14 June, 2017

Mitchell's 21st Surprise From Friends!

 Some of Mitchell's friends wanted to decorate his car for some birthday fun. So we organised it that Mitchell took Noel's car to TAFE as he was picking up my Mum, Dad and my brother after school. We told him it was easier for Pa to get into Noel's car. Little did he know!
 First up they filled the car with balloons, toilet paper and glitter (the bigger type). There were also some girly magazine pictures in the windows!
 Then came the post-it notes.
 Followed by 300 metres of cling wrap! It was also wrapped around over and under the car.
 Renee, James, Dale, Carla and Zoe.
 They had so much fun.
When Mitchell looked up the drive way he thought he had a new car for his present! LOL!
After dinner, some of his friends came around for cake. Then it was out to the car to unwrap it! He didn't know it was full inside as you couldn't see in the windows.

Something memorable for his 21st!


Jo said...

Hhaaahhhaaaa. That's so funny

Baa. xxx said...

Ha...ha... Brilliant. That's a great set of mates he has! That sure reminds me of my younger days.

Maria said...

Hmmm! Wonder what Mitchell will think of for their 21st s.....

Helen said...

Lots of fun :)

kiwikid said...

Wonderful idea...I bet it took a while to unwrap!!

Kaisievic said...

Oh, that is so much fun! What a great idea!