26 February, 2016

We Have Another Tradie In The House!

As part of Nelson's VCAL studies, he has to do one day 
of structured work experience a week. Yesterday was his first day. He wants to be a plumber and was able to arrange 
work experience as a Roof Plumber. 
Nelson came home exhausted but very happy. 
It was a long day and he even did overtime!
Nelson also goes to the Northern College of Arts and Technology (NCAT) on a Wednesday afternoon to do his Certificate II in Plumbing (Pre-apprenticeship). 
He attends school on the other three days.
Nelson also had another first yesterday - his first coffee!

Well done Nelson!


Anthea said...

oh that shirt is so clean & bright - might not stay that way for long!
Well done to both your boys on their achievements - great to have another coffee drinker in the ranks! ha ha

Christine Barnsley said...

Well done to Nelson! I hope he continues to enjoy his work! Have a lovely weekend! Christine x

Ondrea said...

Good on Nelson. I hear there is a shortage of tradies at the moment.

Anonymous said...

Wow that's awesome your boy is growing up very quick Christine so glad he got his experience in the field that he wants to do,well done Nelson xx

Karen S said...

You can never have too man tradies in the house!

Michelle Ridgway said...

Well done Nelson....its a great program. I'm sure that you will do well.

Jenny of Elefantz said...

Way to go, Nelson!

marina said...

that's great Christine...Another boy starting the path to his career.

Fiona said...

good for you Nelson... all the best. Gotta love a tradie!