08 June, 2019

Friday Night With Friends And A Netball Injury!

 I started putting the rows together of a new baby quilt. 
I used a charm pack of Bonnie and Camille's "Scrumptious" 
and other B&C fabrics. I had just enough different ones that I did 
not have to double up on any of them.
 When I laid the rows out to take a photo, I saw my mistake. 
I forgot to turn the triangles around. Lucky I only did two rows 
like this so not much unpicking to be done.
 Then I worked on the applique of the third block 
of my "Happy Stitcher" hanging.
Making progress. 
I'm doing all the applique first and then I'll do the stitching part.
 Thank you to Chez for hosting us last night. 
You can see what others got up to here.
Wednesday night I got a phone call from Austin. "Nelson's broken his nose"! 
Then the photo came. Mitchell, Austin, Nelson, Paris and Steph have been 
playing netball this year. Austin finished a few weeks ago 
when he popped his good shoulder. Now Nelson!
 So off to the Austin Hospital.
 I met them at the hospital. For the first time ever, 
we walked into an empty waiting room in emergency. 
Mitchell, Steph and Laura stayed in the waiting room. Poor Laura. 
It was her elbow that got Nelson. She was so upset.
The doctors were more worried about blood clots but all was good. 
They don't think it's broken although there may be a slight fracture 
which will heal itself. His nose looks quite crooked but it appears to 
be the swelling on the side he took the main hit. 
As the swelling is going down, it doesn't look as crooked.
Today the bruising is starting to come out. 

And I thought netball was a non-contact sport! 
Think they should just stick to football!
Never a dull moment at MacDonald's Patch!

01 June, 2019

OPAM for May

 One finish for May. My "House Rules" stitchery by Leanne Knell.
Thanks to Kris for keeping us inspired.
Noel and Nelson arrived home from Papua New Guinea on Tuesday. 
They had the most amazing time. Once we get the photos sorted, I'll do a post 
about their adventure. Here they are at the end of the Kokoda Trail having 
arrived in the Kokoda Village after eight days of trekking.

26 May, 2019

Friday Night Sew-In On A Saturday!

I wasn't able to join in on Friday night so I stitched with the girls in the 
Northern Hemisphere on Saturday. The Chit Chat Crafters 
came to my place and we had a lovely day of stitching and friendship. 
So I stitched along with two groups of friends!
 I finished the applique on the first block I had already started on
my "The Happy Stitcher" hanging.
 Block 2 is now ready for the stitchery part too.
Thank you to Wendy of Sugarlane Designs for hosting us.
You can see what others stitched here.

25 May, 2019

Catching Up!

 I finished my "House Rules" stitchery a few weeks ago but only 
just got around to framing it. But I'm going to have to take it out as 
the fold line is still showing. Hopefully, I can get rid of it. 
The pattern is by by Leanne Knell of Petals and Patches.
 This is the prize pack I won from Toni Alexander at the
 Red Boots Gang a little while ago.
 For Mother's Day, Mitchell got me this book (he made have had 
a little help!) by Toni. There are so many lovely things in it.
 I have started a new hand project, "The Happy Stitcher". 
I bought the kit at the recent AQC.
I've also started preparing for a new baby quilt.
Last Saturday, Noel and Nelson headed off on the trip of a life time. 
They are walking the Kokoda Track in Papua New Guinea. 
The trek is 96km of rugged terrain and they finish the trek on Monday. 
We don't have any contact with them but the tour company has been putting
 daily reports on facebook. They seem to be going well 
but I'm looking forward to them getting home and telling us all about it.

Well, that's a bit of a catch up here at MacDonald's Patch. 
Hopefully, I'll have some great photos of Noel and Nelson's 
Kokoda trip to share with you.

02 May, 2019

OPAM for April

 A day late for my OPAM report with only one finish this month. 
I did finish my House Rules stitchery but haven't done anything with it yet.
Thanks to Kris for keeping us inspired.

21 April, 2019

Friday Night Sew-In

 I made the star to go on my Nativity. 
For such a small star, it was very fiddly.
All finished!
This is for my niece, Alisha and her soon to be (less than two weeks) 
husband, Michael. Alisha asked me if I could make them one as a wedding gift. 
Then each year when they bring it out at Christmas, 
they will think of us and their wedding day!
Thanks to Wendy for being the hostess with the mostest!
You can see what others got up to here.
Happy Easter!

07 April, 2019

Friday Night With Friends

I finally got the binding on and began stitching it down on the Nativity. 
I haven't stitched the top binding on yet as I'm still deciding how I am going to
 hang it - with a rod pocket or tabs. It will either be hung with a 
gold rod and cord or perhaps a star hanger.
Saturday was spent with the Chit Chat Crafters. 
This time we didn't work on our stitching, we had a special project.
We decorated magnets with "Diamond Dots". 
There wasn't much chit chat as we were all 
concentrating on the task at hand!
 You can see where I have worked on the bottom section. 
It was actually quite relaxing.
 All finished!  I really enjoyed making this but I think it will be a one off.
 Thank you to Chez for hosting us.
You can see what the others worked on here.

04 April, 2019

OPAM for March

 I'm a bit late with my OPAM report for March. It totally slipped my mind!
I finished the two folding bags for the girls' kitchen teas.
Thanks to Kris for keeping us inspired.

18 March, 2019

Vale Dad

Last night the world lost a very special person. 
My beautiful Dad passed away in Mum's arms. 
He will be greatly missed by us all. 

A very special Pa to his grandsons, 
Mitchell, Austin and Nelson, whom he adored. 

Rest in Peace, Dad. Forever in our hearts.

16 March, 2019

Friday Night Sew-In

Last night I worked on my House Rules stitchery. 
I'm on the home stretch now!
Thanks to Wendy for being such a lovely hostess.
You can see what others stitched here.

15 March, 2019

Kitchen Tea Goodies!

  Alisha's is the first of the kitchen teas and is tomorrow. 
I made both Alisha and Carly a shopping bag to put
their goodies in instead of buying gift bags.
These are handy little bags as they roll up and 
you can keep them in your handbag.
 This is Alisha's bag.
And her kitchen goodies. 
In case you are wondering, those two peg looking things on the
 right are magnetic clips for the fridge.
Alisha also asked that instead of giving a card, could we print out a
favourite recipe. They will then be put into a special recipe book for her.
This bag is for Carly.
Carly's goodies. Yes, they are both getting the same gifts!
All packed up and ready to go!

03 March, 2019

Friday Night With Friends

 I got an early start on Friday afternoon and pin basted my Nativity. 
Think I may have gone a bit overboard with the pins!
 Then I did a bit more stitching on my House Rules stitchery. 
This is slowly coming along.
Thank you to Chez for being such a lovely hostess. 
You can see what the others got up to here.