31 August, 2021

OPAM For August

I've have five finishes for August. My new ironing board cover.

A dolly quilt for Billie.
Shopping bag from the Tilda Lovers Club Mystery Box #1.
A pendant also from the mystery box.
My Scrumptious Friends quilt.
Thanks to Kris from Tag Along Teddies for keeping us inspired.

21 August, 2021

Friday Night Sew-In

Last night I worked on my heartstrings panel. 
I finished the little owl or at least I thought I had. 
I've just uploaded the photo and noticed 
I've forgotten to stitch his eyes!

Then I made a start on my little blue bird.
I'm enjoying doing these little stitcheries.
Thank you to Wendy to hosting us last night.
You can see what others got up to here.

14 August, 2021

Scrumptious Friends!

Back in 2013, my lovely NOTYQ friends gave me a bundle 
of the then newly released Scrumptious range 
by Bonnie and Camille for my 50th birthday. 
I admired it for a long time before deciding what to make with it.  
I finally decided on a hexagon quilt using half hexagon templates. 
I spent ages sorting out the layout. 
Then covid hit. Mum and I were in Port Douglas (Queensland) 
and raced back home before the borders closed and
self isolated for two weeks at her place.  
I got Noel to bring me my sewing machine 
and all my sewing stuff. Lucky I had everything 
together so it was easy for him to find.
I was so glad I had everything ready to start putting my 
quilt together as I had plenty of time to sew.
I got the top put together in five days. 
It would have taken longer at home as I would 
have had other "housey" things to do!
Later in the year when we were in lockdown again,
 I was on-line and found some meterage of
 one of the fabrics to use for backing. 
I was amazed as the range was 7 years old.
I finally got it quilted in between another 
lockdown and picked it up in June.
Tada! It's finally finished. 
I have called it "Scrumptious Friends".
I just love the colours.
It was actually finished it a few weeks ago 
but I've only just got around to taking photos.
I'm so happy with how this turned out.
There's still lots of the fabric left. 
Maybe one day I'll have a granddaughter 
and I'll make her a quilt with it.

13 August, 2021

More Mystery Box Projects

I've made a couple more of the projects in the 
Tilda Lovers Club Mystery Box #1 
from Fiona at Fee Fee and Me
This was my pre-printed stitchery.
A calico shopping bag was in the box and. 
I made my stitchery into a pocket. 
We also got a pendant kit.
I picked out a cute piece of Tilda fabric 
and stitched a little butterfly. 
I think it turned out quite pretty.

11 August, 2021

Baby Doll Quilt

I bought a baby doll for a great niece for her 2nd birthday.
 It came with a cradle and I thought she should have a little quilt.
Some cute fabric for the backing. 
Now she has a double sided quilt.
All ready to be wrapped up for the birthday girl.
Well, the doll was a big hit with big sister Thea. 
Billie was more interested in the box! LOL!

10 August, 2021

My New Ironing Board Cover

My ironing board cover was getting very shabby. 
You may have seen it when I've taken photos of my sewing.
I went looking through my stash for a piece 
large enough and decided on this. 
I've had this fabric since 1993 when I made my very first quilt. 
I had it on the front and as the backing.
I'm so happy with how it turned out. 
I've been waiting to use this fabric and 
decided this was the perfect project.
 In case you're wondering, this is my first quilt "Intriguing Illusions". 
It is machine pieced and hand quilted. 
I didn't know about sending quilts off to be quilted back then. 
If I had, that's what I would have done. This was a huge quilt and 
for first time quilting, it took me a long time!

It was an overnight mystery quilt. You were supposed to 
know how to piece to attend. My aunt gave me a crash course 
and I made myself a bag. So that's all the experience I had. 
We were given fabric requirements prior. Then as we 
completed each step, we were given the 
next set of instructions. We went from 6pm until 6am. 
It took me an extra 6 hours at home to finish it 
but considering I was really in experienced, 
I think I did really well!

08 August, 2021

Moving House!

There hasn't been a lot of sewing happening as last week 
we've been busy moving Mum into her new home.
Monday we started taking all the boxes to the unit.
Mum's is the lower unit. For the first time ever she has a carport!
 Friday was furniture moving day when 
Austin had a RDO and could help Noel.
We got her bedroom all set up. 
That's the only room totally done.
We're slowly putting everything else away.
Yesterday we locked up the family home 
for the last time in almost 48 years!
Once lock down is over, Mum and I are going 
to have lots of fun shopping for new furniture and items for the unit.
It's very exciting for Mum but also a bit sad leaving 
all the neighbours behind. Some of them have 
been there longer than us. But Mum is only 3 minutes away 
so they'll all be able to visit each other.

A lovely young couple bought the house and 
are going to start making it their family home.