26 January, 2016

Just Because I Could!

Yesterday I went to the Sit and Sew at The Quilt Shop with Annie and some of the other girls. I planned to get some of their pre-cut papers and add a couple more Tilda fabrics to my collection and then I was going to work on my stitchery. The lovely Allison informed me they had a Go Cutter 
with a large hexagon die. 
 So what was a girl to do? 
 Start cutting out hexagons, of course! 
In no time at all I had 96 hexagons cut out. It really wasn't my plan to start this quilt yet and it's going to be a long term project. I'll do some more cutting next week!

23 January, 2016

Friday Night Sew-In

 Thanks to Wendy for hosting us for last night's Friday Night Sew-In.
I worked on the stitchery I chose at the Patchwork Tea House Stitching Day I went to a couple of weeks ago.
I'm also linking up with Sue at Super Mom - No Cape.

19 January, 2016

There's Nothing Nicer

Than a trip to Gail B's
to pick fabrics for a special project!

09 January, 2016

Friday Night With Friends

 I had a lovely night stitching along with everyone. 
Thanks to Chez for once again being 
the Hostess with the Mostess!
I was stitching my pink Christmas bunting. 
This is one of the patterns from Jenny's Stitchery Club.

And the stitching is continuing today! 
I'm off to The Patchwork Tea House in Warburton 
for one of their lovely stitching days.

07 January, 2016

First Finish For 2016

My first finish for 2016 is this cute turtle 
for Austin's girlfriend, Paris.
Austin told me Paris loves turtles and when I showed him this pattern, he thought it was perfect. Austin took a photo of her room for me and I tried to match the colours of her doona. It was a belated birthday present (her birthday was mid December). I just couldn't find anything that appealed to me so I told her I would make something but she would have to wait a little. Paris was very happy when she got it last night so hopefully the wait was worth it.
Miss Molly was happy too! 

02 January, 2016

Nelson Has Moved Out!

 Out of his bedroom and into to the laundry!
 Nelson has always shared a room with Austin 
but really wanted his own room.
 He talked Noel into letting him move. 
So now he shares a bedroom with the washing machine!
 It was much easier than him moving into the sewing room.
 Can you imagine moving all this?
Not to mention my cabinet that we had to 
remove the window to get it in!

Nelson had a good night's sleep in his new room. 
Although something may have happened to him overnight. 
He actually made his bed before he came into the house!

01 January, 2016

Happy New Year 2016!

 Happy New Year to all my blogging friends. 
I hope you all have a wonderful year and get to do lots of stitching! I'm looking forward to another lovely year of friendship with you all.