06 April, 2010

What a Mess!

Last Saturday, Noel, Mitchell, Austin and Nelson began digging up the front of our house. We are going to pave the front with bricks to match the other half. Hopefully this will keep some of the dirt out of the house. Lilydale topping is very messy!

The boys had fun driving the Kanga around and did a good job.

We have already got rid of one truck load to a friends' house as they needed some fill. There's still at least another truck load (maybe more) to be removed. This lot will have to be loaded onto the truck by hand!

Watch this space (but don't expect it too soon) to see the finished job. Now, we must get onto the landscaper to arrange for him to come.

1 comment:

mandapanda said...

lol they certainly did have fun didn't they?! Boys and their toys...I'll never get it. Lay down some black plastic or cement or something before the bricks to avoid the weeds! Up here landscaping is just so easy! You throw in some palm trees, add a few crotons, maybe some mondo grass, and you're done! lol