11 July, 2011

A lovely package!

This lovely little package arrived in the mail on Friday. It was from Kim of L'uccello. I was lucky enough to win a runner up prize on her blog. Kim sells lovely vintage haberdashery and fancy goods. I've been wanting to visit her store since I first heard about it last year but still haven't managed to get into town yet!This is what I found inside. Some beautiful vintage lace, deep burgundy velvet ribbon and the most gorgeous smelling soap. Don't you just love her new business card. Head over to this post and have a look at her new range of business cards. They are from images in the 1880-1890s and 1905-1915. The lace is just so fine and delicate.
I'll save this for something really special to make.Even the wrapping paper was lovely. It looks like a reproduction of a catalogue for haberdashery in Paris in 1931! I don't know if you can make it out in the photo but have a look at the two spencers down in the bottom left corner. How about the size of those waists!

Thank you Kim for these lovely gifts.

I thought I'd show you the view (but don't look at the messy part) as I sat and sewed the other day. We had two sets of visitors come.There were two Rainbow Lorikeets on the bird feeder and three King Parrots (the fourth arrived after I took the photo) eating seeds that had dropped from the feeder. Sorry the picture's a bit dark but I took it from inside.


Heirlooms by Ashton House said...

My goodness, Christine, you sure have had quite the luck with the giveaways lately! What a lovely array of prizes. That lace is wonderful.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Congratulations on a lovely win - gorgeous lace. And loved your visitors.

Anonymous said...

congrats Christine on your lovely win and the birds look quite at home,lol

Maria said...

Lovely giveaway win Christine.

It is nice when the birds visit.