28 October, 2017

My Time, My Place Caddy

Remember this?
It is now this.
I've finished my "My Time, My Place Caddy".

I'm so pleased with how it turned out.
Pockets at the end.
Even the base is gorgeous.
Of course, it wasn't without it's hiccups! When I turned the bag through, the handles were on the inside of the lining!
 I'm keeping this one for me.

21 October, 2017

End Of An Era and FNSI!

Yesterday was Nelson's last day of school. 
Here he is on his first day.
Nelson has completed his VCAL (Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning) and will commence an apprenticeship in roof plumbing in the new year. As part of his VCAL, Nelson had to do one day a week work experience in the field he wanted to work in, which was plumbing. He asked a friend's dad who said yes straight away but told Nelson he was a roof plumber. Nelson decided to give it a try and loved it.
Mick was so impressed that he offered Nelson an apprenticeship at the end of term 3 for this year! After discussions with school, we decided Nelson would do Year 11 this year but undertake the senior VCAL work (Year 12). He worked very hard this year and has successfully 
fulfilled all requirements for his certificate.

After 17 years of driving up and down Yan Yean Road and waiting in the car park for the boys, my school run days 
are over. It's a little sad but I'm sure I'll find ways to 
fill in that extra time I'll now have!
I joined Wendy and the girls for Friday Night Sew-In and worked on my Gail Pan stitchery. Not much left to go now!

14 October, 2017

Spartan Race!

 Last weekend saw Nelson head to Bright with his friend Graeme and Graeme's parents, Ian and Annelise.
 The boys were taking part in the Spartan Race. 
All set to go!
 The rope climb. Nelson is second from the left.
 Jumping fire.
 That's Nelson at the top on the right.
 Rope walk.
 Javlin throwing.
There were lots of other obstacles but these were
the ones in the area where Annelise was.
 Finished and feeling very pleased with themselves.
 Apparently this guy ran the race dressed like this.
Somehow I don't think this will be the last of these races!
They both had such a great time.

07 October, 2017

Friday Night With Friends

Managed to get a little stitching done last night. I worked on my bee table runner. This is my pick up, put down project. Nearly finished the first side of the stitchery.
Thank you to Chez for hosting us last night.
The stitching will continue today. Melody and I are 
off to Narre Warren for a stitching day with  
Gail Pan and Ramona Hermann (Flutterby Designs)!