27 March, 2016

Happy Easter!

 First there was one!
Then there were two!
Two little bunnies joined our household yesterday.
Happy Easter everyone.
Love from the MacDonald's

26 March, 2016

Friday Night Sew-In A Week Later!

 FNSI was delayed a week so it became an  
Being Good Friday,  I was able to make an early start.
First off, I spent ages going through my fabrics 
deciding what to use for a special little project. 
This is what I chose in the end.
Then I really got stuck into my Kitchen Stitchery. 
I was hoping to finish it but at midnight, I had had enough. There's only two lines left to stitch so 
hopefully I'll finish that today.

Thanks to Wendy for hosting our special Easter FNSI.

18 March, 2016

Catching Up With Mel and Helen

Mel and I are heading over to Helen's for a day of stitching.
It's a perfect day for it as it's raining and blowing a gale!
I wonder how much stitching we'll actually get done!
It's also the third Friday of the month, so that means it's Friday Night Sew-In. Hopefully, I'll get some extra stitching in as I've been very slack the last couple of weeks. I can't remember the last time I picked up a needle!
You can sign up with Wendy here.

10 March, 2016

Austin's Last Athletics Carnival

 Today was Austin's last Athletics Carnival for PVCC. 
Meers House had the theme of Grandmas and Grandpas aka old people! Nelson decided not to dress up this time.
 Meers House came equal first in the dress-up.
Here's Austin trying to break the PVCC Open High Jump record (175cm). Unfortunately, it didn't happen today. 
He still won the event though.
 Nelson coming second in the 100m sprint.
With the lovely Paris.

03 March, 2016

Footy Sewing!

Look at my fun(?) sewing project today! 
I have to run in these footy jumpers for the Under 17's. A lot of the boys are quite tall so needed larger jumpers but they are too wide. Today I'm running them all in. As this is their last year at Yarrambat JFC, the boys will get to keep their jumpers, so it won't matter if I alter them.

I'm quite a bit behind in my blog reading as I've been pretty busy. I have been having a quick read but not leaving comments. So I hope you don't think I'm ignoring you.

01 March, 2016

First OPAM Report For 2016!

I've signed up with Peg and Kris again for
One Project A Month. It's been a slow start for 2016 
but I have been working on several projects.
Framed turtle for Paris in January.
Sewing Folder.
A Christmas ornament to replace Barb's 
that was broken in the mail.

Three projects are better than none, don't you think!
Thanks to Peg and Kris for keeping us inspired.