30 November, 2013

Basketball Semi Final! *Updated*

We're just about to head off to Nelson's 
first ever basketball final.

Good luck Nelson!

** Update: The boys won 29 to 18 **
It was a well deserved win against some very rough play. Nelson was even kicked when he fell in front of the opposition's bench! The boys held their own and played very well. I'm sorry to say that some of the opposition were very bad sports. Our coach always shakes hands with the opposition and tells them they played well. One of the boys just turned his back on her. Then a grandfather came up to her and said she didn't know anything about basketball and should sit down and shut up! With examples like that, no wonder the boys were like they are.

Congratulations Nelson and all your team mates.
You did yourselves proud!

28 November, 2013

M&M's Anyone!

Nelson has been doing wood technology
(it was called wood work when I was at school) this semester and he came home with his M&M dispenser.
When he said he was making a gumball machine, 
I couldn't think what it would be like in wood. 
I think he's done a great job.
He also made this fruit bowl. I now have 3 of these!
A hinged box.
I'm not too sure what this is but he had fun using the lathe.
Nelson has really enjoyed this class. Who knows. 
Maybe we'll have a carpenter in the family one day!

27 November, 2013

On Their Way!

My Angels and Mortals Six Items Christmas Swap gifts are all wrapped up and will be in post this afternoon. 
Of course, I can't tell you where it is going
but I hope my mortal gets a lovely surprise when it arrives.

23 November, 2013

Sewing For Friends!

These are the pouches I made for Shez, Mel, Barb and Sharon for our Mill Rosie get together. I tried to match fabrics to the kind each one likes.
Shabby chic for Shez.
Mel loves her French General.
Of course, it had to be red and white for Barb!
It was a bi trickier for Sharon as she loves so many different types. So I chose this more modern fabric for her.

So there you have it. Four more items for my OPAM!

21 November, 2013

Mill Rosie Gifts!

The five original members of the Mill Rosie Friends, 
Mel, Sharon, Shez, Barb and myself 
exchange gifts at our get togethers.
Mel gave me a sweet little Christmas bag, some
vintage looking Christmas fabric, a card of vintage buttons
and a tree decoration that looks like a lollie.
Sharon had made me an ironing board organiser, along with a Christmas mug and the cutest looking marshmallows.
Naughty Santa, oops I mean Shez, gave me one of her famous hand towels with a beatiful matching decoration. There was also some homemade peach jam and some relish, along with a good bottle of red to wash it down!
No, that's not a glass of milk to go with those handmade cookies! It's a lovely scented candle to go with a gorgeous candle mat. Aren't those reindeer so cute! Barb had also made some peppermint chocolate bark. I haven't opened it yet but it looks very yummy.
O'faigh surprised us all with a gift from her recent trip to Houston. Some fabric and a very cute Santa decoration. That star is a wooden decoration as well.

Thank you to my lovely friends 
Mel, Sharon, Shez, Barb and O'faigh. 
I have been very spoilt!

19 November, 2013

A Christmas Surprise!

 A parcel arrived yesterday and inside was 
this lovely Christmas box.
 I opened the box to see this and inside was........
the cutest little Santa! 

I was lucky enough to win him in Keryn's recent giveaway. Keryn's blog is Christmas Creations.  Thank you so much Keryn. My Santa is going to look lovely as part of my Christmas display. 

Pop over here and see the other gorgeous things Keryn has made. She has many of them for sale too.

17 November, 2013

Our Mill Rosie Christmas Get Together!

 What a wonderful day we had yesterday.

We got to meet Tracee from Quilt Kitty. Tracee came over from Perth to join us. How good was that! It was so lovely
to finally meet her in person.
This is my spot. Hardly any room for my sewing.
Actually, there was hardly any sewing done anyway!
Our swap this time was Red Brolly Christmas design. I drew out number 1 so that meant I was first to pick a gift. This gorgeous card holder was made by Lyn. We played "Naughty Santa" for our swap. This meant if you liked someone else's present, you could swap it with them and they would then have what you had opened up.
It's explained here.
Sharon received this cushion (made by Anne) but she swapped it with my present.
Isn't the stitching lovely!
 But then Shez (aka Naughty Santa) took that off Sharon!
Marina and Marg doing a swap. Marina kept saying "no, no, no" but in the end handed it over! We had so much fun and there was lots of laughter.

As I was number 1 to pick, this meant I got the final pick and could do one more swap. I swapped back with
Naughty Santa to my original gift.
Along with the lovely card holder, complete with some of Lyn's handmade Christmas cards, was this beautiful wreath which Lyn had also made.
 Once again, everyone had outdone themselves
with the swap gifts.
 This is the mini quilt I made that is going
home to Perth with Tracee.

My purchases for the day. I now have my first piece of Tilda fabric! Isn't it gorgeous! I also got some more Cottage Garden Threads for a project I am working on.

I'll show you the gifts Sharon, Shez, Barb, Mel and I exchanged in another post.
You're probably getting tired by now!

15 November, 2013

Only One More Sleep and ..........

 it's our Mill Rosie Friends Christmas Get Together!
My Red Brolly swap gift is all ready.
I'm looking forward to going through that red door!

12 November, 2013

Tuesday Treasures With Melody!

I'm joining Melody today with Tuesday Treasures
Pets is the theme of the day!
Our four legged treasures, Molly and Ginger.
 As you may remember, we lost our beautiful girl, 
Ginger, back in September.
Wasn't she just the cutest pup!
Molly is still getting up to mischief but has quietened down quite a bit. Maybe she is just starting to mature. 
She does miss Ginger, as we all do. Having Molly has made it a little easier after losing Ginger.
Who would have thought that this very cute 
little girl would become a chewer and chew up 
anything she could get hold of!

 Dogs aren't the only pets here at MacDonald's Patch. 
We also have Billy the Galah, a cockatiel, four budgies and three gold fish in the outside pond.

We lost our cheeky Lovebird, Lucky, a few months ago too.

So there you have our Pet Treasures.
Head over to Mel's to see what other 
Pet Treasures everyone has.

11 November, 2013

A Quiet Weekend!

There wasn't much happening around here this weekend so I managed to get some sewing done. Of course, I can't show you the whole projects as they are a secret!
A bit of stitchery.
Some quilting.
Plus a bit more on this stitchery. You might think I've been working on this forever. It is a project for when I haven't got any other handwork but need something to stitch.