31 August, 2014

August OPAM Finishes!

This month I have three finishes.
One green Christmas decoration.
And a red Christmas decoration.
Making Spirits Bright hanging.

I've got some other finishes but as they are 
secret sewing, you'll just have to wait!

Thanks to Peg and Kris for keeping us on track.

29 August, 2014

Quilty Stitches All Stitched!

Our Quilty Stitches Sampler Along has come to an end. 
It has been great getting back into cross stitch.
I have now finished Block 16, the Good Cheer block.
Here they all are. Now to give it a wash and a good press.

I had a square shabby frame that I thought I would use but it does nothing at all for the stitching, so I'll have to go looking for a different frame.

Thank you to Corey for this fun stitch a long.
I have really enjoyed stitching along with you. 
You can see some of the other girl's samplers here.

28 August, 2014

This Post Is Brought To You By The Letter "P"

Congratulations to Mitchell on getting 
his Probationary Licence.

Mitchell worked hard to change over to a manual car 
after doing over 200 hours in my auto. We never doubted you could get your manual licence, Mitchell. 

No school run for me today! Mitchell is doing it!

27 August, 2014

A TV Star or Two?

Do you remember back in May when Mitchell partnered Lucy for the Deb Presentation (see post here)?
At the time, Lucy's mum, Lisa, was taking part in a Channel 7 show called Bringing Sexy Back. Lisa's aim was to look great for Lucy's big night. She lost 40kg and had a makeover. She looked fabulous.
Last night Lisa's episode was on and finished with the big reveal (you can see the show here). Right near the end of the show, they go to the ball and show Lucy dancing with her mother. Can you see who is in the background?
 First off we see Mitchell dancing.
With me!
Mitchell was so excited to see himself on TV. 

Sorry the pictures are a bit blurry. 
I took photos of the computer screen!

26 August, 2014

What Quilt Block Are You?

I saw this fun quiz over at Sharon's (Vrooman's Quilts) blog. 
 The What Quilt Block Are You? quiz is by the 
 You answer some questions and it tells you which quilt block represents the real you.

 I took the quiz and am a Flying Geese block.

"If something's worth doing, it's worth doing right! 
You might seem shy at first, but once people get to know you they can't help but love you."

So what block are you? Head over here to find out. 
By the way, Sharon is a Log Cabin!

24 August, 2014

Football Presentation Day

It was Presentation Day yesterday. 
Nelson receiving his participation trophy.
Austin was awarded 
Most Determined Player in the Under 17's.
With his coach, Pete.
More trophies to add to the cabinet!

Congratulations to Austin and Nelson
on another great year of footy.


Noel was awarded Best Clubman 2014.
It was such a surprise. He had no idea. 

This was awarded for all the work Noel does behind the scenes over the years since we joined Yarrambat when Mitchell played Under 10's. He is always happy to help whenever needed. He sets up and packs up for functions and is on the Committee. He has been Game Day Manger, team manager, water boy, boundary umpire, goal umpire, umpire escort, helps at the BBQ's and 
where ever else he is needed.

I only found out half an hour before as I was leaving to take Nelson to basketball. They wanted me there so after a quick phone call, I was able to organise for him to go with a team mate. I raced back to Diamond Creek, dropped him off 
and got back to the club rooms.
A well deserved award!
Congratulations to Noel on this wonderful award.

As they say
"Footy doesn't get any better than at Yarrambat"

23 August, 2014

Austin's Brownlow Night

Last night was the Yarrambat Junior Football Club's 
Under 17's Brownlow Night. 
This is where the count is done for the Best and Fairest.
We decorated the room which looked lovely.
The table centre pieces were old footy boots sprayed gold.
We also has a Lolly Buffet for at the end of the night.
There was even a red carpet to walk down!
The count started and Austin got 5 votes and 4 votes
(2 different voters) for Round 1. 
So at the end of Round 1 he was leader!
The coaches spoke about each player. First up a baby photo would be shown. Everyone would try to guess who it was and then their official footy photo came up. The boys were also presented with their playing jumpers to keep.
One of the Vice Presidents, Dave, interviewed different players just like at the AFL Brownlow.
(Can you see Noel in the background?
Austin placed 5th at the end of the night. Not bad for a full back player. He did an amazing job this season stopping a lot of goals by the opposition.
This is Austin's friend from school, Izzy, who came with him to the night. It was a Dress to Impress night and the boys all scrubbed up well. The girls all looked gorgeous too.

Today we are heading back to the club for Presentation Day.
Another year over at Yarrambat Junior Football Club.

Mitchell finished his last home and away round today
and won. They are now in finals next week.
So we're not quite finished with footy yet!

16 August, 2014

Friday Night Sew-In

 I got started with my FNSI a little earlier in the evening. 
In between doing the washing and dropping off and picking up boys, I managed to get a bit done.
Traced out a stitchery from Gail's new book.
Got some prep work done on a special project.
Sorted out fabrics for it.

Then it was time for a cuppa and a couple of
chocolate coated teddy bears. Yummy!
And did a little stitching.
Head over to Wendy's to see what the other girls got up to.

I'll get a bit more done today as I'm off to 
NOTYQ for our Guild Meeting.

15 August, 2014

Making Spirits Bright!

I realised I hadn't shared my finished 
Making Spirits Bright hanging. 
It's a bit hard to see but there are bells on the ends 
of the Prairie points. It's been sitting in my 
sewing room for a couple of months now!
I'm linking up with Anthea for Christmas Through The Year.

14 August, 2014

Some Stitching!

 Block 15 of my Quilty Stitches Sampler Along is now done.
Only one more block to go!

09 August, 2014

And The Quilt Goes To. . . . . . . .

Samuel Malcolm MacDonald! 
Born 30th July to Noel's brother Graeme and Claire.
With big cousin, Mitchell.
Samuel with Nelson. Samuel has now taken over Nelson's position as youngest of this generation.

I'm so glad I added the green to the quilt.  Claire and Graeme were thrilled to receive it. 
Samuel will have to meet Austin another day.

05 August, 2014

What A Weekend! (Part 2)

 Saturday morning I started quilting. 
My stitches aren't very small but I've been able to keep them reasonably even. Probably by the time I get to the end I'll be doing tiny stitches.
 I managed to get the centre block and four of the melons done. I also started the second ring and got the centre done (it's a bit hard to see).
 I stitched one and a half Block 14 of my Quilty Stitches! Yes, one and a half. I started down the bottom with the blue and then stitched the red. When I got to the last line, the top of the red, I realised I was one stitch out. I had started stitching on the wrong row! It took me about the same time to unpick it as it did to stitch it! Talk about annoying!
Blocks 1 to 14. Only two more to go.
 I also finished off two more Christmas decorations.
I really enjoy making these.
Finally, some of the goodies that came home with me.

Only 361 days till we head off again!