23 September, 2018

Friday Night Sew-In and a Quilt Show!

 Once again I didn't get much stitching done. I stitched the label onto the 2nd prize raffle quilt for the coming North of the Yarra Quilters Quilt Exhibition. 
Thanks to Wendy for hosting us. 
You can see what other's got up to here.
I've been pretty busy with the organisation of the show as I am the convenor. 
But everything is coming along smoothly. 
Only a couple of weeks to go now, so there's lots to do.
If you're looking for something to do on the 6th or 7th October and am within travelling distance, come along. If you do, please let yourself be known.
 Just ask at the door and someone will find me for you.

02 September, 2018

OPAM for August

 Has anyone seen my mojo? 
It has been gone quite a while now! 
Another month with no finishes for me.
I've almost got a finish so there'll be one for September. 
Just got to stitch the binding down on my baby quilt. 
The baby shower is next Sunday so I will definitely have a finish.

Thanks to Peg and Kris for keeping us inspired 
(although it doesn't seem to be helping me at the moment!).
Hi Everyone, it's Molly and Rex here.

We would like to thank everyone who voted for us in the Pets On Quilts Show.
It was a fierce battle between us and the cuddly Sheltie, Teddy Bear, 
snoozing on the purple quilt!
Teddy Bear won the battle!
So that means we came second.

Woofy Hugs,
Molly and Rex

23 August, 2018

It's Time To Vote!

Hi Everyone,
It's Molly and Rex here.
 It's time to vote for your favourite at the Pets on Quilts Show.
I (me Molly) was lucky enough to win the Dog on Quilt section in 2015.
How good would it be if I could win again but this time with Rex!
  Head over to visit Snoodles, Padsworth and Dragon Drop 
over at Lily Pad Quilting to vote. 
The parade where you can see everyone is here.
You vote for your favourite, eg. Molly and Rex!, here.

There are 3 categories.
Dog on Quilt
Cat on Quilt
Pet Themed Quilt

 We are Dog on Quilt entry # 25 in case you want to vote for us, 
which we hope you do.

Woofy hugs,
Molly and Rex

This is Mum's 1000th post. Maybe that's a lucky omen!

18 August, 2018

Friday Night Sew-In

 Last night I joined Wendy and the girls for Friday Night Sew-In. 
I basted my baby quilt and plan to quilt it tomorrow. It's going to be 
very cold and wet, a perfect day to stay inside and sew.
Thanks to Wendy for hosting us last night.
You can see what others stitched here.

17 August, 2018

2018 Pets On Quilts

Hi Everyone, It's Molly here. 
Yay, we made it to the show. 
We missed out last year as Mum was really busy.
The parade is organised by Snoodles at Lily Pad Quilting.
  I want to introduce you to Rex. He is my new brother.
Rex is an American Staffordshire Terrier cross. 
 We found him at the RSPCA in November and he was only 11 weeks old. 
Now I know how Ginger felt when I came to live at MacDonald's Patch. 
Rex was a bit annoying at times (and sometimes still is)!
This is the first time we met each other. We got on well
 and Rex then came to live with us in his forever home.
 Rex is a  funny dog. He likes to sit in all sorts of places.
 But our favourite place is the couch.
We keep swapping sides!
 It looks like all we do is sleep on the couch but we do go outside to play too.
Last month I fell off the couch and dislocated my hip. I had to go to 
the vet and had a big operation but I'm getting better now.
Rex kept me company all the time and he knew I couldn't run 
around like we normally do. He would keep coming to check on me.
 But Rex was a bit of a naughty boy when he first came. 
He chewed some holes in Mum's quilts.
 He chewed the corner off here.
 And on this quilt too!
Lucky they're not heirloom quilts, just ones for everyday use.
 Not like Mum's new heirloom Double Wedding Ring quilt.
Neither of us are allowed on or anywhere near this one!
It's been lovely talking to you and I hope you liked meeting Rex.
 Thank you to Snoodles, Padsworth and Dragondrop for organising another fun 
Pets On Quilts Show. You can see all the other lovely pets here.

Soon it will be time to vote for your favourite pets. 
Rex and I are entered in the Dogs on Quilts category. 
There are lots of prizes from lots of fabulous sponsors. 
You might even win a random prize yourself.

Woofy hugs,
Molly and Rex

06 August, 2018

Friday Night (and Saturday and Sunday) With Friends!

My Friday Night With Friends began at 9.30am when I picked up 
Melody to head to our yearly retreat with NOTYQ.
After visiting Gisborne, Kyneton and Ballarat, we arrived at Myrniong about 
4.30pm, got our beds sorted and settled down to stitch.
 Friday night I got the reindeers appliqued on.
So in between all the chatting, checking out what everyone else was working on and eating, this is as far as I got. The trees were appliqued and I started the stitchery part.
Thanks to Chez for hosting us. 
You can see what others got up to here.

03 August, 2018

OPAM For July

 I'm a bit late with my report. Where did the time go? 
Two little finishes for July.
Thanks to Peg and Kris for keeping us inspired.
It's Friday Night With Friends hosted by Chez tonight.
 I'll be having a whole weekend with friends as Melody and I are off on NOTYQ's annual retreat. I've prepared a new project to work on over the weekend. It will be interesting to see how much I actually get done between the shopping, eating and chatting!

23 July, 2018

Poor Molly!

About three or so weeks ago, Molly fell off the couch awkwardly. 
We took her to the emergency vet and was told "it was probably a torn ligament 
or something to do with her knee. See how she goes in a few days".
She didn't seem to be improving so we took her to our normal vet. 
Turned out she had dislocated her hip. The vets were amazed as they usually 
see this kind of injury in dogs that have been hit by a car.
She was operated on the following week. To keep her quiet for the first 
few days, Molly stayed in the play room. Rex kept an eye on her.
 Once Molly was back in the lounge, Rex kept her company. 
He was so good with her as he knew Molly wasn't well.
 Molly has been coming along nicely. Although last week when someone took her collar off for a little while and forgot to keep an eye on her, Molly managed to removed four stitches. So back to the vet but they weren't too concerned as she was healing nicely. After only five days, she was already resting her foot on the ground which the vet was very pleased to see. The stitches come out in the next couple of days and the collar off on the weekend. Bet Molly can't wait for that!

22 July, 2018

Friday Night Sew-In

 Friday night I did a little more of my "House Rules" stitchery.
Thank you to Wendy for being such a lovely hostess.
You can see what others got up to here.
Here's a little sneak peek of a new little project, a baby quilt.
Making it in brights which is so not me!

07 July, 2018

Friday Night With Friends

 It was lovely stitching along with everyone last night. I actually 
finished a second item in two days! A needle case.
 Here is the matching pin cushion I finished on Thursday.
There is just the bag to finish off now. I had planned to go back into the sewing room to work on it this afternoon but have decided to stay in the lounge room to do some stitching. It is such a cold Winter's day here and the room is so lovely and cosy with the fire going, I think it will be nicer sitting there, watching a movie and stitching.
Thank you to the lovely Chez for hosting us last night.
You can see what everyone got up to here.