20 April, 2014

Happy Easter!

Wishing you all a Happy Easter.
Love from
Christine, Noel, Mitchell, Austin and Nelson.

19 April, 2014

Final Camping Post and FNSI

 Our final afternoon was spent relaxing.
Can you guess what I'm doing?
 Yes, you're right. Stitching!
I managed to get a bit of stitching done for the week.
 I stitched Block 6 of my Quilty Stitches Sampler A Long.
Finished stitching my snowman.
 Started on a new secret project.

I hope you've enjoyed seeing what we got up to
on our holiday. 
You didn't get too bored, I hope!

 I joined Wendy and the girls for Friday Night Sew-In. As it was a holiday, I got an early start on my sewing.
Block 10 is put together which is good as
Block 11 is on it's way!

Then I almost finished Block 7 of my Quilty Stitches Sampler A Long with Corey while watching  the movie, Chocolat. I'm sure if there had been football on the tv,
I would have got it finished! LOL!

18 April, 2014

More Khancoban

As the NSW school holidays didn't start until this week, the caravan park was very quiet. As you can see, there is just our camper. There was another camp on the other side so we pretty much had the place to ourselves.
It rained most of Thursday so a quiet day was had inside. The boys stayed up in the cabin with our friends and I sat in our quiet camper and stitched!
 The obligatory selfie by Austin.
Molly did one too!
Didn't know she was so clever, did you!
Friday turned out a lovely day. We went to what is known as "The Boat Ramp" for a BBQ lunch.
 It was just so beautiful here.

More swimming.
Molly had a great time running around here.
Mitchell, Austin, Dale and Nelson.

Then it was back to the caravan park for a final few hours of relaxation before heading to the pub for a delicious dinner.

17 April, 2014

Pioneer Women's Hut (Part 2)

There were many household items to see. 
 Don't you just love covered jugs!
I just love these tea towels.They were made by a Marie Grove. She started a Glory Box when she was about 
ten years old. She kept the tea towels in that box 
and they were never used.

The stitching on these was so neat.
 For the laundry.
How cute are those pegs!
 Needle cases.
 Lots of embroidery.
 Doily holders.
 Sewing notions.
This spinning wheel was used during World War I to spin wool for making socks and scarves for soldiers.
A needle case.
I hope you've enjoyed seeing just some of the many items at the Pioneer Women's Hut. If you ever get the chance, 
it is well worth the visit.

16 April, 2014

Pioneer Women's Hut (Part 1)

Wednesday we headed off to Tumbarumba for the day. 
 Beverley (SIL), Ian (BIL), Kerry, Tamara-Jade and Noel. 
I don't know where the boys are!
After lunch Noel, Ian, Beverley and I headed 
off to the Pioneer Women's Hut just out of town.
 Remember using one of these?
 There were quite a few quilts to see.
 They change these around at different times.

 How lucky was it that someone picked 
this quilt up off the rubbish!



 Next post I'll show you some more gorgeous handwork.