17 February, 2018

Friday Night Sew-In

 Last night I worked a little on my needle case. This is from Some Kind of Wonderful by Anni Downs. It's my pick up, put down project.
Thanks to Wendy at Sugarlane Designs for hosting us last night.

I'm off to NOTYQ for our Guild meeting. Hopefully, I'll get a bit more stitched!

06 February, 2018

Bountiful Bees!

 My table runner is finished.
 This is called "Bountiful Bees" by Gail Pan.
 A close-up for you.
I just did some cross-hatch quilting.
It's always nice to have a finish!

04 February, 2018

Rex Off To School and Working Interstate!

This morning Nelson took Rex to the Diamond Valley Dog Obedience Club 
to start his training. Rex waited very patiently for class to start.
He was so excited meeting lots of new friends. 
We thought his tail might fly off as he was wagging it so hard!
 Fourth week into Nelson's apprenticeship and 
he's off to Orange in NSW to work this week.
Off they go! Nelson was very excited about going interstate to work.

03 February, 2018

Friday Night With Friends

 Last night I worked on a special project. 
Once it's all finished, I'll show you what I've been stitching.
Hopefully, I won't keep you in suspense too long!
Thanks to Chez for hosting us for FNWF. 
You can see what others got up to here.

02 February, 2018

Viintage Cupboard

I wanted to share my new vintage cupboard. 
Last month Mum and I had a trip down to Bairnsdale to stay with an old family friend. "Auntie Lorraine" as she has always been to me has been a friend of Mum's since I was born. I came home with this gorgeous old cupboard and I love it!
Apparently, many years ago I told her that she was never to get rid of it and that I would like it when she was finished with it. The cupboard has now come to live with me. I couldn't remember saying that or in fact, I couldn't even remember what cupboard she was talking about. I'm so glad that Auntie Lorraine remembered I wanted it! 
It's not perfect but who cares!
There are age marks on the wallpaper but that's what makes it so special.