30 May, 2017

Four Generations!

Mitchell has decided that landscaping isn't for him. 
While he's deciding what he wants to do, he's been doing some driving for Noel. This was his first day. As it was school holidays, Nelson went along for the ride.

Mitchell got his heavy rigid truck licence a couple 
of weeks ago and is now driving a truck.
Mitchell drives that truck at the back
Mitchell is the fourth generation of 
MacDonald's to work in the business started by his great grandfather, Herbert George, back in around 1920.
HG initially delivered fruit and vegetables, then went onto parcels before eventually going into the bigger trucks.

How special is that!
You don't often hear of four generations
working in a business.


Jenny of Elefantz said...

I hope he enjoys his 'new' job. Four generations, that's very rare indeed.

kiwikid said...

Well done to Mitchell, four generations in one business is wonderful.

Baa. xxx said...

Four generations is very cool! I wonder if Mitchell will keep working for the family firm or choose something else. I did accounts and office work until I decided to become a teacher when I was 25.

Maria said...

Enjoy working in the family trucking business Mitchell. Four generation is reall y great.

Kaisievic said...

That is fantastic, Christine, good luck to Mitchell. How wonderful if he decides that it is the career for him after all!

Jo said...

Hope he enjoys it.. warmer in the truck too.