21 May, 2016

What I Stitched At FNSI

 First up I stitched a couple of rows of hexagons together.
This morning I laid them out with the other three rows 
I had already pieced to see how it was going. 
I'm really happy with how it's looking.
Then I did a little more stitching on 

Thanks to Wendy for being our lovely hostess.

Now I'm off to finish the washing and then I'm going 
to spend the afternoon sewing!

20 May, 2016

Finally - A Finish!

I made this bag for my Mum's birthday. It's the Preston Bag by Dawn Hay. I got the pattern at Let's Get Stitched back in 2014. I bought the kit as I loved the fabrics. It's only taken me two years to get around to making it!
It's nice and large and has lots of pockets.
I really love how this turned out and didn't want to give it away. But I was good and Mum just loved it.

11 May, 2016

How Much Can You Stuff In A Tin?

I recently joined the No Fuss Swappers and we had a Stuff A Tin swap. We had to fill a 4 inch tin with as much as we could and wrap it up in a fat quarter.
 Anita from Shabby Quilt sent me this gorgeous tin.
 Look at all the goodies she managed to fit into the tin.
Thank you Anita for my lovely gifts.
 I sent my tin to Susan from Susans Sewing Space.
These are the items I stuffed Susan's tin with. I am amazed with how much everyone was able to fit inside the tins.

Thank you to Sandi, Helen, Teresa and Norreen 
for organising this fun swap.

I'm looking forward to our next swap - Kitchen Kapers!

08 May, 2016

Happy Mother's Day

Four generations.
Ida Meikle (Great Grandmother), 
Lillian Meikle (Grandmother), 
Elizabeth Kerr (Mother) and me (6 weeks old).

Happy Mother's Day!

07 May, 2016

Friday Night With Friends

My plan for FNWF was to work on my Gentle Domesticity block by Jenny. But I hadn't been very well the last couple of days and I just veged out on the couch watching a movie.
 I'm feeling much better today so I'm going to join the ladies in the Northern Hemisphere and hopefully finish my project from last weekend. I had a couple of hiccups last week 
and didn't get as far as I had hoped.
Thank you to Chez for being such a lovely hostess.

06 May, 2016

Twenty-One Years Ago

Happy Anniversary Noel.

Love me