25 October, 2021

A Tilda Swap And A Stitchalong!

I recently took part in another Tilda Lovers Club swap. 
We had to make our partner a wall hanging, 
table runner or table topper. I made this wall hanging for Fiona. 
This isn't a good photo as the colours aren't showing up 
as nice as they are. I used Woodland range of fabric.
This is the table runner I received from Natalie. 
Natalie used the Maple Farm range.
Week one of our Windy Days stitchalong was announced yesterday. 
I'm all set for project number one.
We were able to do all our stitcheries in advance of the
 stitchalong which was great. Now all we need to do is put 
our projects together when Fee presents each project. 
I just have to finish my last stitchery. 
The stitchalong goes for 10 weeks and 
we have lots of different projects. They are all 
a mystery until our weekly chat with Fee!

24 October, 2021

Another Birthday!

Happy 23rd birthday, Austin.
What a big year you've had. 
Buying a house and moving out!
I'm so proud of what you have achieved.
Love you heaps. xxx

23 October, 2021

Nelson's 21st Birthday

Yesterday we celebrated Nelson's 21st birthday.
 22nd October, 2000

I just love this cheeky face. 
He is about 3 here and off to his first day of three year old kinder.
Coming out of lockdown yesterday meant we could 
all get together as a family to celebrate. 
We didn't think Nelson would be having any sort of celebration. 
We had a spit and the meat, OMG, it was devine!
Nelson just wanted a carrot cake.
It's not decorated very fancy as with the shops still closed, 
I couldn't get any nice cake toppers. But he didn't care.
Tomorrow we are having a picnic with some of the other 
family members, all socially distancing of course. 
So we weren't able to have the same celebrations as 
Mitchell and Austin but at least we could finally get together.

16 October, 2021

Friday Night Sew-In and Wombats!

Last night I worked on one of the stitcheries for our next 
Tilda Lovers Club Stitchalong. We are getting the stitcheries 
ready for when we start the stitchalong next week. Managed to get a bit done while watching Paint Your Wagon. 
I've never watched it before and I really enjoyed it.
Thank you to Wendy from Sugarlane Designs for hosting us.
You can see what others got up to here. 
This morning I was sitting in the lounge having my cuppa 
and something caught my eye. A mother wombat and her baby 
came up from the creek to the top of our driveway. 
They then went through the fence into next door. 
We often have wombats come through at night
(and make escape holes for Rex!) but we don't 
usually see them at 9 o'clock in the morning.
We had a lot of rain overnight. 
Maybe that's why she was so late bringing the baby up.
This is the bridge next to our place. 
The Diamond Creek is now a "river"!
 That tree leaning in the water is usually above the water line.
This photo was taken on the bridge.

09 October, 2021

A Birthday Gift

A special little girl recently had her 3rd birthday. 
She loves dolls and I found this cute one at the post office. 
Instead of a quilt, I decided to make 
a sleeping bag for Madelyn's doll. 
It was a big hit with Madelyn.