28 September, 2010

Double Wedding Ring Quilt progress!

Thought I'd show you where I'm up to with my Double Wedding Ring quilt. I've finally finished joining row 4. Now to start sorting out the next 4 rings!

26 September, 2010

A draw and the Ballet!

Well, yesterday was the big grand final between Collingwood and St Kilda. Mitchell was very excited as this is the first Collingwood grand final he has seen. And what happens? They have a draw! Now we have to sit through another week of footy leading up to next week's grand final replay.

So after sitting watching the footy all afternoon, Noel and I headed off to the State Theatre for a bit of culture! We saw the Australian Ballet perform The Nutcracker. It was a fantastic night. The staging was amazing. So were the dancers.
Walking back along the Yarra River at Southbank to where we parked the car was very quiet. We had been expecting heaps of people to either be celebrating or commiserating! There was hardly anyone there. Although the Crown Casino (where we parked) was packed!

25 September, 2010

The Nativity!

I've entered my stained glass Nativity wall hanging into the Quilting Gallery's weekly contest. If you like it, I'd love you to vote for me!

23 September, 2010

A Day at the Show!

Today we headed off to the Royal Melbourne Show.
A great time was had by everyone.

Of course, there were lots of animals to see.
This little boy lamb was only born about five hours before I
took this photo! He was so cute!
The boys got to pat a 'lace monitor'. Amanda, I'm sure you would have
loved this exhibit. There were also snakes, lizards and even a baby crocodile!

Can you guess what this is? (Sorry it's a little blurry!)
And no, it's not one of those colour blindness tests!!
It's tiny balls of ice cream!

We also tasted lots of different foods, the boys made things, we watched a motor bike stunt show, a high tower diving into a pool show, bought show bags, looked at the crafts and pretty much saw everything there was to see.

After 8 hours of walking around, there are five very tired people in our house.
I think it's an early night for everyone!

21 September, 2010

Vegie Garden

Today Nelson and I got stuck into the vegie garden.
It's really been the weed garden for quite a while!
We planted snow peas, cos lettuce, tomatoes and zucchini.
We've also put in some potatoes. It will be interesting to see how they go. Hopefully, all that good chicken manure helps everything grow. Just got to make sure the 'girls' don't get into the patch!
Still haven't decided what else we'll put in. Nelson wanted to plant carrots but I think it's the wrong time for them. Might try some rhubarb. I don't eat it but Noel loves it! We'll have another trip to a different nursery and see what we come up with.

19 September, 2010

2010 NOTYQ Symposium

Yesterday I went to the North of the Yarra Quilters (NOTYQ)
2010 Symposium with Kellie Wulfsohn of Don't Look Now.
We did her raw edge applique class.
Here's Simone and Libby getting ready to start!
We had a great day learning the free hand applique.
It's very tricky going sideways!
This is my one.
Didn't get all the applique finished as we had to start practicing this!
Kellie usually runs this class over 2 days so
we all did really well getting as far as we did.
Here's everyone with their projects!
Thanks for a great day Kellie. We all had a great time.

13 September, 2010

Remember this?, Rhododendrons and a Double Yolker!

Remember this post back in April?
Well, now it looks like this.
Actually, it's been finished a couple of months but I've only just got around to posting about it. It is so much cleaner now. And the lilydale topping isn't being walked into the house anymore!

Yesterday, Noel and I went to Cloudehill Nursery in Olinda (up in the Dandenong Ranges) for lunch with some family and friends. I thought I'd show you these beautiful rhododendrons. How amazing is that one on the right? It was huge and bursting with flowers (and many more buds to open up).

We saw these plants. Not too sure what they are but I liked the look of them.
I thought I'd have baked ham and eggs for breakfast this morning with Mitchell (he likes to have these everyday if possible). When I cracked open the second egg, it was a double yolker! After having chickens for over 9 years, this is the very first time this has happened. They must have known it was my birthday and gave it to me as a surprise!
I must admit it doesn't look very appetising at the moment but once I sprinkle cheese on top and bake them - yummm!

10 September, 2010

I was a winner!

Jo at Lilly Pilly had a guessing competition and I was the winner. She gave us a sneak peek of a project she is working on and you had to guess what was in the centre. It was a home with a heart!
This is the lovely fabric Jo sent me. It's the same as what is in her project. I think it would be nice in a bag! Now I'll just have to decide which pattern to use. Thanks Jo!

08 September, 2010

It Arrived!

The postie was very nice yesterday and delivered the 1930's fabric for my double wedding ring quilt (along with all the extra ones!).
Here's a close-up. They are quite pretty (well, perhaps
you wouldn't call the black one pretty!).

05 September, 2010

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day Daddy!
How do dads like to spend Father's Day?
Watching the Carlton versus Sydney Swans footy final with his boys!
Go Blues!

Lots of love from Mitchell, Austin and Nelson.