31 December, 2018

Final OPAM for 2018

My last four projects for 2018. 
 Scissor keep for sewing set.
Santa sacks for Steph, Autumn and Madelyn.
Thank you to Peg and Kris for another year of keeping us inspired. 

25 December, 2018

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from our house to yours.
Lots of love,
Christine, Noel, Mitchell, Austin and Nelson
Molly and Rex too

23 December, 2018

Last FNSI For 2018!

 Can you believe it's nearly the end of 2018 with Christmas only two days away?
My Christmas stitchery is slowly coming along. This will be my new Christmas decoration for 2019 as I definitely won't get it finished before Tuesday!
Thank you to Wendy to being such a wonderful hostess throughout the year. It is always lovely to stitch along with friends. You can see what the others got up to here.

22 December, 2018

Santa Sacks!

You may remember that last Christmas I made eight Santa Sacks for the
great nieces and nephew's and one for Austin's girlfriend, Paris.
 I've now made three more this year.
 One for Mitchell's girlfriend, Steph.
 Autumn is our new great niece born three weeks ago.
 One for Madelyn, my flowergirl's baby.
I just love this Aussie birds fabric and had to make two of the same.

09 December, 2018

Nelson, FNWF, A Christmas Party And Baking!

 Friday saw Nelson get his manual license. He was one very excited boy! 
Now we have to do the "Five Car Shuffle" each day, making sure that 
the first person out in the morning is at the back. Until now we had one car in the garage and three across the front. Having that fifth car makes it trickier.
 I started my FNWF while I was sitting at VicRoads while 
Nelson had a driving lesson prior to his test.
 I stitched on the labels on three new Santa Sacks.
 I also make a scissor fob.
My sewing set is now complete. 
Just need to buy a little pair of scissors and it's already to be 
wrapped up to give as a Christmas present.
 Today (Sunday) Nelson and I took Molly and Rex to Dog Obedience Club for the Christmas Party. There were lots of games and ribbons. Molly won a ribbon for the dog who could bark on command. She did it at the side but as soon as I went into the centre, she wouldn't! As soon as we left the centre, she barked again. 
She must have had stage fright! Rex won "Most Active Dog"!
They both got a Christmas bag filled with rope toys and doggie treats. 
Plus some lollies for their humans.
 Saturday I started the Christmas baking.
 Three loaves of almond bread.
 Today I did the second baking.
 All ready to pack up for gifts!
Thanks to Chez for hosting us on Friday night.