22 March, 2011

Our new camper, a wedding gift and a win!

We finally got to try out our new camper a couple of weekends ago.
We went to Lancefield. It poured all the way there and then the fog set in.
We worked out how to set everything up and I'm sure we'll get quicker setting up each time.The next morning turned out to be a lovely day. Here we are all
packed up ready to head back home. Before we left the kids
had a ride on Uncle Ian's tractor.There's Mitchell, Austin, Nelson, Alice and Uncle Ian.
One of the girls in our quilting group, Vivienne, got married in December.

Our little group consisting of Simone M, Simone V, Jennifer, Libby, Madeline, Claire, Debby, Jenni and Anita (hope I haven't left anyone out!), decided to make them a bed runner in the Double Wedding Ring pattern.

Everyone contributed fabrics from their stash. We had emails with
"Secret Women's Business" going back and forward for weeks without Vivienne knowing!
Here's a close up. Anita quilted it for us. It's very handy having a
professional quilter in our group!!!
The label was embroidered by Jennifer. She did a wonderful job.
Finally, I had another win last week. I won this lovely book from Heather of Creative Confessions. I also got some hexagon papers to go with it. It is such a lovely book. Thank you Heather.


Vroomans' Quilts said...

What a special gift from a group of friends. Nicely quilted and just love the label. Camping and Kids - been there done that - so long ago. Enjoy your trips together.

Maddy said...

Looks like there might be some camping in you near future. You are so lucky with all the wins you have. Viv's double wedding ring footer is great.

Hillbilly Handiworks said...

The camping looks so fun!!
And that is a wonderful wedding gift. Have a good day.

Linda said...

The bed runner is beautiful! What a treasure for a new bride.

shez said...

Just love the gift of a bed runner its so pretty and love the colours.
And what a great prize you won,lucky you.

Cheryll said...

The runner is just so lovely! Hope you enjoy your van.. we have one and get away every chance we get! We LoVe it! :)

Heather said...

You're welcome Christine! I stopped by to have a read and noticed this post. I also love the quilting on the wedding ring! Great work!

Cath Ü said...

Lovely camper... I am jealous... LOL

Bed runner is gorgeous and how lucky are you... I never win... LOL

Cath Ü

Heather said...

I rather doubt we could get our camper out of the yard right now. We had about 27cm of snow on Wednesday and it hasn't melted.

Thanks for visiting my blog and entering my sushi sock contest. Good Luck.