25 November, 2010

What I've Been Up To!

I've finally finished Austin's new quilt. It is called "Starry Sensations". The quilt was the 2009 International Friendship Quilters (IFQ) Block of the Month. I actually had all the stars made and the top together before the end of 2009. It took me another couple of months to get around to adding the borders. Then another couple of months getting it to Leanne Kaufmann to quilt it for me. Leanne did a fantastic job of quilting an all over star pattern. I then finally got the binding sewn on and stitched down. The photo has come out very light but you can see the quilting pattern.

I've also been making some more hangers from a tutorial by Val Laird.
These will be presents for Christmas.This last one is one I made for Simone but hadn't gotten
around to posting a photo.

You may remember this post. Well, I finally got around to washing all my new civil war fabrics on the week end and here they are.All ready to start my new quilt!


Libster said...

ahhhhh christine, it looks awesome.... if you are going away for christmas i will look after your civils for you :)

Laurence said...

Very beautifuls stars. Merry christmas !