's parcels together.

Thanks to Shez and Peg for hosting us.
 It's been a wonderful year of friendship.

Thank you to Elf Shez for hand delivering
the presents safely to Cheryl for me.

28 December, 2014

More Gifts From Fiona

Now to show you the rest of the presents 
I received from Fiona.
 Day 9 - A beautifully made needle case, 
Rosalie Quinlan stitchery and a thread holder.
 Day 10 - A bottle bag and shopping made made 
in oil cloth. It is so soft!
 Day 11 - A lovely book to add to my collection.
Day 12 - Kisses and hugs from Fiona!
 As you can see, I have been very spoilt by Fiona.
Thank you again Fiona.

Thank you to Shez and Peg for being wonderful hostesses of our Friends Having Fun Swaps.

27 December, 2014

Santa Sack Swap For Maria

 Now to show you what I made for Maria.
I had some lovely Christmas fairy fabric 
which I used to decorate Maria's sack.
I also used the same fairies to decorate 
an apron and matching tea towel.
 Two decorations.
 Some Anni Downs Christmas fabric, matching DMC threads and a mini kit in a tin.
 A table topper with a candle.
 A nativity mini quilt.
 I really enjoyed putting Maria's sack together.
Well, that's our Santa Sack Swap over for another year!

Thanks again to our wonderful Swap Mama, Chez.

26 December, 2014

Santa Sack Swap From Maria

My partner in the Santa Sack Swap was 
Maria from The Next Stage. These goodies have been sitting under the tree, waiting patiently to be opened.
I left it up to Maria as to what to make with regards my "sack". Look at the beautiful hexagon dilly bag Maria made me. I've decided to store all my Bloggy Friends Christmas tree ornaments in this bag and once the tree is decorated again in December, I'll use it to take my stitching in.
First up is this lovely big table topper. I have the perfect table to put it on. It's a bit hard to see in the photo, but Maria has used some gorgeous Christmas fabrics. 
A lot of them I've never seen before.
 A mini quilt.
 There was also a lovely wire hanger.
 Chocolates and a mini fruit cake.
 Iron-on labels. I've never seen these before either.
 Christmas serviettes in a fabric basket and coasters.
 Two ornaments which are already hanging on my
Bloggy Friends Christmas Tree.
 I was certainly spoilt by Maria.
Thank you so much Maria. 
It was lovely having you as my swap partner.
I'll share what I sent to Maria tomorrow.
Thank you also to Chez for organising 
this fun swap once again. Go here to see all the other 
Santa Sacks that were swapped.