29 June, 2013

Some Lovely Mail and a Peek or Two!

This week two squishy packages arrived over two days. It was the first deliveries of my Fat Quarter Shop's 
2013 Designer Mystery BOM! 
The first package was the finishing kit. I was kept in suspense for an extra day until Block 1 arrived.
The fabric range is Avalon and is just lovely. We have such a full weekend that I won't get a chance to start cutting until next week. But as it's now school holidays 
I'll hopefully get to it very soon.
 Thought I'd tease you with another couple of sneak peeks!
Hope you're all having a lovely weekend and 
getting some stitching done.

25 June, 2013

Just Because!

A lovely surprise arrived in the mail for me yesterday. It was a "Just Because" gift from Bev of Kainga Happenings
Thank you so much, Bev. It is now hanging on my 
sewing room door.

24 June, 2013

What I've Been Up To!

Secret sewing, of course! 
So only sneak peeks for you. LOL!
 A bit of stitchery.
A bit of quilting.
And some more stitching!

18 June, 2013

Nelson Update!

 Today was the big day when we headed 
back to the Epworth Hospital.
 One nice straight bone. Nelson's arm has healed really well. It's a bit hard to see in the picture but there is a lot of new bone growth at the site of the break. There is still a bit of the break in the centre but this will continue to heal over the next few weeks.
Looking at the first x-ray, it's amazing how quickly 
the bone has healed itself.
Back home and feeling a lot lighter! 
Another six weeks and then Nelson's specialist will review him and hopefully let him play sport again. In the meantime, he is going to be water boy for his footy team!

17 June, 2013

A Mini Sewing Room Make-Over!

A little while ago, a good friend thought I might like this cupboard for my sewing room. Of course, I said I'd love it! Over the long weekend, we did the move.
First off we had to get the piano out.
But first we had to empty this book shelf to give us
more turning space in the doorway.
So off came all the books!
Once we got the piano out we ran into a problem. The cupboard was too big to get in the door. It was too tall to tip on it's side as we couldn't lever it around the hallway. So, in through the window came the cupboard.
Now I have more storage and can show off my pretty things.
Everything is now stored away.
I even found the sewing room floor!

13 June, 2013

Happy Birthday Mitchell!

(Photo:  Selfie by Mitchell!)

 Happy 17th Birthday, Mitchell!

Lots of Love
Dad, Mum, Austin and Nelson
This one's better!

11 June, 2013


No, not the boys! You may not know it, 
but one of my other hobbies is playing tennis. 
Today my team won the Grand Final!
Back: Kerry, Me, Janice
Front: Deb, Judy O and Annette. 
(Judy D was sunning herself in Bali!)

Well done girls. Thanks for a great season.
Of course, we celebrated with a little champagne!

Tuesday Treasures with Melody!

 I'm linking up with Melody (The House on the Side of the Hill) for her Tuesday Treasures.
As it was our anniversary last month, I thought I would share this special treasure with you. It is my wedding bouquet, dried, pressed and framed.
The roses were champagne, pink and peach. I couldn't get the scanner to work so this is a photo of a photo and doesn't really show it very well.

Head over to Melody's and see what other treasures are being shared today. Congratulations to Mel as today's Tuesday Treasures is her 1001st post!

09 June, 2013


 Melody and I headed off to The Embroiders Guild Victoria to listen to Gina give her talk on her Peacock Linens. Sorry Mel, we can't see your face due to the shadows!
 Gina had a lovely display. The photos don't show up all the detail of the beautiful stitching.
 The black one is actually a shawl.
 This one was designed and stitched especially for Gina by a friend in India. I think it is stitched on silk. (I hope I have that right, Gina. Let me know if it's not.)
 Thank you Gina for inviting us along and 
thank you Mel for your company.
On the sewing front, as you may be aware I didn't achieve anything on Friday night. Last night was different. Noel took the boys to see a friend over from SA play in a basketball tournament. As he had to bring an extra boy home, there was no room in the car for me so I had to stay home! I brought the machine out to the lounge where it was lovely and warm from the fire and finished a project. But as it's for a secret swap, I can't show you the finished product yet.

08 June, 2013

Friday Night With Friends

Well, it wasn't a very productive night last night! By the time I finished doing the washing (my choice as I wanted to get it over with for the weekend), all I stitched one and a half letters! LOL! I did do a little blog surfing which I suppose I shouldn't have as you know how time just goes with that!
I don't mind as later today, I'll be spending time with Mel. Our lovely friend, Gina (Patra's Place of Stitching and Vintage Linens) has invited us to come along to the Embroiderer's Guild to hear her give a talk. She will be talking about her embroidered peacocks on linen.
Here's Gina and Mel when we first met last year.
Gina had an Early Australian Linen Exhibition at the Bundoora Homestead.

Head over to Cheryll's to see what everyone else got up too. I'm sure they were all more productive than I was! LOL!

07 June, 2013

It's Friday Night With Friends Again!

It's the first Friday of the month so that means Friday Night With Friends! Yeah! I've got some secret sewing I plan to work on. Head over to Cheryll's (Gone Stitchin') to sign up and join in on the fun.

03 June, 2013

What A Great Day We Had!

 We had a fabulous day yesterday at Mill Rose Cottage. 
It was lovely to catch up with everyone.
What was extra special was meeting 
Cheryll from Gone Stitchin' 
who had come down especially for our get together.
We also got to meet a couple of young chicks who had stowed away in Chez's bag and came along. It was none other than the famous Peg and Dale. Here they are checking out my gorgeous new bag.
Our swap this time was a Blue Theme. I was lucky enough to get the lovely bag that Chez had made.
I had made some lavender filled hangers and Shez was the lucky(?) recipient of those.
Here she is modelling them!
Once again, everyone had outdone themselves.

Thanks girls for a wonderful day. 
Now Shez, how many days is it to the next get together?

PS.  There are no major injuries to report for 
Mitchell's 100 Games Banner Day!