09 April, 2024

2023 Scotland/England Adventure (Final!)

Cutty Sark, Greenwich.

The Meridian Line at the Royal Conservatory, Greenwich
View from the Conservatory to 
The Queen's House Museum, Greenwich.
On the Wednesday we stayed in Leighton Buzzard 
as I was expecting a very special visitor. 
Christine from Patchwork Allsorts made the trip 
from down South of London especially to see us. 
Christine and I have been blogging friends 
for many years and it was so lovely to meet her in person. 
It's not often to you to meet a blogging friend 
from the other side of the world!
We had a fabulous time and all too soon 
it was time for Christine to head home.
Buckingham Palace.
"Big Ben", Palace of Westminster.
Westminster Abbey.
Westminster Abbey.
Westminster Abbey.
Westminster Abbey.
Horse Guard, Palace of Whitehall.
Trafalgar Square.
Dinner at The Grove Lock pub, Leighton Buzzard.
Andrea's son Oliver joined us for our last dinner.
The Grove Lock pub, Leighton Buzzard.
All too soon our fabulous adventure came to an end.

We were away for two months and spent six weeks 
in Scotland and one week in England touring around 
in our motorhome. The last week staying with Andrea. 
The whole trip was done ad hoc, other than the first three 
days in Edinburgh and going on the Jacobite Train
 (you have to book that months ahead), just deciding that 
day (sometimes the day prior) where we would head. 
By doing this, we were never locked into anything. 
If we spent four hours somewhere instead of the two 
we planned it didn't matter. We didn't then have to just drive 
to get to any caravan park we had booked. 
The caravan parks in Scotland are fabulous. We would just 
turn up and if we couldn't get in, we would just go somewhere else. 
Sometimes we stayed on farms that were set up for vans. In Sterling we 
actually parked our van in the Park and Go bus station (all legal)! 
As we were fully self-contained, we could stop anywhere.

We travelled thousands of kilometres (couldn't find the 
note I made of the final tally). Visited many castles and palaces,
both ruins and living museums. Not forgetting the cathedrals, chapels 
and churches. Spent many hours exploring museums 
and beautiful gardens. We also met lots of lovely people.
The photos are only a snapshot of the many places we visited. 
Of course we couldn't show you everywhere we went. 
We follow the Facebook group "Scotland Travel Tips" 
where we found out lots of places we didn't know about. 
People would often post that they had just returned from Scotland 
and were already missing it. Now we understand 
what they were saying. We just loved it there and 
would travel back to Scotland in a flash!

I hope you've enjoyed my (many) posts. It's been lovely 
revisiting while looking at all the photos again.

Hector's first sight of Melbourne!

08 April, 2024

2023 Scotland/England Adventure (Part 7)

Noel, Andrea and I headed into London for what 
turned out to be a very long day. We left home at 8.30am 
and didn't get back until about 11 o'clock! 
We got off the train and came across some Morris Dancers.
Of course Andrea said she planned it!
Didn't notice the happy photo bomber until we got home!
Portobello Road. Such an interesting place 
with hundreds of people everywhere.
I found this 1796 cross-stitch 
along with many other very old ones. 
I would have loved to bring one home with me 
but unfortunately they were out of my price range.
Andrea got us tickets to the Crown to Couture 
exhibition at Kensington Palace. 
We were very lucky as it was finishing a few days later.
We saw the most amazing clothes. 
This dress and suit were from c1730.
Came out of the palace to pouring rain so 
we bought a bit of Melbourne to Kensington! 
We gave Andrea the umbrella to remind her of home.
Dinner at The Champion pub just near the palace. 
When we came out the rain had stopped
so we kept exploring and enjoying London at night.
Walked around the corner and look what I saw - the Liberty Store!
We only had 15 minutes before the store closed 
but still managed to get myself a couple of things!
Piccadilly Circus.
Leicester Square.
We spent the next day at the Tower of London.

Yeoman Warder "Beefeater".
Tower Bridge.

St Paul's Cathedral.

07 April, 2024

2023 Scotland/England Adventure (Part 6)

Anne Hathaway's Cottage,

Shakespeare's Birthplace,

 Blenheim Palace
There was an exhibition of costumes from 
the Netflix series "Queen Charlotte"

The costumes were beautiful with so much detail.
I loved watching this series and it
was wonderful to see the costumes up close.
This is my cousin Andrea. 
We hadn't seen each other in over 15 years. 
It was wonderful spending the last week of our trip with her. 
Andrea lives about 30 minutes by train out of London.

06 April, 2024

2023 Scotland/England Adventure (Part 5)

After six weeks of exploring Scotland, 
it was time to start making our way down to 
London to drop off our motorhome.
Hadrian's Wall.
Sycamore Gap at Hadrian's Wall. 
We were there two weeks after the Sycamore tree 
was cut down by vandals. The day we were there they 
were preparing to lift the tree off Hadrian's Wall.
Roman ruins at Vindolanda.
Vindolanda. We found out about these great ruins
by talking to some locals at Hadrian's Wall.
Whitby Abbey.

First edition copy of Dracula published in 1897 
signed by Bram Stoker in 1901.
Whitby Abbey Museum.

York Minster.
We climbed 275 steps to the top of York Minster, 
York's highest point at 60 metres high.
The Shambles, York.
The Shop That Must Not Be Named.
For all your wands, robes and brooms!
The Shambles, York.
York Ghost Merchants.
The Shambles, York.
People were queuing for over an hour and half 
to buy one of these unique handmade ghosts!
Yorkshire Dales.
Enjoying an award winning pork pie in Skipton.
Bridge House, Ambleside.
I have quite a collection of Lilliput Lane cottages 
including the Bridge House. 
It was lovely to finally see it for real.
Our view at Meathop Fell campsite.
One of the neighbours!
Meathop Fell.
Her Majesty's Prison Lancaster Castle.
Chester Cathedral.
We couldn't get into the caravan park due to a 
big caravan show in town but the farmer at
Hatton Farm World let us camp there.
We had a lovely time walking around the farm 
amongst the animals and pumpkins!