31 March, 2011

A Cricket Scholarship, Visitors, Recycling!

Last Sunday was presentation day at Diamond Creek Cricket Club. Mitchell was awarded a Junior Development Scholarship Award. The Club invests an enormous amount of time and money into the development of junior players for the future. Mitchell was selected as a player they feel has shown the commitment and will benefit in enhancing his cricketing skills and career.

Mitchell will be having one on one personal, professional coaching from Neil Buzzard (regarded as one of the best cricket coaches of his time). This will happen later in the year, probably August.

Congratulations Mitchell. We are all proud of you.
The other morning, we found this possum hanging around under the verandah. It's very unusual as you don't usually see them in daylight. I'm not too sure if he was stuck or just wanted to hang around.He soon jumped down and ran off!
Our other visitor was this strange bug in the bath.
We don't know what it is but it was about three inches long!A little while ago, I was reading this post by Karen of Sew Many Ways about recycling onion bags and making pot scrubbers out of them. I bought a bag of onions this week, so I gave it a try. It works really well. We use to have a scrubber made of netting similar to this but isn't available any more. I wore my other one out until there were more holes than netting!

Well, that's a little catch up. I'll have something to show you next week once the recipients have received them.

22 March, 2011

Our new camper, a wedding gift and a win!

We finally got to try out our new camper a couple of weekends ago.
We went to Lancefield. It poured all the way there and then the fog set in.
We worked out how to set everything up and I'm sure we'll get quicker setting up each time.The next morning turned out to be a lovely day. Here we are all
packed up ready to head back home. Before we left the kids
had a ride on Uncle Ian's tractor.There's Mitchell, Austin, Nelson, Alice and Uncle Ian.
One of the girls in our quilting group, Vivienne, got married in December.

Our little group consisting of Simone M, Simone V, Jennifer, Libby, Madeline, Claire, Debby, Jenni and Anita (hope I haven't left anyone out!), decided to make them a bed runner in the Double Wedding Ring pattern.

Everyone contributed fabrics from their stash. We had emails with
"Secret Women's Business" going back and forward for weeks without Vivienne knowing!
Here's a close up. Anita quilted it for us. It's very handy having a
professional quilter in our group!!!
The label was embroidered by Jennifer. She did a wonderful job.
Finally, I had another win last week. I won this lovely book from Heather of Creative Confessions. I also got some hexagon papers to go with it. It is such a lovely book. Thank you Heather.

10 March, 2011

2011 Colour Swap

My parcel for the 2011 Colour Swap arrived from Pat of Club Quilt Narromine. The colour I had chosen was shabby pink. I think Pat's done a fantastic job with her choice of goodies.
We had to send (1) a fat quarter of fabric, (2) some thread,
(3) something to eat and (4) something pretty and girlie.A dilly bag, a matching fat quarter, pink thread and yummy coconut ice and cherry paradise. Nelson's got his eyes on the coconut ice!
But the cherry bar is all mine!
The fabric doesn't show up very well but it's very pretty.This is what was inside the dilly bag.
Some bracelets, ear rings, a charm and a shoe calendar. And look inside the bag. Pat's embroidered a lovely little blue bird.

Thank you Pat for the lovely goodies. It's been lovely getting to know you.
You have really spoilt me!
Jan of Little Red Hen was the person I was sending to.
Jan chose green for her colour. This is what I sent her.
Although it doesn't look it, the fat quarter is a lovely shabby green.
I made a fat quarter bag with some embroidery on it and
the something to eat was "watermelon rock".
I thought it looked very interesting. Hopefully Jan enjoyed it.
Here's a close-up of the stitchery.
A little while ago I won these patterns and thread
from Joy of Joy Patch with her "Springtime" giveaway.
I realised I hadn't posted a picture of them.

Thank you Joy!
Last week I won Vicki's (The Pickledish Patch) Blog Hop giveaway.
Now what will I make with these? I'm sure I'll come up with something!

Thank you Vicki!

02 March, 2011

2010 Kris Kringle Gifts

Our little quilting group had our very belated 2010 Kris Kringle handover in January. Madeline (Woomba Woomba) has very subtly let us know that none of us have shown any photos of our gifts. As she now lives in Queensland, she wasn't there on the night.
So especially for Madeline, here are my gifts from Jenni.Jenni gave me this lovely cotton reel holder. I've been wanting one of these for a while but never got around to doing anything about it.
Now I don't have to worry!Aren't these chickens cute! A lovely picture frame.
Must get some photos printed to put in it.

Thank you Jenni.