31 May, 2013

May OPAM's

Can you believe it's the end of the month again? 
My OPAM's for May are my Merry Mistletoe Banner and twenty lavender sachets, a total of twenty-one items!
I've bundled up the lavender sachets so that they look pretty. I have another finished project, my blue swap gift for Mill Rosie Friends get together but you'll have to wait until after Sunday to see what I made.
Only two more sleeps until our get together and getting to meet Cheryll (Gone Stitchin')! If you're coming along, don't forget to bring some Show and Tell.

27 May, 2013

Mill Rosie Friends

There's only six more sleeps until our Mill Rosie Friends get together! If you were thinking of coming, you'll need to let Melody know as she has to confirm numbers with Mill Rose Cottage. Don't leave it too long as there are only a few spots left! My blue swap gift all ready. Just need to decide what I'm going to work on for the day (well, I'll try to do some stitching in between all the chatting, eating and shopping!). I'm looking forward to catching up with everyone.

19 May, 2013

Friday Night Sew-In Results!

Joining all the girls in the Northern Hemisphere last night for their Friday night, I was able to finish some lavender sachets I'd been making. You may remember I made some for Noela in our Colour Swap and decided I needed to 
make more. So there we have them, twenty lavender sachets all ready to be put into drawers (or maybe amongst stash fabric) to make everything smell nice! 
There are twenty of them! My May OPAM is going to 
look good this month. LOL!

Head over to Heidi's blog to see what others got up to!

18 May, 2013

Friday Night Sew-In on Saturday Night!

As I was out last night and unable to sit and sew, I'm going to join all the ladies in the Northern hemisphere and sew for their Friday night! You can sign up over at Heidi's blog "Handmade by Heidi".

16 May, 2013

And a Melody Update Too!

I've been speaking with Melody today and she wants to let you all know she is on the mend.
 Mel wants to thank you for all the good wishes you have sent her. She hopes to be back posting next week. Her goal is to get better in time for our Mill Rosie Get Together.

Nelson Update!

Nelson is feeling better each day. He is able to 
move about much easier and is talking about 
going back to school tomorrow! I'm sure he'll have plenty 
of book carrying helpers!
Yesterday, this gift basket arrived from his team.
Full of yummy things boys like to eat, along with a new football! He won't be using that for a little while! Hope he doesn't put on too much weight seeing though he won't be running around. LOL!
 Nelson was named "Player of the Day" on Sunday.

Nelson plans to go with Noel on his walks on Tuesdays and Thursdays up at footy. That way he's still "training" on training night. He is also going to be water boy once the plaster comes off.

14 May, 2013

Happy Birthday Molly!

 Today is Molly's first birthday. From this little pup to
 this big girl!
 You can see how much she has grown.
Thank you for all the good wishes for Nelson. He is feeling much better today, although still sore.

13 May, 2013

Oh, What A Day!

 I made Nelson's 50 Games banner on Friday night,
all ready for Sunday's match.
Bursting through the banner. All that hard work gone in seconds! I watched a bit of Nelson's game. He was having a fantastic game. I then headed off to Austin's match when I got a phone call!
 Nelson has been tackled and fell hard and 
an ambulance was on the way.
 Ouch! Can you see where his bone has snapped!
 The doctors tried to realign the bone in the ER under a light anaesthetic but were unsuccessful. He needed to go up to a theatre. Unfortunately, Austin Hospital didn't have a bed for him so he was transferred to the Epworth Hospital for the surgery. Of course, that's where all the AFL footballers are taken! The doctor was able to get his bone realigned without having to open him up and put in plates and pins!
Looking so much brighter this morning. He was starving as he hadn't eaten since breakfast yesterday. Nelson and I are back home now. It was a very long night!

Nelson's football season is over for 2013. Lucky as I had to cut his footy jumper off him! Basketball and gymnastics are also off for 3 months.

So that's how I spent my Mother's Day! 
I hope your day wasn't so eventful.

11 May, 2013

A New Bathroom!

Over the past several months (although it has
 been finished about a month now) we have been 
renovating the boys' bathroom. 
 Three very young boys when they all 
fitted into the bath together!
 This one shows the colour a bit better.
 I didn't get a photo of the bathroom before we started demolishing it but the above photos give you an idea of the colour of the tiles. Then months of mess!
So from this above to this!
We still have to find a nice toilet roll holder and I'm looking out for an old ladder to be the towel rail.
It was a pain for a few months only having one bathroom (when you're use to two) but well worth it in the end.

06 May, 2013

Eighteen Years Ago........

....we looked so young!
 Happy Anniversary Noel.
Lots of Love
 Christine xx

05 May, 2013

It's Finished and Fifty Games!

 My Merry Mistletoe Banner is finished. Yeah! 
I am so pleased with how it turned out. I thought it would be different to stitch it in blue, a change from all my other Christmas stitching.
The stitcheries were designed by my lovely friend, Michelle Ridgeway of Rag Tag Stitchin'. Michelle kindly shared her pattern with a group of on-line stitching friends last year. If you love it like I do, you can order it from Michelle here

Thank you Michelle. I hope you like what I 
did with your stitcheries.
Today is Sunday and that means football in the MacDonald family. Today Nelson plays his 50th game,
which is quite a milestone. 

Nelson is waiting to run through his banner at his next home match. It's lucky he has an away game today as I had trouble getting the brown crepe paper. I only managed to get some on Friday after searching many newsagents in several suburbs. Mitchell also has his 100th game coming up in a couple of weeks, so I'm going to be busy making banners! I have all the lettering cut out ready to go.

Congratulations Nelson. Well done on 50 games!

Love Mum, Dad, Mitchell and Austin.

04 May, 2013

Friday Night With Friends!

I didn't get my banner finished as, due to the last couple of days being windy, my eyes were very sore. I had to be Mum's Taxi as well! I managed to finish stitching down the bindings and have pinned the binding along the top of all blocks. With a bit of luck I'll get it finished today.

Thanks Chez for hosting another wonderful 
Friday Night With Friends! 
Head over to Cheryll's to see what everyone else got up to.

02 May, 2013

Friday Night With Friends!

Tomorrow is the 3rd of May, so that means it's
 Friday Night With Friends!  Yeah!

 Our host is the lovely Cheryll of Gone Stitchin'

I'm going to work on my Merry Mistletoe banner. 
Hopefully, I'll get it finished (that's the plan anyway!).

I hope you can join us. You can sign up here.

01 May, 2013

April OPAM!

I've had a productive month for April's OPAM. Four lavender sachets, two covered hangers, redwork hanging, Chook House quilt and two pouches. Ten items made plus more secret sewing that I can't show you yet!