27 April, 2013

Good Golly, Miss Molly!

 Last night I was out the back hanging washing on the line when there was an almighty crash. The first thing I thought was my crystal cabinet with all my Swarovski crystal 
had been broken!
 Nelson said Molly had come bounding in, jumped over the little table and crashed into the window.
 Molly cut her leg and it was bleeding quite a bit. She was so good as I was bandaging her leg. She got another little cut on her left leg but that one wasn't too bad.
Ginger was on the outside of the window. She and Molly often bark at each other through the window. I think she may have tried to pick up a piece of glass and cut her tongue. It was only a small cut but still lots of blood!
 Lucky I had some extra poster paper (waiting for the next project) to tape onto the window.
Comforting each other.
This morning Molly is still very subdued.
 You can see the damage better here in the daylight.
 On a brighter note, Nelson is off to his first teenage party tonight. Georgia is the first of his friends to turn 13. She is very into ballet, so I've made her a pouch to put her bit and pieces in, along with some gorgeous crystal earrings.
 I found this gorgeous ballet shoe fabric. I've never had to look in that section before! LOL!
I lined it with some pink ribbon fabric from the same range.

23 April, 2013

Colour Swap!

 Colour Swap
My partner for the Colour Swap of 4 Items hosted by Cheryll was Noela of Quilty Bits From The Blue Room. Noela has received her parcel, so I can now show you what I sent to her. Blue was the colour Noela chose. I don't use a lot of blue, so it was a bit different for me. Strange that I don't have a lot of blue in my stash considering I have three boys!
 Something to eat. I found these cute blue flower lollypops. Aren't they pretty!
 Something for a room in the house. I chose the sewing room. A thread holder, along with some lovely 
blue DMC threads.
 This is the holder open.
Something smelly. Four lavender pouches. It's a bit hard 
to see but there is a plain blue pouch 
under each striped one.
Something personal are covered hangers. 
They also have lavender in them.
I'm so pleased you like you blue items Noela. 
I enjoyed putting your gifts together.
Thank you to Chez for organising this fun swap.

20 April, 2013

A Bigger Finish!

 "The Chook House" quilt is finished! This quilt is for the back of our couch. I just can't seem to get the colours right in the photos. It is so much nicer in person.
  Molly wanted to get in on the act!
 This photo's taken inside. Don't know if it's any better really!
 I was able to piece the left over bits for the backing. I added the fabric with the pumpkins as an extra. I bought this from Walmart when we went to America back in 2005. I just had to have it but never knew what to make with it. It just went in well for my chicken quilt.
 My lovely friend, Leanne Kaufmann, quilted it beautifully for me. I asked her if she could quilt it to look like chicken wire. How great does it look! Just like you're looking through the fence!
I had a lovely win over at Vickie's blog (Vickie's Crafting). It was a surprise prize and look at what I won! A gorgeous Bronwyn Hayes stitchery kit. Australia Post were on the ball. Vickie lives in Humpty Doo (yes, it's a real place) in the Northern Territory. She posted it Tuesday and it was in my mail box on Thursday! Thank you so much, Vickie. I love doing stitcheries and this is one I haven't done before.

Well, I'm off to NOTYQ for a day of stitching and friendship. 
Hope you all have a lovely weekend.

15 April, 2013

Sorry .......... Bragging Post!

 Friday night Mitchell went to the Diamond Creek
Cricket Club Senior Presentation Night. 
This is what he came home with!
Mitchell received the David Sutherland Memorial Trophy for 2012/2013 Most Improved Player across the club. He got quite a shock when his name was called out. Unfortunately Noel and I weren't there but Mitchell said they made a lovely speech about him. Last year Mitchell played in H Grade for his first season in seniors (and they won the premiership). This year he has played in both E Grade and C Grade. There is a possibility that next season he will get a go in B Grade!

Congratulations Mitchell. We are all so proud of you.
Love Dad, Mum, Austin and Nelson.

Cricket season is now officially finished and
the football season has begun!

13 April, 2013

A Finish!

 We're off to a surprise 70th birthday for one of my sisters-in-law. I thought I'd make her a table runner. She loves chickens and this will fit in nicely 
in her country kitchen.
 I was given this panel (I think it is a Debbie Mumm) a couple of years ago and decided this would be perfect. All the other fabrics are from my stash too. 
All I had to buy was some pellon!
After trimming the blocks as evenly as I could 
(you know what those panels are like, I'm sure) 
and adding some borders, I think it has come up quite nice.
The colours are more brilliant in real life.
I found this fabric in my stash as well and it was 
perfect for the backing.

12 April, 2013

Colour Swap of 4 Items!

ParTNeRs ALLocaTeD
I signed up for Cheryll's Colour Swap of 4 Items 
and my parcel has arrived.
My secret partner turned out to be June (no blog). 
I chose red as my colour.
"Something for a room in the house"
A lovely pin cushion and some coasters.
"Something smelly" 
Some strawberry candles with a holder. They smell devine!
"Something personal"
The cutest little bag, a pair of ear rings,
a key ring torch and a pen.
"Something to eat"
Raspberry jubes (I just love them), a Kit Kat (love them too!), a Malteser rabbit and some cute chop sticks. Just my kind that are joined together as I can't use chopsticks!
Thank you, June, for my lovely goodies. 
I hope you enjoyed your first swap!
Here are my parcels all ready to go to ..............?

Thank you, Chez, for organising this fun swap.

09 April, 2013

Tuesday Treasures With Melody!

I'm linking up with Melody today for her Tuesday Treasures.
I thought I would show you my Royal Albert Crazy Tea Set. 
I started collecting these many years ago, way before I was married.
I would put a set away on lay-by, pay it off and 
then lay-by another one!
The one on the bottom shelf is also Royal Albert but is one with the side plate attached to the saucer. This one I was lucky enough to receive my from lovely Mother-In-Law when she was downsizing. Did you notice the lovely tea trolley? My Mother-In-Law made this over 40 years ago. She went to a night class at a local technical school.
I have only used this tea set once! Before Noel and I got married (we were engaged), I had a tea party here with my Mother, my Grandmother, Noel's Mother and a very special lady known as "My Other Mother". 
I would love to have them on display on the trolley all the time but with three boys (and a naughty dog) in the house, this is where they live. I enjoyed taking them out of the cupboard today and I think I'll have to arrange a tea party. Mel will have to come along as it's because of her that I pulled them out! We can play "ladies"! Of course, we'll have scones with jam and cream!

07 April, 2013

Friday Night With Friends!

I've been having a lot of problems with blogger not letting me post. It seems that it may just let me this morning. So here is my Friday Night With Friends report.
Fingers crossed it comes through!
I managed to get quite a bit of my stitchery done, I also did a little preparation work.
Martingale - Quilts from Sweet Jane (Print version + eBook bundle)
I was lucky enough to win this ebook from Martingale's Stitch This blog. Thank you to Jenny and Martingale's.

04 April, 2013

I'm A Cover Girl!

My on-line Angels and Mortals group has just had a Redwork Swap. My angel turned out to be none other than the lovely Michelle of Rag Tag Stitchin'. Wasn't I excited when I saw her name on the back of the envelope!
Inside was this beautiful sewing kit. On the front was my initial beautifully embroidered. 
Inside were some lovely goodies. Scissors in a keeper, embroidery thread, buttons, lace motif, an unpicker and a matching pin cushion.
Isn't this design just lovely!
The Scissor Keeper.
 Michelle also added a couple of her patterns and some yummy lollies.
You may wonder why the title of this post is "I'm a cover girl". Well, my sewing kit is the one pictured on Michelle's new "Stitcher's Alphabet" pattern.

"Warm Cinnamon Tea" pattern.
My mortal was Tarnyia. I made Tarnyia this wall hanging.
This is a design shared by Kerryanne of
Shabby Art Boutique by Woodberry Designs.
Thank you Michelle for my lovely
package of gorgeous goodies!
Thank you also to Maree for organising this fun swap.

Please excuse the different fonts and sizes. I've been trying to do this post for two days but Blogger isn't behaving for me. I've even had to go to Internet Explorer just to be able to post!