02 November, 2019

Friday Night With Friends

I stitched the labels for the three Santa sacks. 
Now to stitch them to the fabric and put the sacks together.
Also did a bit of chain stitching on block 6 of 
Jenny's Phyllis May's Kitchen. It's nearly two weeks since 
I last touched this so it's certainly going to be a long term project!
Thank you to the lovely Chez for hosting us.
You can see what others got up to here.

31 October, 2019

OPAM for October

No finishes for me this month. 
But I did go shopping this morning for some Christmas fabrics. 
I need to make three more Santa Sacks. One for our great niece Billie 
who was born in August. The other two will be for the little girls 
who live next door to Mum. Mum has become their substitute 
grandmother as their grandmother lives in Queensland.
Thanks to Kris for trying to keep me inspired. 
One day I'm sure my mojo will come back!

28 October, 2019

Five Days Of Celebrations!

 Austin and Nelson's birthdays are two days apart.
Birthday celebrations started last Tuesday for
Nelson's 19th birthday. Ice cream cake #1.
Austin turned 21 on Thursday. 
We had a joint birthday dinner on Wednesday for both boys 
when Nana and Austin's girlfriend, 
Paris and her family came. Ice cream cake #2. 
Thursday night we just normal dinner 
(Austin's choice of tuna mornay!).
 Saturday was party night with friends.
 Austin and the beautiful Paris.
Sunday we had a family lunch with the relatives at the local RSL. 
The lunch was mainly for Austin's 21st but he insisted 
Nelson's name was on the cake too. 
I got into trouble at Austin's 18th for not putting 
Nelson's name on the cake! The lady at the cake shop suggested a 
chocolate disc for adding Nelson's name. 
I thought that was a great idea.
 The boys had a couple of helpers to blow the candles out.
 Nelson still has his Grand Final premiers smile!
 Five days of celebrating are now over!

20 October, 2019

Friday Night Sew-In for October

I worked on block 6 of Jenny's Phyllis May's Kitchen
For some reason I had trouble stitching "yummy bakes". 
I think for every two or three stitches, I unpicked one. 
I had either missed a thread or the stitch was crooked. 
Maybe I should have just put it away.
But I got the wording finished in the end!
Thanks to Wendy for hosting us last night.
You can see what the others got up to here.

05 October, 2019

Friday Night With Friends

Last night I continued working on my Lillian Elizabeth's Kitchen
(Jenny's Phyllis May's Kitchen). Block 3 is now finished.
 Then I made a start on Block 5.
I'm loving how this is coming along.
Thanks to Chez for hosting us for FNWF.
You can see what other's got up to here.