28 February, 2011

Colour Swap on it's way!

My parcel to my 2011 Colour Swap is on it's way to my partner.
Guess what colour she chose! Once I know she has received it,
I'll show you what's inside!

21 February, 2011


Last night we all went to see the stage show of Mary Poppins.
It was wonderful. We all thoroughly enjoyed it.The singing was fantastic. The staging was amazing. They are so clever with the sets. If you get the opportunity, go see it.

18 February, 2011

What I've Been Up To!

Thought I'd show you what I've been up to over the holidays. I finally put my butterfly garden cushions together.I made this Stack n Wack quilt two or three years ago.When I trimmed up all the blocks I was left with lots of thin strips. Not wanting to waste them, I trimmed all the strips to 1" and then joined them. I then put together this table topper. I think I will put it on our dressing table as it matches the quilt.Of course I'm still working on my double wedding ring quilt. I've also been working on a Christmas stitchery and another couple of special projects. You'll just have to wait to see those.
To finish off with, I thought you might like to see Billy enjoying a shower! Although you can't see it, it is actually raining and Billy just loves spreading his wings.

11 February, 2011

It's Time To Vote For The Love Nest Quilt Contest!

It's time to vote for the Gen X Quilter's "Love Nest Quilt Contest. If you go here, you will see a "Vote Here - Best Love Nest Quilt" down a little on the right hand side. Have a look at the wide selection of quilts. There are some lovely ones there. Austin's quilt is #18 (just in case that's your favourite one!).
If Austin's quilt is your favourite, please give him a vote. He's looking forward to seeing how many votes he gets! Voting is open until the 16th February.

08 February, 2011

2010 Collingwood Premiership Cup and floods!

On Sunday Mitchell and Nelson headed down to the Diamond Creek Football Club where the 2010 Collingwood Premiership Cup was on display. They were quite excited as they got to hold it.It's not everyday to get to have an AFL Premiership Cup in your hands!

I thought I'd show you some photos from Saturday when the Diamond Creek flooded again. It all happened in less than an hour!
The front of our place.
Main Street.
The footy oval. There were two football matches scheduled for the next day to do with the Collingwood Cup coming and all the water had gone by later Saturday night, so the games went on!The other end of the oval. Watch out Ginger!

06 February, 2011

Love Nest Quilt Contest

Annemarie of Gen X Quilters is having a Love Nest Quilt Contest and I thought I'd join in. I've entered my(well, actually Austin's) Starry Sensations quilt (see this post).This was the 2009 International Friendship Quilters (IFQ) BOM. Most of the fabric came from my stash. I only had to buy the navy background and a little of the light gold fabric. Each month we used a different technique with lots of little tricks of the trade. One of the months we ended up with some extra blocks after making the main one. I haven't decided what I'll use these for yet.

Head over to Gen X Quilters and check out some of the other entries. There's quite a selection of lovely quilts to see.

01 February, 2011

So, the 2011 School Year Begins!

The 2011 school year started today for the boys. Well, actually it started yesterday for Austin (I forgot to take a photo yesterday!). Yesterday the Year 7's and Year 12's started school. As Austin is in Year 7 he headed off while the other two had an extra day's holiday. Mitchell's in Year 9 and Nelson's in Grade 5.

Have a good year boys and do your best!