31 July, 2011

Meeting Blogging Friends!

Friday I had the loveliest day. I went to the Craft and Quilt Fair and met up with some of my "blogging friends". It was so nice to meet them in person after all the comments and emails we have exchanged between us.Me, Fee (Designs by Fee), Jo (Lilly Pilly), Kez (Willow Grove Quilts)
and Kathy (Quilted Notions).Fee, Gail Pan (Gail Pan Designs) and Vicki (The Pickledish Patch)
Jo and her Mother in Law, Sandra.Elyte on the right (Tea, Fabric and Other Things....), Christine in the centre (I didn't catch the other lady's name).Miram (Yellow Roses) and Mandy (Seams So Together).This is all I bought on the day. My main reason for going was to meet up with all the girls.A close-up of the fabric and lace. I love the little hedgehogs!
I'm picturing a bag with that and the green fabric.

Of course, I looked at all the beautiful quilts. There are so very talented ladies out there. I also made it to L'uccello where I met the owner, Kim. She has so many lovely things there. I was a bit tired and just couldn't put my head around what I wanted. I'll just have to go back another day!

I was so exhausted by the end of the day but what a day it was!

It was so lovely meeting all you girls. Thank you for sharing the day with me. I'm looking forward to the next time we can catch up! Thanks to Jo for organising the meet-up and thank you also for letting me use some of your photos (I only took one!).

28 July, 2011

Life Before Patchwork and Quilting!

Before I discovered patchwork, I used to be a cross-stitcher! So I thought I'd show you some of my work. Some of the photos are a little blurry with reflections. That's because I've taken them in their frames.This Cats on a Picket Fence was my first attempt at counted cross-stitch back in 1990.I love these Quilts on the Line (1992). I was asked by my friend Kathy to make it for her. The quilts are 3-dimensional and the sheep is covered in hundreds of French knots. It now lives in Philadelphia in the US. I got to see it again in 2005 when we had a trip to the States. It was lovely to see it again but I could never re-make it! I hadn't got into patchwork at that time although Kathy tried her best to convince me that I'd love it. I didn't start quilting until 1993. I'll show you some of my older quilts another time.
The Welcome Sampler was finished in 1993. This pattern really wasn't for a novice but I managed it and was very pleased with how it turned out.I then made this companion one for my Grandmother for her birthday.I was certainly busy in 1993 as I also made this Blooming Rose!Next came the Possum as I loved collecting possums. It was a pain working on black but the effect was worth it. This was the first one I made after I was married as I had changed my name. This was probably my last one as by then I was hooked on patchwork and it grew so much faster than cross-stitching! I made the Teddy Bear House when I was pregnant with Mitchell.I thought I'd show you this. It was the very first cross-stitchI did at school when I was about seven years old. One day we came across it in the linen cupboard at my parents. I framed it as a memory piece, showing how far I had progressed from this first piece to my last one.Finally, I came across this doily when Mum and I were going through her vintage linen for me to have. It was made by me many years ago, not too sure when. I think it may have been about 20 years or so. I'd forgotten all about it. I don't think it's too bad as I didn't really know what I was doing!

I hope you've enjoyed seeing what I use to do before I became addicted to patchwork. I also used to do ceramics and perhaps I show you some of my pieces one day.

21 July, 2011

A trip to the Zoo and Christmas in July!

Tuesday was the last day of holidays for the boys. Mitchell was having a sleep-over at Nana and Pa's and Austin was spending the day with a friend, so Nelson and I headed off to the zoo. It was very quiet as most of the other school had gone back and the sun even came out which was lovely.Nelson loves the butterfly house and one landed on his finger. It was lovely and warm in there.The platypus was up on the log which you don't often get to see. He's usually swimming around. Sorry the photo's a bit dark but there's no flash photography in the platypus house.I was lucky enough to win a prize from Lynn of Blue bird Quilts in her Christmas in July giveaway.Lynn had made this lovely felt Christmas Wreath. There was also a pair of lovely gingerbread Christmas tree ornaments and the loveliest Christmas card. Thank you Lynn. I'm looking forward to putting this up as Christmas time.

I thought I'd let you know of a great blog Tonya of Hillbilly Handiworks shared. It's the Quilting Library. It gives you lots of links for patterns, tutorials, tips, websites and projects.

No sewing pictures to show you. I've sorted the last row of 5 rings for my DWR and started piecing them. Worked some more on my Santa Sack pressies for Maria. I've also finished my Mystery Challenge Pincushion for the North of the Yarra (NOTYQ) Quilt Exhibition coming up in October. I'll tell you more about the closer to the time. After the exhibition I'll be able to show you my pin cushion!

11 July, 2011

A lovely package!

This lovely little package arrived in the mail on Friday. It was from Kim of L'uccello. I was lucky enough to win a runner up prize on her blog. Kim sells lovely vintage haberdashery and fancy goods. I've been wanting to visit her store since I first heard about it last year but still haven't managed to get into town yet!This is what I found inside. Some beautiful vintage lace, deep burgundy velvet ribbon and the most gorgeous smelling soap. Don't you just love her new business card. Head over to this post and have a look at her new range of business cards. They are from images in the 1880-1890s and 1905-1915. The lace is just so fine and delicate.
I'll save this for something really special to make.Even the wrapping paper was lovely. It looks like a reproduction of a catalogue for haberdashery in Paris in 1931! I don't know if you can make it out in the photo but have a look at the two spencers down in the bottom left corner. How about the size of those waists!

Thank you Kim for these lovely gifts.

I thought I'd show you the view (but don't look at the messy part) as I sat and sewed the other day. We had two sets of visitors come.There were two Rainbow Lorikeets on the bird feeder and three King Parrots (the fourth arrived after I took the photo) eating seeds that had dropped from the feeder. Sorry the picture's a bit dark but I took it from inside.

01 July, 2011

Sewing update!

Last night I finished adding another row to my Double Wedding Ring quilt. I've decided to add one more row and make it 5 x 5 rings. So, another few hours of cutting and sorting out colours coming up! Please excuse the bright sections where the sun is. And of course, as soon as I hung it on the line the breeze came up!
Tomorrow is baby Ethan's Naming Day. I've made him this little wall hanging. I got the idea from his birth announcement card.
His mum told me that this is the theme for the day, so I decided to make an appliqued version.It was certainly very tricky appliqueing the goggles!Plus I've also been working on some of my Santa Sack pressies for Maria!
No peeks there though!