29 January, 2017

Feeling Excited!

Noel, Nelson and I are heading off to Sydney this morning.
We will be boarding our home for the next ten days,
the Carnival Spirit.
 We are sailing to New Caledonia and will be visting the
Isle of Pines, Mare, Lifou Isle and Noumea.

Nelson testing out the snorkels to check they don't leak!
I've packed some stitcheries, along with a few hexagons, for when I am sitting by the pool relaxing. No reading by the pool for me! That's in between doing the different activities on board and stopping off on the islands.
I may even indulge in one or more of these!

See you when we get back!

18 January, 2017

Christmas Crafting Day

Well, there are only about 49 weeks to go!
Saturday saw eight of us head to a friend's house where we all made Christmas Table Centres. Taking advantage of the after Christmas sales, lots of baubles were purchased.
We had lots of fun. 
Only one burnt finger from the hot glue gun!
This is my one.
Even though this isn't a sewing project, 
I'm going to add it to my OPAM list for 2017!
 Afternoon tea time!
 Our second project was a Hershey's Christmas Tree.
 This part was a little fiddly.
 The tree!
All that is needed is a couple of little block 
chocolates to make the tree base.
These trees were designed by 
Brenda Quintana at QBee's Quest
You can find her tutorial here.

 Well, you can never be too early for Christmas crafting!

11 January, 2017

First Finish For 2017!

 Do you remember my Tree of Christmas Cheer?
Well, I thought I would make one for
my lovely friend, Melody for Christmas.
I know how much Mel loves Tilda fabric and decided I 
would make her one to have out all year long. 
So I guess, technically, it is not a Tree of Christmas Cheer 
but a pretty Tree of Friendship!
I found some lovely vintage buttons in my 
button jar that matched perfectly.
This is my first finish for 2017. I actually finished it 
last month but have only just caught up with Mel 
to give it to her. I wanted to keep it a secret!

10 January, 2017

Off To A Productive Start To The Year

 Just before Christmas we bought a new lounge suite. 
We put a couple of quilts over the backs of the couches and I decided I would make some new ones.
Having decided to use my Vintage Modern 
layer cake, I decided on a simple brick pattern 
for the three seater couch.
 For the two seater, I used my Vintage Modern charm pack. 
I just love the simplicity of squares (and rectangles).
Then, using my Bonnie and Camille's Designer Select 
Fat Quarter Bundle that I received for Christmas a 
couple of years ago, I pieced the backings.
 We will now have two reversible quilts for the lounge.

Two quilt tops and two pieced backings 
in one week. That's a record for me!
My Bonnie and Camille stash has now been reduced 
by quite a bit. Just a few smaller and scrappy pieces 
left to play with. Although I do still have my bundle 
of Scrumptious that I just keep admiring! 

Now to head off to my favourite quilter to get her 
to work her magic with these two!

07 January, 2017

First FNWF For 2017

Last week I finally cut into my Vintage Modern layer cake. We have bought two new couches and I decided I would make new quilts to go over the back of them.
Molly was an excellent helper and advised me 
where to place some of the blocks!
All laid out ready to sew together. I'll show you the finished top another day. This is for the three seater couch.
Here's a little peek.
 Being holiday time, I got an early start to FNWF.
Rather than buying backing, I decided to 
piece together some of my Bonnie and Camille's 
Designer Select Fat Quarter Bundle that
 I received for Christmas a couple of years ago.
 All sorted and ready for piecing.
 I also had a charm pack of Vintage Modern 
so I've used that for the two seater couch.
 Today I plan to piece both of these lots together. Then to work out the backing for the smaller quilt. I think I should have enough left from the bundle to also back this one. 
The quilts will then be reversible!
Thank you to Chez for hosting us for 

01 January, 2017

Happy New Year

Happy New Year
from all of us here at MacDonald's Patch.