14 October, 2017

Spartan Race!

 Last weekend saw Nelson head to Bright with his friend Graeme and Graeme's parents, Ian and Annelise.
 The boys were taking part in the Spartan Race. 
All set to go!
 The rope climb. Nelson is second from the left.
 Jumping fire.
 That's Nelson at the top on the right.
 Rope walk.
 Javlin throwing.
There were lots of other obstacles but these were
the ones in the area where Annelise was.
 Finished and feeling very pleased with themselves.
 Apparently this guy ran the race dressed like this.
Somehow I don't think this will be the last of these races!
They both had such a great time.

07 October, 2017

Friday Night With Friends

Managed to get a little stitching done last night. I worked on my bee table runner. This is my pick up, put down project. Nearly finished the first side of the stitchery.
Thank you to Chez for hosting us last night.
The stitching will continue today. Melody and I are 
off to Narre Warren for a stitching day with  
Gail Pan and Ramona Hermann (Flutterby Designs)!

30 September, 2017

One Project A Month

Another month has flown by. At least I had a couple of finishes this time. My two Marie Antionette cushions.
Thanks to Peg and Kris for keeping us inspired.
Anorina from Samelia's Mum recently took part in the Making Connections blog hop . I was her lucky winner 
of a copy of the ebook "Making Connections". 
Thank you Anorina. 
Thought I'd show you my progress on my sewing caddy. 
All the stitching is now completed. Now to put it together.

21 September, 2017

Let them Eat Cake!

 A family member has a special birthday coming up 
and loves Marie Antionette. Trying to think of something to make, I started to look for Marie Antoinette fabric.
Imagine my surprise when I came across these printed
fabric panels. I decided to make a pair of cushions.
 Aren't the panels gorgeous!
Finding the right fabrics was a bit tricky 
but I think these ended up working well.
I used Fairy Frost by Michael Miller.

16 September, 2017

Friday Night Sew-In

Last night I did some more stitching on my sewing caddy. Hopefully, by the end of today I might have all 
the stitching complete. All the boys left early this morning to go the NFL Division 2 Grand Finals. 
Three matches, so they won't get home until 6pm! 
That means there's only Molly and myself home all day.
It also means I can binge watch When Calls the Heart on Netflix. I came across this series and am really enjoying it. It is set in the early 1900's in a coal mining town in Canada.
 Thank you to Wendy for being such a lovely hostess. 
You can see what everyone else got up to here.

Well, the washing is all finished, so it's time to 
head to my spot on the couch!
Have a lovely weekend everyone.