19 March, 2017

Friday Night Sew-In

 I finished stitching the binding down on my 
Vintage Modern quilt for the smaller couch.
I think Molly approves.
Here's the back. I decided to use the off cuts from the backing to make the binding. I really like how it turned out.
 A close-up of the quilting.
Then did a little more calculating for a special project I have. I must admit I am very out of my comfort zone with these fabrics. It is going to be a modern quilt!
Thank you for being such a lovely hostess Wendy.

18 March, 2017

Nelson's Last Athletics Carnival

 Yesterday we had perfect weather for Nelson's last Athletics Carnival at Plenty Valley Christian College. 
He finished off with a bang!
 Nelson came first in the 100m. He was relieved as the boys had made a bet that whoever came last had to shave their arm! Nelson definitely made sure it wasn't him.
He came second in high jump. Not bad considering he hasn't done it since the Carnival last year!
 This was a personal best for him - 1.7m.
Meers House came first in house/teacher relay. 
He also came third in the 4 x 100m relay.

So the end of an era for Nelson and for me.
After 16 years of attending Athletics Carnivals, that's it for me! In fact, it's the last time I officially help out at school.

14 March, 2017

A Dolphin!

The little girl who used to live next door is now all grown up and expecting her first baby in a few weeks
Both Hope and Tim love the beach and I thought a dolphin would be perfect for their soon to be born baby boy. 
Now to wait for his big entrance!

13 March, 2017

Nelson's Debutante Ball

 Saturday night saw us head to the Luxor Reception Centre in Taylor's Lakes as Nelson was partnering Jordyn in the Debutante Ball. You can tell I wasn't home when Nelson got ready to go. I would have made him do up his vest!
 Nelson bowing to Jordyn as they met on the stairs.
 Phew! That's part one over with!
Time for the fun dance!
 Our three sons!

It was a wonderful night and I know 
Nelson really enjoyed himself.

04 March, 2017

Friday Night With Friends

Last night I finished my Splendid Sampler 
block by Gail Pan.
Then I spent time going through my button jars to find 
the right little button for my Splendid Sampler 
block by Jenny. Found the perfect one!
My sewing came to a stop when I had to do some cleaning up. I was carrying the two jars back to my sewing room when I knocked the both of them lightly together. The bottom then fell out of the smaller jar. Lucky it wasn't the other one. It's a bit hard to see but the jar is actually a bear.
Thanks to Cheryll for hosting us last night.