31 August, 2012

A Couple More Finishes for August OPAM!

I've finished two more Christmas hangings (well, they were actually finished about 3 weeks ago but I hadn't had a chance to post about them). This Christmas Tree stitchery was a free pattern from Gail Pan. 
This hanging is a pattern from Anni Downs of Hatched and Patched. I just love this one and I even needle turned the applique onto the background! A lot of my friends know "I don't do needle turn"! I really enjoyed it and I'm feeling confident to try some more! I just need to get a hanger for this and it will be already for hanging up at Christmas.
I was lucky enough to win these two charm packs from Leanne of Lizzie the Quilter. Thank you Leanne. I'm looking forward to making something with these.

Only one more sleep and we're off to our bloggy get together to meet Shez! It's not too late to join us. See this post for information.

28 August, 2012

Footy Presentation Day and My First Footy Trophy!

On the weekend we had footy presentation day. Saturday was Austin and Nelson's and Mitchell's was on Sunday. Here is Nelson with his Coach and Team Manager.
Austin has had a great footy season. Besides winning the Grand Final, Austin received the 
Most Improved Player award.
Here he is with his coach, Darren. One of the fathers arranged for all the boys to get one of those signs Noel is holding above their heads. Each boy had their name and number on it.
I received "my" first ever footy trophy! It was for being Timekeeper for the season. The trophy was from Nelson's team. I also received a plaque from Austin's team for the MacDonald Family. If I wasn't able to timekeep (due to being at Nelson's game) Noel would do it for the team. 

So now I can say I have a footy trophy too!

As Mitchell plays the Under 16's, he doesn't get a participation trophy. They did the Best and Fairest count at the presentation day and Mitchell came equal 15th. It was such a pity they lost the Grand Final as they all played so well.

So that is the end of our 2012 Footy Season. Now it's onto cricket for Mitchell and Little Athletics 
for Austin and Nelson.

20 August, 2012

Winners and Runners-Up!

Austin's team won their Grand Final in a mud bath! 

 The final score was 29 to 11. Yarrambat kept the opposition scoreless for the second half of the game!
 One very happy and muddy team!
 Unfortunately, the season didn't end so well for Mitchell's team. They lost by 5 points. One of our boys was kicking for a goal after the siren but was unlucky and only got a point. He was kicking from such an angle it would have been amazing if he'd got it. I'm sure you would have heard the screams from where ever you lived! That would have made the game a drawer! There would have then been time on. The boys all played well and did their best.
The boys lined up for the National Anthem before the game. Mitchell is #26.

Congratulations to all the boys. 
You should all be very proud of yourselves.

Well, footy season 2012 is over!
Before we know it, season 2013 will be here!

19 August, 2012

Grand Final Day!

It's footy Grand Final day here at MacDonald's Patch! Unfortunately both Mitchell and Austin are playing at 3pm at different grounds. They are too far apart for Noel and I to do a swap to see a bit of each game. So the texts will be going back and forth with scores.
                   Go Creekers!           Go Bats!      

Good Luck Mitchell and Austin! 

18 August, 2012

FNSI Results!

Well, what did I stitch last night? Nothing, zilch, zip! By the time we finished making Mitchell's footy team's grand final banner I didn't get home until after 8pm. Then I had to cook dinner. By the time I had finished sorting the washing it was 9.30 and I just didn't have the energy to sew! How sad is that! Due to things going on around here, I didn't even make it to Guild meeting today to stitch. Hopefully, I'll get some done tonight.

I hope you all had a good FNSI. Hopefully next month will be a better one for me.

16 August, 2012

Friday Night Sew-In!

It's that time again! Tomorrow night is the Friday Night Sew-In organised by Heidi and Bobbi. If you'd like to join in on the fun, head over here. I'll be able to carry on my sewing on Saturday (it will still be Friday night somewhere in the world!) as it is NOTYQ's guild meeting day. Yay, lots of sewing. Hope to see at the FNSI!

14 August, 2012

Blogger Get Together!

 A lot of you will know of Shez from Enjoying Life. Well, we're going to have a bloggy get together to meet her in person.
So when and where?
Saturday, 1st September at Millrose Quilting and Gallery, 92 Inglis Street, Ballan, Victoria
(just off the Western Highway)

We'll meet at 11.00am in the patchwork shop and then head for lunch next door at Mill Cottage Restaurant at 12 noon. (You can check out the menu here).

Everyone is welcome to come along. If you would like to come, please contact Melody from The House on the Side of the Hill so that she can book you a seat.

12 August, 2012

Footy Finals!

Today was week two of footy finals. It was a much more successful day today. Both Mitchell and Austin won! 
Mitchell's team was ahead most of the day and in the end won beat Nortchote by 22 points. I took this photo at home as both games were at the same time. Noel and Nelson watched Mitchell and I went to Austin's game.
Austin's match was a very exciting one. At one point they were down 30 points but after half time, they came out firing and won by 3 points! I was timekeeper and boy, was that stressful! The thing about being time keeper is that you know exactly how much time is left on the clock. The match was nearly over and it got to the point that if one of the teams kicked a goal, they would have won. Luckily for us the boys were able to keep the ball down their end. Although they didn't get another goal, they stopped South Morang from scoring.

So next week is Grand Final week! Hopefully, their matches will be scheduled so that both of us can go to both matches.
Thought I'd show you Molly helping to stack the dish washer!

Molly started at Puppy School today and went very well. I forgot to take the camera so no photos. I think she was a bit shell shocked. She had never seen so many dogs. Coming home she just sat very quietly on my knee. I think it's the first time I've seen her sit still for longer than a few seconds. She was exhausted!

09 August, 2012

It's Time To Vote!

 Hi Everyone! 
It's Molly here. 
It's time to vote for your favourite Pets on Quilts.
There are five categories.
Dog on quilt or dog themed quilt
Cat on quilt or cat themed quilt
Other pet on quilt or other pet themed quilt
Best EQ pet theme quilt design
Best art quilt

You need to head over to Lily Pad Quilting and leave a comment on this post with your votes. For example: 

Dog on quilt or dog themed quilt #124 (that's me in case you want to vote for me! he he he!)
Cat on quilt or cat themed quilt #
Other pet on quilt or other pet themed quilt #
Best EQ pet theme quilt design #
Best art quilt #

You have until Sunday night (12th August) to leave your votes in the comment box. Who knows, you might even win a prize!

I wonder if I could be lucky enough to win the Viewer's Choice for Dog on Quilt! You just never know. Wouldn't that be exciting!

So don't forget, I'm number 124. I'd really love it if you voted for me (looking at you with big, cute eyes!).

07 August, 2012

Pets On Quilts!

I thought I'd join in on the fun over at Lily Pad Quilting.
 I actually got Miss Molly to sit for two seconds and took a photo! Do you know how hard it is to get a 12 week old pup to sit?

Head over here to join the linky party and check out all the other great pets on quilts.

06 August, 2012

Back from Retreat!

 Simone V and I headed off straight after school drop off! We had a lovely morning chatting as we drove up to Gisbourne, Kyneton and Castlemaine, where we met Jennifer and Simone M. After our retail therapy for the morning we went to a little cafe and had a very nice lunch. After lunch we went to Haberdash, a shop which Melody (The House on the Side of the Hill) had told us about. There was just so much to see. Lots of lovely vintage haberdashery. You didn't know where to look first!
I thought this little vintage display was very cute.
Simone busy shopping!

It was then back down to Myrniong. We set up our things in our rooms and then onto the sewing. I had a very productive weekend. I think I might take my machine again next year as I got a lot accomplished.
My Tis The Season is now finished. I'm really pleased with how it turned out.
I nearly finished this little hanging but I must have dropped one of the strips of binding at home.
I've been wanting to make a sewing machine mat, like the one Maria (Life on the Block) made for me last year, for a friend. Another project ticked off the list!
I saw this bag pattern by Sarah of Fairy Face Designs on her blog. It is called the Charlotte Bag and thought I'd like to make it. I even had some of the same fabric The handle fabric isn't showing the true colour very well. It's not quite so fluoro looking.
 To have a break from the machine, I prepared some more of the felt brooches I made for Melody and Michelle so that I had some hand work.
I got three finished!
Libby arrived with a birthday present for each of us that Maddy had sent down from Queensland. Maddy had knitted all of our group a gorgeous scarf. This is my one which matches my red coat so well. Thank you Maddy.

So a very productive weekend. One Christmas wall quilt, a mini quilt, a sewing machine mat, three felt brooches and lots of shopping, eating and friendship. Thanks to all the girls for a great weekend.

Only 364 more sleeps until the next one!

05 August, 2012

Footy Finals!

Mitchell, Austin and Nelson are all in the first week of footy finals! Yeah!
Mitchell now plays for Diamond Creek as the Yarrambat Under 16's folded due to not enough players. This was very sad. Mitchell moved to Diamond Creek as he also plays cricket there. His team finished second on the ladder and they get two chances.
Austin in playing in the Under 14's and they finished on top of the ladder. His team also gets two chances. Nelson is in the Under 12's and finished fourth. This week will be do or die as if they lose they are out of the finals series.

Each year I always miss the first week of finals as I'm on retreat. But I am constantly kept up to date by Noel with quarter time scores.

Good luck boys. Play your best.

Go Creekers!              Go Bats! 
Update:  A bad day for footy. All three teams lost. Nelson's season is now over and Mitchell and Austin play again next week.

02 August, 2012

Off on Retreat!

It's that time of the year again. The NOTYQ Retreat! Yeah!  Each year we head off to Lake Dewar Lodge, Myrniong (about 10 minutes from Bacchus Marsh) for three days of friendship, sewing and eating!

My projects box all packed! I've got lots of projects prepared and hopefully I'll manage to finish some of them, if not all (if I'm lucky)! This is the first year in many that I'm going to take my machine. I decided this is going to be a "me" weekend of sewing. I'm going to sew for me! So Simone, if you're looking for some Santa Sack projects in there, you can stop looking now! LOL!

So only one more sleep and we're off. I'd better go finish the vaccuming and then pack my clothes. I'd better not forget to put in the munchies too!

01 August, 2012

Having Fun in the Sun!

 Molly has been with us three weeks now and is well and truly part of the family. She has grown quite a lot already. I think Ginger has come to the conclusion that Molly is here to stay.
 Today is a beautiful day and the two of them had a play outside.
 Ginger puts Molly in her place when she starts getting annoying. They are actually just playing here.
The two of them are standing guard at the top of the driveway. Excuse all the mess in the background. We are renovating the boys' bathroom and that's all the plaster rubbish.
Exhausted! Time for a nap!