31 August, 2015

OPAM for August and a Message from Molly

 I had two finishes for August. One was a large finish!
 An apron.
 My 2013 FQS Designer Mystery BOM.
Hi everyone. It's Molly here again.

I would like to say thank you to everyone for their lovely comments and for voting for me in the Pets on Quilts Show. Special thanks to Melody and Shez for putting me on their blogs to let people know I am in the show.
There is still time to vote over at Lily Pad Quilting. The voting closes on Thursday, 3rd September. You can see all the entries here. Don't forget, I am # 43!

Woofy hugs,

28 August, 2015

It's Time To Vote!

Hi everyone. It's me, Molly, back again.

It's now time to vote for your favourites in the  
You can see all the entries here.

These are the categories:

Dog on quilt
Cat on quilt
Other animal on quilt
Animal themed quilt

You need to comment on this post with your votes. 
It would be lovely if you vote for all categories.

For example "Dog on quilt" # 43 

I'm # 43 just in case you want to vote for me!

There are lots of lovely entries.
I hope you enjoy the show.

Don't forget, you can win some 
random prizes just for commenting.

23 August, 2015

Pets On Quilts Show

Hi everyone. It's Molly here.

I just wanted to let you know it's time for the  
2015 Pets on Quilts Show hosted by Jacque (along with Padsworth and DragonDrop) at Lily Pad Quilting
Here I am being Nurse Molly. Dad Noel was a little under the weather and curled up on the couch under Mum's rose quilt. I sneaked up and snuggled up to help him keep warm. That was pretty special as I'm not usually allowed on the quilts.
Checking on the patient!
This is the third Pets on Quilts Show I've been part of. This was 2012 when I was just 12 weeks old. It took quite a while to take a photo as I wouldn't sit still long enough! I even won a prize. It was a magnet with a Red Heeler just like me on it.
The 2013 show. I still look cute, even if I do say so myself.
This was when Ginger was still with us. 
I miss Ginger. I think we were singing here.
For some reason we missed the show last year.

Mum's entered me in the Dogs on Quilts category.

Head over here to join the linky party and check out all the other great pets on quilts. On 27th August you will be able to vote for your favourite one.  Maybe I'll be lucky and win a prize. I'll remind you when it's time to vote.

Woofy hugs, Molly

20 August, 2015

Another Football Grand Final!

 Congratulations to Nelson and his school mates on winning the EISM football Grand Final.

17 August, 2015

Umpiring The Grand Final!

 It was such a beautiful day for yesterday's Grand Finals. Nelson was umpiring Northcote vs Wallan. 
Lined up for the national anthem.
 Nelson throwing in from the boundary.
 I've never noticed how high he jumps to throw in!
It was the most relaxed I've been at a grand final. 
As it didn't matter which team won, I could 
just sit and watch it with no stress!
 The weather was perfect. 
First my coat came off and then my cardigan.
 The umpires all received a medal as well.
Nelson was very pleased to get to do a grand final 
in his first year of umpiring. He hopes he'll get a finals match in the seniors football in a few weeks.

16 August, 2015

Footy Grand Final!

 Good luck to Nelson as he umpires his 
first Grand Final today.

Don't forget to enjoy yourself, Nelson!

13 August, 2015

A Big Surprise For Nelson!

Last night Nelson, Noel and I went to the Northern Umpires Association's (NUA) Junior Umpire Presentation Night. Nelson was announced as the 
2015 Best First Year Boundary Umpire 
which was a big surprise and very exciting. 
There was even a Q&A session with the NUA President. I think he was trying to convince Nelson to become a Field Umpire and wanted to know if he had thought about that.
Congratulations Nelson.
We are all very proud of you.

08 August, 2015

Friday Night With Friends Including A Trip To The City

 I had an early start for Friday Night With Friends
With an hour or so to spare before I had to head to the train station, I worked on a couple of projects.
 I traced out Block 8 of Jenny's Vintage Kitchen.
 I also made an apron.
Then it was time to catch a train into the city 
to meet up with Nelson and his class mates. 
Nelson had been spending the week in the city for City Cite as part of the Year 9 program. Friday night all the parents head into the City Cite office and listen to presentations of what they had learnt during the week. 

There were a lot of new and exciting experiences. They learnt how to get around the city, caught trains and trams, interviewed people, surveyed people, visited the Magistrate's Court, Vic Market, Eureka Tower Skydeck and had a wonderful time. The group Nelson was in did their research on "Melbourne encourages people to be healthy in mind, body and soul".  To finish off the night, we headed to the Crown Complex for some dinner.

So, although not a lot of sewing was done, 
it was quite a busy Friday night.

03 August, 2015

Back From Retreat!

We had a wonderful weekend at the NOTYQ retreat 
at Lake Dewar Lodge in Myrniong. 
Due to the great time we were having, 
I've taken hardly any photos! Hopefully Mel 
and Ann managed to take some.
Here we are at GJ's in Fairfield.
Photo borrowed from Melody.
Next we visited Kellie at The Cutting Cloth
What a beautiful shop. It's so full of inspiration.
Sprung! We walked in to find Libby and Jennifer 
at the counter with Kellie.
Mel and Ann purchased a couple of patterns 
for a class they are going to do there.
Of course, a little shopping was compulsory, although I was very restrained. Some pink Tilda to add to my collection, along with the green which I am going to use to make Jenny's Hussif. More little hangers and some binding clips. Why haven't I bought these before? 
They are wonderful to use.
 Some of the goodies I received at retreat. There are a couple more things that I can't find at the moment.
 There was some bubbly on Saturday night!
The main project I worked on was my FQS 2013 Designer Mystery BOM quilt. I just had to stitch down the binding.
TaaDaa! It's all finished.
I decided to bind it in the same fabric as the border 
rather than the navy spot.
The colours are more true to life in the above photo.

Thanks for being great travelling partners Mel and Ann. 
It was certainly a lovely weekend.