22 February, 2010

On your Marks, Set, Go!

On your marks.
This weekend it was the Regionals for Little Athletics.
Both Austin and Nelson went really well.
Austin made the finals of the 400m. He did his best but came last!
Nelson made the final of the 60 hurdles. Nelson also did his best but he
came last as well! Neither one out-did the other!

We were very proud of them both. This is only their first season doing
athletics so they have done very well.

15 February, 2010

A frog in the pond!

Last night we heard a strange "clicking" sound. We eventually found a little frog in our pond. He had his throat blown up like a balloon. We were wondering if he is calling for a mate. Perhaps Libby can tell us. He continued clicking all night and didn't finish until about 7.00am this morning.
At about 5.30pm this afternoon he started clicking again. Maybe he'll have more success tonight!
Could this be the same frog catching insects on our kitchen window last week? I wonder?

12 February, 2010

A quilt top finished and onto the next!

I've finished Austin's "Starry Sensations" quilt top and it's already to go to Leanne to quilt it. This was a BOM I did with an internet group, International Friendship Quilters, that I belong to. The quilt is too big for Austin's single bed so we will be putting it away until he eventually has a double bed.

This means I can now start my civil war quilt!
Noel and the boys gave me the Sturbridge Calicoes for my last birthday and my lovely mother-in-law gave me the background fabrics.
I found this fabric and just had to have it for the backing.

So it's now time to head out to the laundry
and start washing all my lovely fabric!

05 February, 2010

Mystery Giveaway!

If you head over to knotsewcrafty, you will see Alexis is having a mystery giveaway. How exciting would it be to receive a mystery package in the mail! All you have to do is leave a comment.

02 February, 2010

Back to school 2010!

The boys were up nice and early yesterday, all ready to start the new school year. They were glad to get back to see all their friends and catch up with all the news. Ginger was also happy they were back at school. She just loves going to school for the daily drop off and pick up!