31 October, 2014

A Finish and OPAM For October

It's the end of October and time 
to report on our OPAM's.
Christmas Hostess Table Topper
 Dresden Plate Table Topper.
 Four lavender sachets.
 A new finish is my chicken table topper. 
October seems to be the month of table toppers!
Thanks to Peg and Kris for keeping up inspired with OPAM.

24 October, 2014

Happy 16th Birthday Austin!

What does a boy do on his 16th birthday? 
He goes and gets his Learner's Permit! 
So back into the passenger seat I go! 

Happy 16th Birthday, Austin.
Lots of Love
Dad, Mum, Mitchell and Nelson

22 October, 2014

Happy Birthday Nelson!

Happy 14th Birthday, Nelson.

Lots of Love
Mum, Dad, Mitchell and Austin

19 October, 2014

Some Lovely Quilts To Share

On Friday, Mel and I headed off to the Eastern Palliative Care's "Quilts Loved and Used" exhibition. 
Once again there was a lovely display of quilts.
This one was my favourite.
No, I hadn't finished my Double Wedding Ring.
This one was just lovely.
 We finished off the morning with a cuppa and some very yummy scones with jam and cream. Mel will have some more photos to share. The battery ran out on my camera!
A group shot from Friday's Muck Up Day!

18 October, 2014

Muck Up Day and Friday Night Sew In

The Year 12's had a wonderful time at their Muck Up Day. The theme for dressing up was movie characters. Here is Dumb and Dumber! That's James in the orange. I'm hoping someone got a group photo of everyone dressed up.
Thanks to Wendy for hosting us at last night's 
Friday Night Sew In.
I put together this table topper using chicken fabrics. 
It's for someone who has a country kitchen. I was able to make this with scraps from my Chook House quilt. Hopefully I'll get a chance to quilt it tomorrow.
I seem to be hooked on this little design by Gail. 
I finished stitching a fourth one and started on a fifth! 
I think this will be all of these ones for now.

Well, I'm off to NOTY's Guild meeting. 
Have a lovely weekend everyone.

17 October, 2014

The End Of An Era!

 Today is Mitchell's last day of school.
 Prep - 2002
Year 12 - 2014

When we took him for that first day back in 2002, Year 12 seemed like such a long way off! They are having Muck Up Day today. Hopefully, Austin will send me some photos of what they get up to. They are all dressing up and the Year 12's are giving a concert to the Years 9, 10 and 11.

Congratulations on reaching this milestone, Mitchell.
We are very proud of you.

16 October, 2014

A Finish Or Two

I've made another table topper with a Dresden Plate. 
All the fabric came out of my stash which was great. 
The colours are more like the first two photos. 
How cute is this Red Barn Pin! I was the lucky September Let's Book It winner hosted by Sharon of Vrooman's Quilts. The little charm is an Eight Pointed Star. 
Thank you so much Sharon.
I also whipped up four more lavender sachets 
to add to the present drawer.

13 October, 2014

Christmas Hostess Stitchalong With Jenny

 Did you see Jenny's (Jenny of Elefantz) 5-day 
Christmas Hostess table topper stitchalong tutorial 
last week? It was a wonderful tutorial 
with very clear instructions.
 Here is my version of Jenny's 
Christmas Hostess Table Topper.
 Aren't these Christmas fairies so cute!
 Thank you Jenny for sharing this wonderful 
tutorial and pattern with us.
 Jenny is also starting a  Stitchery Club. 
Head over here to find out more.

10 October, 2014

Quilts In The Barn

 Today Mel and I headed off to the yearly Quilts In The Barn hosted by Linda. This year's theme was "Inspired by Antiques". Once again there was a wonderful display.
 Mel and Anne.
 Look who we bumped into. Fellow NOTY ladies Adrienne and Helen. We also saw Betty and Annette 
and then Sue and Liz from Mill Rose Cottage 
but I didn't get a photo of them.
 This quilt was made in 1866. 
Those brown marks are scars from a fire!
 We met Brenda Papadakis who wrote the Dear Jane book.
 The quilt on the left was made around 1880.
 Of course, we finished off with morning tea!

I hope you enjoyed the tour. 
There were so many more quilts to see.

04 October, 2014

Stitching With My Friends!

 Last night I went through my stash and picked 
out some fabrics to make a Dresden plate. 
All cut out and ready to sew together.
I also finished one of my Gail Pan stitcheries 
and started on the next.
Thanks to Chez for being such a wonderful hostess.
Go here to see what everyone else was stitching last night.