01 August, 2020

OPAM for July

 I've had nine finishes for July.
 Baby Darcie's quilt.
 My scissor holder and fob.
As with most people, I have made some masks. 
I finally found some elastic in my stash while moving things. 
I knew I had some but had no idea where it was and you 
couldn't buy any as everyone was out of stock. 
I've managed to get some more now.
This is the inside. The outer is black.
 I liked the pattern I used so made more. 
The first three are the inside again and they are navy outside. 
Mine is the floral one but I used plain for the lining! 

Noel and Nelson's have the elastic that goes around the 
back of their heads instead of around their ears. 
They have found them better for having them on for 
longer periods. Nelson's work mate really liked his 
and has asked me to make one for him!
A lady at Austin's work had already made one for him 
and had used shoe laces for the straps 
so I changed them to the head elastic too.
I found for myself and Paris we needed half way between
the adult and child's size. This one is for Paris using the medium size.
 The sewing room move is slowly coming along. 
I stopped to make the masks. It is lovely sewing looking 
out the window whereas I always had my back to it.
Thanks to Kris for keeping us inspired.

27 July, 2020

Moving Back In!

Moving back into my sewing room after moving out 
in January (see this post and this post) and letting Nelson move
 in as he has now moved into Mitchell’s room 
after Mitchell moved out into his own house!
 Now for all my “stuff” to go in. 
Wish I could say there isn’t much but I can’t!
Once again the window had to come out to get glass cabinet in.
So you know what I'm going to be doing over the
 next few days. I might even manage to cull a bit 
more from that that I did back in January.
Once it's all done, I'll give you a tour.

24 July, 2020

A Couple Of Finishes

I forgot to show you a couple of recent finishes. 
My scissor holder and scissor fob. 
They were challenge projects of the Tilda Lover's Club on Facebook, 
designed by the lovely Fee of Fee's Little Craft Studio

I've stitched both the doll and the cat from my previous post. 
They are waiting patiently to be stuffed. 
Hopefully, I'll get them done soon. 
I need to make some more masks first.

18 July, 2020

FNSI for July

 I'm working on two special projects. A doll and a cat. 
I bought a box of nutri grain just to use the box as templates! 
It was a good excuse to buy some as I love munching on them. 
Cut them all out ready to start my cat.
 I had already made a start on the doll.
Last night I stitched down the applique and embroidered her mouth. 
She is ready now to be sewn together.
I can't wait to add her pigtails! I gave her red hair like me! LOL!

Don't know how long I spent going through my stash to choose just 
the right fabrics. It seemed like hours as I kept changing my mind!
Thank you to the lovely Wendy for hosting us last night.
You can see what others got up to here.

04 July, 2020

Friday Night With Friends

 Last night I finished the binding on the second baby quilt. 
Sorry for the terrible photo. It is such a cold, dark 
and dreary day here today. It also needs a press. 
Will try to get a better photo another day.
 A close up of the fabrics. 
This is another quilt-as-you-go as is the one I finished on Tuesday.
Thank you to Chez for hosting us. 
You can see what others got up to here.