20 May, 2018

Friday Night Sew-In For May

 Friday started out with some preparation work. 
I cut out the fabrics for the sewing kit I am making.
 Next up was eight bias strips ready for making folded stars. 
On Saturday, our Chit Chat Crafters group were meeting at our place
and I was showing them how to make the stars.
 FNSI continued with the girls in the Northern Hemisphere. 
I made my self two more stars while demonstrating them to the girls. 
They all made two each as well. All the different colour combinations
were lovely. I forgot to take a photo of everyone's stars.
 So now I have four folded stars to do something with!
 Finally finished the last few stitches on my needle case. 
 Stitched four hexagons together until I accidently pulled the thread 
from the needle. For some reason, I just couldn't re-thread it and my threader 
was hiding somewhere in the sewing room. I need to have a clean out!
 So I made a start on the last of these stitcheries for little banners.
A bit of stitching was achieved in between all the chatting and eating!
Thank you to Wendy for being such a lovely hostess.
You can see what everyone else got up to here.

18 May, 2018

The Journey Is Over!

 After nearly 13 years (maybe even more) my Double Wedding Ring quilt is finished!
This is taken at Mum and Dad's place but the quilt is now safe in my sewing room.
It will look so much nicer on our timber bed!
On Mother's Day I finished stitching the binding down.

I'll share the journey of this quilt, which started back in 1999 when I was given these 
1930's fabrics, once I do a little research. I need to look at some old photos to see 
when I actually commenced cutting the pieces out. I know we were on holiday at 
Cape Paterson but can't remember what year. I did have it on a list on my 
pin-up board in the sewing room but it seems to have gone walkabout!

05 May, 2018

Friday Night With Friends

Got a late start to FNWF. Managed a little 
stitching for a pin cushion while watching Me Before You. 
I hadn't seen this movie before and really enjoyed it. 
It didn't turn out like I thought it would!
Thank you to our lovely host, Chez. 
You can see what others stitched here.

01 May, 2018

April OPAM

 My mojo is still going walkabout so no finishes for me this month.
But I have been doing bits and pieces.
I have stitched a lot of the binding down on my double wedding ring quilt.  
Just one and a bit sides to go.
 Did a little stitching while Nelson and Rex were at dog obedience.
I've also been having a play with these.
Some lovely brights (out of my comfort zone again!)
for a new baby due later in the year.
 It also gets a bit squashy with cheeky Rex always wanting to sit on my lap!
Thanks to Peg and Kris organising OPAM.