30 September, 2016

September OPAM

It's been another quiet month with only one finish.
I have been working on several projects,
just slowing plodding along!
 My Shabby Christmas Bunting.

I must admit I am enjoying this year of slow stitching
without the pressure of swaps!
 Thanks once again to Peg and Kris.

29 September, 2016

Vroom Vroom!

 Last Sunday we headed down to Sandown Raceway. Austin's girlfriend, Paris, had given Austin  
a front seat ride in a V8 race car.
 After getting suited up, it was time to get in.
 Off he goes.
 I managed to get a photo as he zoomed past!
 The spectators - Paris, Nelson and Noel!
I think he really enjoyed his ride. 
I hope he doesn't decide to take up racing!
Talking about cars. 
You may remember my earlier post here
Today we picked up Austin's new car. 
Not too long to go before he'll get his license!

20 September, 2016

A Shabby Finish

 My Shabby Christmas Bunting is finished.
 This is one of Jenny's Stitchery Club designs.
 I decided not to stitch my hearts but 
used some pretty Tilda fabric.
The bunting fits perfectly across the 
front of my treadle machine.

Jenny has a wonderful tutorial for putting the 
bunting together. You can find it here

15 September, 2016

Pin Cushions!

I thought I'd join the Perfectly Pleasing Pin Cushion Parade being hosted by My Sister Made Me Do It.
This is one of the first pin cushions I made. 
I think it must be about 20 years old now.
I finally finished the green one which had been a ufo 
for nearly the same amount of time!
I was on a roll with these ones which I gave away as gifts.
I've made several of these over the years as gifts. 
A pin cushion with it's own thread catcher.
This is my favourite one I have made.
The other side.
Over the years I received lots of lovely pin cushions 
from friends. This is just a small selection.
 A couple of my favourites. 
The little rabbit one is from my lovely friend, Melody.
 My turtle is from Maria and Sandra when they 
came to visit earlier this year.
But this little turtle will never have a pin stuck into him!

I've made and received many pin cushions over the years. I hope you've enjoyed seeing this small collection. Head over here to see all the other lovely pin cushions on parade.

07 September, 2016

Feeling Disappointed!

 Remember Austin's new pride and joy - Roger Rodeo?
Sadly Roger is no more. 
About 3 weeks ago, we were involved in a car accident. 
It was no fault whatsoever of Austin's.
Austin had a green arrow to turn right. 
The person in the opposite direction, on a red light, 
wasn't paying attention and took off. 
The main thing was that no-one was hurt. If we had been a second more ahead, Nelson and I would have been T-boned.
Although it doesn't look like much, there was major damage to the steering. The insurance company deemed it a repairable write-off and paid out. We did look at getting 
it repaired but it was going to cost too much.
 I am so disappointed for Austin. He hasn't even got his licence yet and has had his first accident. It was his dream car. It was such a good find. The car was immaculate and ran well. If it had been my car, I wouldn't have been as upset.
 Good bye Roger!
Now it's back to car hunting again!

04 September, 2016

03 September, 2016

Friday Night With Friends

Last night I settled down on the couch to stitch and watch tv. I watched "The Other Boleyn Girl" and really enjoyed it. 
It was the first time I had seen it and found out 
some things I didn't know.
I worked some more on my Christmas bunting. Hopefully, I may even get to do a bit of stitching this afternoon as we have nothing on! It will be nice to just sit and relax.

Thanks to Chez for hosting us. 
You can see what the others got up to here.

01 September, 2016

August OPAM

Another slow month of stitching as August was 
an extremely busy month for me due to a 
lot of football business.
The baby quilt I made for our new great niece, Thea.
 And the matching little bee.
Thanks to Peg and Kris for keeping us inspired.