18 March, 2019

Vale Dad

Last night the world lost a very special person. 
My beautiful Dad passed away in Mum's arms. 
He will be greatly missed by us all. 

A very special Pa to his grandsons, 
Mitchell, Austin and Nelson, whom he adored. 

Rest in Peace, Dad. Forever in our hearts.

16 March, 2019

Friday Night Sew-In

Last night I worked on my House Rules stitchery. 
I'm on the home stretch now!
Thanks to Wendy for being such a lovely hostess.
You can see what others stitched here.

15 March, 2019

Kitchen Tea Goodies!

  Alisha's is the first of the kitchen teas and is tomorrow. 
I made both Alisha and Carly a shopping bag to put
their goodies in instead of buying gift bags.
These are handy little bags as they roll up and 
you can keep them in your handbag.
 This is Alisha's bag.
And her kitchen goodies. 
In case you are wondering, those two peg looking things on the
 right are magnetic clips for the fridge.
Alisha also asked that instead of giving a card, could we print out a
favourite recipe. They will then be put into a special recipe book for her.
This bag is for Carly.
Carly's goodies. Yes, they are both getting the same gifts!
All packed up and ready to go!

03 March, 2019

Friday Night With Friends

 I got an early start on Friday afternoon and pin basted my Nativity. 
Think I may have gone a bit overboard with the pins!
 Then I did a bit more stitching on my House Rules stitchery. 
This is slowly coming along.
Thank you to Chez for being such a lovely hostess. 
You can see what the others got up to here.

01 March, 2019

OPAM For February

 It's 1st March so time to report in for February's OPAM.
Just got in with 14 finishes for the two kitchen teas. 
So much better than the zero for January!
 Thanks for Kris for keeping us inspired.

27 February, 2019

I've Been Sewing!

Two nieces, two weddings (six days apart) 
two kitchen teas (bridal showers)!
 I used Jenny of Elefantz's "Sweet Kitchen Towels" to pretty up 
some tea towels. You can find the tutorial here.
After finding out what colours the girls are having in their kitchens, 
I picked out some lovely fabrics.
Alisha is having pinks and greens in her kitchen.
 Carly is going for steel grey and black.
 Of course, every new bride needs a pair of glamorous rubber gloves!
 The lovely Fee over at Fee's Little Craft Studio recently 
shared a tutorial on making the gloves. Perfect timing!
You can find her tutorial here.

16 February, 2019

Friday Night Sew-In

Last night I did a bit more stitching on my House Rules stitchery. 
The thread is a prettier blue but isn't showing up very well 
and the fabric is actually white!
Thank you to Wendy for being such a lovely hostess. 
You can see what others got up to here.

Well, I'm off for a lovely day of stitching with friends at NOTYQ.
Have a lovely weekend everyone.

02 February, 2019

Friday Night With Friends

 Last night I worked on my Nativity.
 The stitching down of the bias strips.
Thank you to the lovely Chez for hosting us again this year.
You can see what others worked on here.

01 February, 2019

First OPAM For 2019

This is my eighth year of joining in on One Project A Month! Peg and Kris have been keeping us inspired. Peg has now hung up her OPAM hat but Kris will be continuing. Thank you to you both Peg and Kris for your inspiration.
January hasn't got off to a good start as I had no finishes. 
Instead, I started another project (as you do)!
If you would like to join OPAM, you can find all the details here.

26 January, 2019

A Trip To Norfolk Island

On the 7th January, Noel and I headed to Norfolk Island. 
Lucky me had a window seat and got some lovely photos coming into land. 
Warning: lots of photos!
We had both wanted to go there for years. A package deal came up on my 
Facebook timeline which sounded great, so we booked. It was fantastic! 
I'm a bit late posting this as for some reason blogger didn't want to play nice!
Slaughter Bay looking toward the old goal. 
The supply ship, HMS Sirius, was wrecked here near the Kingston Pier
 in 1790. It was on the reef 
where the waves are crashing to the left of the photo.
Emily Bay with the Salt House ruins. 
This is where we snorkelled which was fantastic.
 Emily Bay (front) and Slaughter Bay.
St Barnabas Chapel, built in 1882.
St Barnabas Chapel. Rose window designed by William Morris.
Old gaol ruins.
Old gaol entrance.
Looking towards the old gaol from Quality Row.
 Houses in Quality Row.
 Quality Row from above with the golf course across the road.
Quality Row.
Quality Row.
Looking toward Phillip Island at Slaughter Bay near the pier.
I was lucky enough to have a window seat leaving too. 
This is Phillip Island, about 6km from Kingston, the old settlement.
From Captain Cook Memorial.
We went to the Island Fish Fry. 
We had trumpeter fish. It was so delicious, I had three helpings! 
But I didn't have the sweets so that's okay.
At the Fish Fry at sunset. Can you see me (hint - red hair!)?
It was a little cloudy but still beautiful.
We were entertained with a wonderful singer and some dancing girls.
Norfolk Island Cemetery.
It was fascinating reading the head stones.
Sunset on our first night just a couple of hundred metres from where we stayed.
Cows have right of way on Norfolk Island!
If you've got this far, I hope you enjoyed a look at Norfolk Island. 
We took so many photos it was hard to keep the number down in my post.

I can highly recommend visiting here and if you're interested, 
I can send you the link to the travel agents we went through. 
Our package included flights, accommodation, car hire, 
Norf'k Laenwij (Norfolk Language) class, welcome dinner and several tours.
I can say we would definitely go back again.