30 May, 2017

Four Generations!

Mitchell has decided that landscaping isn't for him. 
While he's deciding what he wants to do, he's been doing some driving for Noel. This was his first day. As it was school holidays, Nelson went along for the ride.

Mitchell got his heavy rigid truck licence a couple 
of weeks ago and is now driving a truck.
Mitchell drives that truck at the back
Mitchell is the fourth generation of 
MacDonald's to work in the business started by his great grandfather, Herbert George, back in around 1920.
HG initially delivered fruit and vegetables, then went onto parcels before eventually going into the bigger trucks.

How special is that!
You don't often hear of four generations
working in a business.

20 May, 2017

Friday Night Sew-In

I settled down on the couch last night, watching Doc Martin and did some more work on my Christmas stitchery.
Thank you for being such a lovely hostess, Wendy. 
You can see what everyone else got up to here.
I'm now off to prepare the label for a special quilt!
Have a lovely weekend everyone!

18 May, 2017

A New Bed!

Why am I showing you this bed? 
No, it's not a new quilt. 
The bed was made by Austin! 
It was his personal project for VCAL last year and
I realised I hadn't shown his handy work.
I think he's done a great job.
 I needed a little something for a gift and made up 
four lavendar sachets. They are filled with my 
homegrown dried lavendar.
Tied up into a little bundle of lavendar goodness!

11 May, 2017

Nelson's Been Having Fun!

 Saturday saw us head to Sandown Raceway for 
Nelson to have 3 laps in a V8 race car.
 When Austin did his ride last year, his video didn't work properly. We could see Austin and the driver but the camera looking where they were going had slipped, 
so nothing could be seen.
Austin was offered another 3 laps to get a proper video. 
He decided that his reaction wouldn't be the same as the first time so asked if Nelson could have a go. The people said yes, that was fine. So lucky Nelson.
 Getting ready to get into the car.
 One very big grin!
It was even bigger when he got back.
On Monday, 89.9 Light FM were broadcasting from PVCC.
Nelson was interviewed and spoke about the vegetable garden the VCAL students are working on where 
they are growing vegetables and providing homeless shelters with the produce. 

Nelson spoke so well.
I don't think he said even one "um"!

06 May, 2017

Friday Night With Friends

 I managed to get a little stitching done in between doing other things last night. Decided a little Christmas stitching would be a nice project to work on.
Thanks for being such a lovely hostess, Chez.
You can see who else was stitching along here.
Today is our 22nd wedding anniversary. 
Our little flower girl in the corner will be 
getting married herself in four weeks!

Happy anniversary Noel.

01 May, 2017

OPAM for April

My Vintage Modern II quilt is my only finish for April.
Thanks to Peg and Kris for running OPAM.

Sorry I haven't been visiting blogs lately. Although I've managed a quick peek now and then, I haven't left many comments. Being the start of footy season, I've been very busy with my club secretary duties. Hopefully, now the season has started, things will slow down a bit and I can catch up with what everyone's been up to.