31 October, 2012

Medieval Day!

 Today is Medieval Day at school for Austin. Everyone was to dress up and they were going to have a day of fun!
 He wore the outfit I made for Noel for a niece's wedding a few years ago. It was a Medieval Wedding.
You can't quite see the lovely long feather in his cap. I hope he's not too hot today as the predicted temperature is 34oC!
I thought I'd add this photo of Molly looking very cute after being a very naughty girl! I can't remember what the naughty thing was that she had done (she's been doing a lot lately!) but she's trying to look very innocent now.

27 October, 2012

FNSI Results!

Last night I managed to get a little stitching done while watching Grown Ups.
I can't show you what I stitched as it is secret sewing! So I'll show you my project box that it's in! How exciting is that! LOL! You'll just have to wait longer to see what it is.

26 October, 2012

Friday Night Sew-In!

Tonight is the Friday Night Sew-In with Heidi of Handmade by Heidi and Bobbi of Crafty Vegas Mom. Head over here to sign up on Heidi's blog. See you tonight at the Sew-In!

24 October, 2012

Happy Birthday Austin!

Happy 14th Birthday Austin!

Lots of Love
Mum, Dad, Mitchell, Nelson,
Ginger and Molly

22 October, 2012

Happy Birthday Nelson!

Happy 12th Birthday Nelson!

Lots of love
Mum, Dad, Mitchell, Austin,
Ginger and Molly

21 October, 2012

Relay Champions!

Yesterday was the Diamond Valley Little Athletics Centre Relay Championships. Austin came home with three firsts!

Austin and his friends Will, Kwaby and Peter won the 4 x 200m relay for the fourth year in a row! They are now equal record holders for this item at the Centre. They also won the 4 x 100m and the medley (2 x 100m, 1 x 200m and 1 x 400m) and have won these relays four years in a row as well!

Congratulations Will, Kwaby, Peter and Austin.
Diamond Valley Little Athletics Centre Champions!

19 October, 2012

A Lovely Way To Spend The Morning!

Melody and I spent a lovely morning at the Quilts Loved and Used exhibition in Nunawading.
The exhibition was inside the Uniting Church and there were so many beautiful quilts.
 This one really caught my eye.
The photo doesn't do it justice.
A close-up of the centre medallion.
 How pretty is this one!
 The flowers were made of silk ribbon.
 This one is just so colourful.
 Beautiful applique.
We caught up with Karen from Mrs Martin's Quilt Shop.
Of course, what is a quilt show without Devonshire Tea!

If you're looking for something to do Saturday, why don't you head over. I'm sure you'll enjoy yourself (and have a scone or two).

15 October, 2012

Some Sewing!

Yesterday Noel took Mitchell and Nelson up the country to collect wood. Austin stayed home with me as he wasn't feeling 100%. So while they were working hard collecting this, I was working hard sewing for the present drawer!
 A couple of mug rugs.
Thread catchers!
There was also a fair bit of secret sewing going on but of course I can't show you that yet!
Last week I received a surprise birthday package from Leona of Leona's Quilting Adventure. A fat quarter of the prettiest fabric, along with some needles. Thank you Leona for your lovely gift.

07 October, 2012

It's Taken Three Months ...............

 For Ginger to finally let Molly curl up with her on her bed and sleep! Molly has so wanted to curl up with Ginger and would try every day but Ginger wouldn't have a bar of it.
Yesterday I came out to find Molly relaxing in the washing basket. Luckily it was the dirty washing!

And it's taken three days to go from this..........
 To this!
 We moved the computer into what we call the play room. The shelving needed redrilling as some of them were collapsing on the books. As everything had to be removed from the shelves, a good clean out was had. I found newsletters, papers and collectors magazines from back in 1980. Not bad considering I only moved here when we got married in 1995! I don't think they had been looked at in all that time.
Now everything is so neat and tidy. The piano is still to go out and my lovely friend Cheryl is giving me her old pine hutch. So once that part is done, it will be great. I will now have a sewing room, not a sewing/computer/piano room! Well, I'm off to do some sewing!

05 October, 2012

Quilts In The Barn and Having Fun In The Sun!

This morning Melody and I headed off to Linda's place for the annual Quilts In The Barn. This year's theme was Infinite Variety Revisited - An Exhibition of Red and White Quilts. Featured were antique red and white quilts from the Mary Koval collection. They were amazing.
Here are just some of the beautiful quilts.
All the quilts look so much better in person.

 Melody, Linda and me!
 Of course, what better way to finish off our outing with a cuppa and scones, jam and cream! If you get the chance to go, it's a lovely way to spend a couple of hours.

 With the temperature hitting 31 degrees yesterday, the boys and some friends made a water slide down the front of the house.
 They had a great time going up and down.