20 May, 2022

A Rocking Day Out!

I was lucky enough to win a
 "Rocking Day Out in Bendigo" 
on radio 3AW.
Wednesday was the day. 
We had an early start and left home at 5.30am to 
catch the train to Southern Cross. 
Then onto another train to Bendigo.
We were hosted by David Mann aka "Mann About Town" 
and Bronwyn from 3AW.
First stop was the Elvis: Direct from Graceland Exhibition. 
It was fabulous.
Priscilla's wedding dress.
Some of the items on show have never 
even been displayed at Graceland.
There were many of Elvis' costumes.
The amount of decoration on some of them was amazing.
Then we were off to Balgownie Estate for lunch.
This is Jack Gatto, Australia's greatest Elvis impersonator.
 He also plays guitar with the Wiggles and
 is the stand-in for Anthony, the blue Wiggle!
He just happened to be at the exhibition as he was there 
for an interview on Sunrise earlier in the morning. 
David invited him to join us for lunch which was a lovely bonus.
 Jack treated us to a couple of songs.
He showed us one of his costumes. 
It is an exact replica of one of Elvis' and he had to 
get permission from the Graceland Estate to have it. 
It is quite heavy.
After lunch it was off to the 
"Shake, Rattle and Roll Cocktail Tram"! 
There was a cocktail (or two!) and lots of singing. 
I filmed Jack singing but it's too large a file for Blogger. 
Such a pity as he is great.
We even had a bit of a dance!
And another one when we got off the tram! Haha!
They had Elvis playing over the loud speaker. 
We're a bit rusty as we haven't been dancing for a while.
Then it was time to catch the train back to Melbourne. 
While waiting at Southern Cross Station for our train 
home to Diamond Creek, we chatted some more with one 
of the couples while we waited. After getting to know each 
other a bit more we worked out that Boris and I went to school
 together over 40 years ago! We both remembered each other's 
names but not faces as we didn't really 
"hang around together" at school. It's such a small world.
What a fabulous day we had! 
It was a long day as we didn't get home until 7.45pm.
I had forgotten I'd entered the competition 
and then thought the prize was a 
double pass to the exhibition. But it was so much more.
I hope you've enjoyed hearing about our 
"Rocking Day Out in Bendigo"!

07 May, 2022

A Bridal Shower

The lovely young couple next door are getting married 
in a couple of weeks (after having to cancel their 
wedding twice due to lockdowns!). They only moved in last year 
and we have become friends with Chelsea and David. 
We were thrilled to be invited to their wedding 
and last weekend was Chelsea's Bridal Shower.

I made Chelsea some trimmed tea towels using Jennifer's tutorial here.
It's very hard to get a photo with the true colours. 
The blue is so pretty.
Of course I had to make Chelsea some of 
Fee's Glamorous Gloves here.
I think she liked them!

A matching shopping bag.

 You can roll it up and pop it into your handbag.
There was a colour theme for the shower 
and we were asked to dress in pinks, golds 
or turquoise, any or all. 
So my new dress I made was perfect to wear.
The room was decorated with bunting made with heritage lace.
It's a pity you can't see it close up. It was beautiful.
Last week I also finally got to catch up with Melody. 
After many cancellations due to Mel's ill health, 
it was wonderful to see her looking so well. 
I also got to meet the newest member of her family, Daisy.

01 May, 2022

OPAM For April

Jolly Christmas Stocking Banner
Lavender Sachets
Vintage Style Dress
Eight finishes for April.
Thank you to Kris for keeping us inspired.

25 April, 2022

19 April, 2022

My Vintage Inspired Dress

I did get the zip in and finish my dress!
I love the V back.
 Although the dress looks blue in the above photos, 
it is more a jade green. Hard to get a true colour in the photo.
 I don't have an invisible zip foot for my machine, only a normal one. 
Actually I didn't even know there was such a thing and I found it a 
bit awkward sewing it in properly. I met with the Chit Chat Crafters 
last week and sought some advice from my dressmaker friend Sally. 
 She showed me how to hand stitch the zip and before I knew it, 
the zip went in perfectly! Sally also fitted the dress 
for me but it didn't even need any alteration so I must have 
got my measurements right and made the right size.
I'm so happy with how it turned out. 
In fact, I think I'm going to buy some more fabric 
and make myself another one!
Can't believe I'm saying that. LOL!
I did see some lovely rose fabric last time 
I was at Spotlight that would be nice for a dress.