31 October, 2012

Medieval Day!

 Today is Medieval Day at school for Austin. Everyone was to dress up and they were going to have a day of fun!
 He wore the outfit I made for Noel for a niece's wedding a few years ago. It was a Medieval Wedding.
You can't quite see the lovely long feather in his cap. I hope he's not too hot today as the predicted temperature is 34oC!
I thought I'd add this photo of Molly looking very cute after being a very naughty girl! I can't remember what the naughty thing was that she had done (she's been doing a lot lately!) but she's trying to look very innocent now.


Anonymous said...

Austin looks great as robin hood,hope he has a fun day,and Molly she doesnt look like she would get into much mischief,look at them eyes and innocent look,lol.xx

Stray Stitches (Linda G) said...

Great costume for Austin! Molly certainly looks cute enough and I bet it's hard to get very mad at her.

Maria said...

You do look great as "Robin Hood" austin.
Hope you had a good day and it was not that hot...
Hmm you do look cute Molly BUT I know how naughty pups can be.. LOL