29 June, 2017

There's No Place Like Home

I've finally finished my "There's No Place Like Home" project. This was one of Bonnie Sullivan's projects from the Stitched in Time day with Gail Pan and Bonnie in April.
 It was one of her new pre-printed background projects. Bonnie is the designer behind All Through The Night
We were very lucky to get these before they
 had even been released in the USA!

28 June, 2017

Mitchell's 21st - "The Party"

 Now I've recovered from Mitchell's party (it was on the 17th), I thought I'd share some photos. 
We hired this gorgeous old hall in Plenty.
 I had to take a photo of this poster from the Grand Opening Ball in 1931. As you know, I love old things and the hall was an old fashioned country hall.
All set and ready to go. Just waiting for the guests to arrive.
My nephew's wife, Seana made the cake. It was delicious.
 Speech time!
 There was some entertainment organised by some of Mitchell's friends. Here he is waiting. 
I won't make you suffer any of the photos!
 Instead of having Mitchell's friends sign a 21st book, 
he wanted them to sign canvases. 
He is going to put them up on his wall.
 The obligatory family shot! 
 Party time!

His mate, Dale, organised stubby holders designed especially for Mitchell's 21st. 
 And all too soon it was over!
 Luckily, we were able to go back in the morning to clean up. There wasn't really much to do. Just get the balloons 
down and mop the floors.

It was a wonderful night and I think Mitchell 
and his friends really enjoyed themselves.

14 June, 2017

Mitchell's 21st Surprise From Friends!

 Some of Mitchell's friends wanted to decorate his car for some birthday fun. So we organised it that Mitchell took Noel's car to TAFE as he was picking up my Mum, Dad and my brother after school. We told him it was easier for Pa to get into Noel's car. Little did he know!
 First up they filled the car with balloons, toilet paper and glitter (the bigger type). There were also some girly magazine pictures in the windows!
 Then came the post-it notes.
 Followed by 300 metres of cling wrap! It was also wrapped around over and under the car.
 Renee, James, Dale, Carla and Zoe.
 They had so much fun.
When Mitchell looked up the drive way he thought he had a new car for his present! LOL!
After dinner, some of his friends came around for cake. Then it was out to the car to unwrap it! He didn't know it was full inside as you couldn't see in the windows.

Something memorable for his 21st!

13 June, 2017

A Very Special Birthday!

 Today is Mitchell's 21st birthday!
A little cricketer when he was three.

The celebrations started last Sunday with a family lunch. Tonight is a birthday tea of Mitchell's choice.
Then the friends party is on Saturday.
Birthday cake #1
Happy 21st birthday Mitchell.
You have grown into a lovely young man and 
we are very proud of you.
Lots of Love,
Mum, Dad, Austin and Nelson

There's a big surprise waiting for Mitchell from his friends when he gets home. I'll tell you all about it soon.

09 June, 2017

A Wedding And A Quilt!

 These two gorgeous little girls were my flower girls. Michelle is on the left and Krystina on the right.
Twenty-two years later, the two of them
have grown into beautiful women.
 Last Saturday Michelle and Matt "Said I Do"
 This is Cheryl, the mother of the bride. 
Cheryl and I have been friends for forty years!
 Krystina and Michelle consider the boys their cousins.
 Having fun on the dance floor.
I can finally show you the quilt I'd been making for Michelle and Matt. Their house is very modern and Michelle didn't want anything florally. I have to admit I was so out of my comfort zone with this. From buying the fabrics, to designing the quilt. But I'm pleased with how it turned out.
I used this painting they have in the lounge as inspiration. It took me a while to work out how to do the woven corner.
It is to go over the back of the couch.
 The back of the quilt.
 A close-up of the quilting.
It was a lovely wedding and we all had a wonderful time.

01 June, 2017

OPAM for May

Another slow month with only four lavendar sachets.
But I'll have a quilt to show you soon!
I've been slowly working on some stitching 
but not a lot seems to be getting done.
Thanks Peg and Kris for keeping us inspired.