29 February, 2016

Two Stitching Days In A Row!

  Saturday I headed up to Patch n Quilt in Gisborne 
to catch up with these lovely ladies.
There was lots of laughing and chatting.
 Once again we had a swap. This one was a Bird theme.
Once again there was a wonderful selection of gifts.
 I came home with this lovely bag made by Elyte.
Such beautiful appliqueing.
 I made a sewing folder.
 This went home with Jo
I think she got my gift the last time too!

Thanks to everyone for another wonderful get together.
Thanks to Mary too for being a lovely hostess.
We did enjoy those lollies!
 I sent an ornament to Barb for Christmas and unfortunately it arrived broken in the mail. 
So I made Barb another one.
Sunday I was lucky enough to go to another 
stitching day with some other lovely ladies. 
How lucky was I to get two sewing days!
The newest issue of Australian Patchwork and Quilting is out. There is an article on our 2015 NOTYQ Quilt Exhibition.

26 February, 2016

We Have Another Tradie In The House!

As part of Nelson's VCAL studies, he has to do one day 
of structured work experience a week. Yesterday was his first day. He wants to be a plumber and was able to arrange 
work experience as a Roof Plumber. 
Nelson came home exhausted but very happy. 
It was a long day and he even did overtime!
Nelson also goes to the Northern College of Arts and Technology (NCAT) on a Wednesday afternoon to do his Certificate II in Plumbing (Pre-apprenticeship). 
He attends school on the other three days.
Nelson also had another first yesterday - his first coffee!

Well done Nelson!

20 February, 2016

Friday Night Sew-In

My Friday Night Sew-In actually started in the morning 
with these two lovely ladies. Mel and I headed over 
to  Helen's for a little stitching morning. 
Sue (no blog) joined us a little later.
Last night I did a little more stitching on my kitchen stitchery. This is slowly coming along. 
I'm off to NOTYQ today for our Guild meeting, 
so hopefully I'll get some more stitched.
Thanks to Wendy for hosting us last night. 
You can see what everyone else got up to here.

13 February, 2016

A Lovely Day With Friends

Yesterday, Mel and I headed over to Helen's for a day of stitching. We also got to meet Helen's husband Jim and her friend, Sue. Mel had brought young Henry along. He was such a good boy we hardly knew he was there. 
Helen had made us a delicious lunch and due to
her having some tests later in the day, she wasn't
able to eat any of it herself!
 We had so much to talk about that only Helen managed to do some stitching while we ate! She also gave us a little applique lesson. It was wonderful to see my two lovely friends both feeling much better and being able to enjoy each others company.
Thank you Helen for being such a lovely hostess.
Noel and I are off to the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo 
this afternoon, so no stitching for me today. 
It should be wonderful!

12 February, 2016

Swimming Carnival

 Yesterday was another last for Austin. His last Swimming Carnival at school. Meers House's theme was Aussie! Austin went out Wednesday to buy some speedos. I think he quite likes wearing them. And I can't believe that Nelson bought the singlet dress to wear. Oh well, it was only $5 and I'll be able to wear it around the house when I do the housework!
Checking out Austin's abs!
 Meers House. Even Moses was there!
Austin swimming his last race at his last swimming carnival for PVCC. It was Teachers vs House Captains. 
I think he came third.
Nelson didn't swim. Unfortunately he was diagnosed with Shingles last Saturday. Luckily, he hasn't had any pain or itchiness and they are healing up now.

08 February, 2016

A Lovely Gift From Melody

 I just realised I hadn't shared the lovely gift 
that I received from Mel.
A lovely recipe book to add all my favourite recipes. 
Two more Tilda fabrics to add to my collection, 
a lovely pen and a wooden tag.

The book is like the one Jenny shared with us a little while ago. Now I have one of my own. I'll be able to start writing down all the favourite recipes Noel and the boys like. 
Maybe one day the boys will want a copy of the 
recipes when they leave home.

Thank you so much Mel.

06 February, 2016

Friday Night With Friends

It was lovely stitching along with everyone 
for our first FNWF for 2016. 
I did a little more stitching on my kitchen stitchery.
Thanks to Chez for hosting us last night. 
You can see what everyone got up to here.

05 February, 2016

How Many Hexagons?

As you know, I have been starting to cut out my Tilda fabric into 2" hexagons. I am planning to just have random hexagons, not flowers. Because of this, I need 
to cut out all my fabrics first.

But how many hexagons do I need?

I found this great Hexagon Calculator at CD Designs by Cindy. You just need to enter the height and width you want the quilt to be and then what size hexagons. I was thinking of making my quilt 60" x 60" so I'll need 345 hexagons! So far I have cut out 272 but as I still have quite a few different fabrics, I may make the quilt bigger. 
I'll recalculate once I cut out the fabrics.

03 February, 2016

Nelson's First Day

Today Nelson had his first day at the Northern College of the Arts and Technology (NCAT). He is going to be doing his Certificate II in Plumbing (pre-apprenticeship) 
as part of his VCAL studies.
I'm sure he's going to enjoy this new adventure!

01 February, 2016

Last First Day!

 On the 2nd February, 2004 Austin had his first day of school at Plenty Valley Christian School (now College).
Today he headed off on his last first day of school to 
commence Year 12. I can't believe he is in his final year. It really doesn't seem that long ago we took that first photo.

First OPAM for 2016

 January is already over and it's time for our 
first OPAM report for 2016.
I've only got my framed turtle as a finish. I have been working of several other projects but you'll 
have to wait a while to see those.

Thanks to Peg and Kris for once again organising OPAM.