08 September, 2019

September FNWF and Off to the Grand Final!

I had a lovely evening stitching my next block 
of Jenny's Phyllis May's Kitchen
Hopefully, I'll get some more done this afternoon.
Thank you to the lovely Chez for hosting us. 
You can see what the others got up to here.
Saturday morning Nelson played in the Second Semi Final. 
Coming back from 16 points down at half time they won by 10 points! 
So that means they go straight to the Grand Final in two weeks 
(they have a break next week while the Preliminary Final is played). 
So exciting!

02 September, 2019

OPAM For August And Some Stitching

 One finish for August. Remi's quilt.
 Thanks to Kris for keeping us inspired.
Block 1
I'm slowly making progress on my Phyllis May's Kitchen by Jenny of Elefantz. 
My version is called "Lillian Elizabeth's Kitchen" after my Grandmother.
Block 2
I just love this block!

26 August, 2019

A New Baby Quilt

This baby quilt was made for our new great niece, Remi Moira. 
She was in a hurry and arrived six weeks early.
I wasn't sure the baby was going to be so I chose fabrics for 
the quilt suitable for either a boy or girl.
I did this one quilt-as-you-go. It's the first time I've made 
a quilt with this method and it won't be the last! 
I'll share the other baby quilt I have made soon!

17 August, 2019

FNSI - Block 1, Take 2!

 After the wine mishap at retreat, I started another block 1 
of Jenny's Phyllis May's Kitchen. Last night I worked on this and it's 
coming along nicely. I'm off to NOTYQ Guild meeting today, 
so I'll continue working on this.
Thank you to Wendy for hosting us last night.
You can see what others got up to here.

07 August, 2019

Friday Night With Friends At Retreat!

 I got a very early start to FNWF as Melody and I headed off to 
our yearly NOTYQ retreat. We take all day to get there (it's only an hour 
and quarter from home) but we stop and visit lots of lovely shops. 
Here we are in Ballan where the town was yarn bombed!
 My first project I worked on was to finish stitching the binding 
on a new baby quilt. It is very dull here today 
so I'll do a post on it when I can get better photos.
Saturday I started working on block one of Jenny's
Phyllis May's Kitchen BOM. Not an awful lot was stitched as 
there was too much time spent talking and eating!
But unfortunately, there was a mishap and red wine was 
spilt over my stitching. My dear friend was so upset but
accidents happen. We did try getting the wine out with 
little success. I'll just make another one!
So onto block two. 
I need to get more of the thread I had chosen for outlining 
the apron in chain stitch as the skein of green also got wined.
 Saturday night Melody and I found something 
new to play with - Instagram! 
We had so much fun playing with the filters. 
There was an awful lot of laughter happening!
We had a fabulous weekend with stitching friends.
I didn't get as much stitching done as I planned but retreats
are more about friendship and having fun.
Thank you to Cheryll for hosting us. 
You can see what others got up to here.