31 December, 2012

2012 OPAM - The Final Countdown!

It's the end of 2012 and I can add a final 
two projects to my list.
I made Noel another hat for work.
The reverse side (although I don't think 
he'll wear it this way!)
I finally put my sewing caddy together. It is a Rosalie Quinlan design. You may remember this post last December when I ran out of the varigated thread with only a couple of inches to go. My lovely friend Jennifer found some left over in her stash and I was finally able to finish the stitching. 
It's only taken me another year to put it together!
My finished projects for 2012 totalled 85! I'm quite amazed at that. Thank you to Peg and Kris for hosting the OPAM. Signing up has kept me inspired to keep making. Next year I hope to beat my total for 2012
 (well, I'll try anyway).

Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year 
and hope 2013 is a good one.

29 December, 2012

Some Secret Sewing Revealed!

My mortal in the Angels and Mortals Six Items Christmas Swap turned out to be my lovely friend Shez. (See this post for my gifts from my Angel, Lynda.) It was so much fun putting Shez' gifts together.
There was something for the tree.
 Shez had commented on a link Melody had given, saying how much she liked this ornament. So I made her one!
 Something smelly. A lavender bag along with some soap.
 Something for the sewing room. A pin cushion/thread catcher, Christmas fabric and threads.
 Something to eat. A tin of almond bread. As I was hand delivering my parcel to Shez at our Mill Rosie Friends get together in November, I was able to give her almond bread. Could you imagine if I had posted her parcel! She would have had a tin of almond bread crumbs! LOL!
 Something to read. A fun book with a book mark.
 Something for under the tree. Even if I say so myself, the cushion looks so much nicer in person.
I made this mug rug for Simone as she loves cats. 
I found this cute mug and then made the rug with the colours of the cats.
A fat quarter bag for one of Mitchell's friends. I made one for Renee last year and was telling me how great it was for keeping her dancing bits and pieces in. I asked her if she would like another one and she jumped at it!

Finally, I can finally add some secret sewing 
projects to my OPAM list! Hopefully, I might get to add another one or two before the end of the year!

28 December, 2012

More Gifts!

 Lynda turned out to be my Angel in the Angels and Mortals Six Items Christmas swap for an 
on-line group I am in.
Lynda stitched the most beautiful ornament. Something for the sewing room was three gorgeous fat quarters. The something smelly was soap with the most beautiful fragrance. Something to read is a book with Christmas stories. The something to eat was some yummy honey coated cashews. (Noel's eyes lit up with those!) The something for under the tree is a diary for next year, a gorgeous little book of sticky notes and a fold-up bag for shopping. You can never have too many shopping bags!
 Thank you Lynda.
My lovely friend Melody made me a gorgeous wool pin cushion. It is so soft to touch. Plus a yummy chocolate star. Thank you Melody.
Simone gave me a lovely stitchery pattern, along with little wooden buttons to go with it. There was also a pattern to make the cutest little pin cushion and a lovely Christmas tea towel. Thank you Simone.

27 December, 2012

What I Sent to Simone!

These are the gifts I sent to Simone in the 
2012 Santa Sack Swap.
Fat Quarters
Flowers brooches. One each for Simone and her girls.
 Charm Pack
Covered hangers.
 Cute Christmas Tea Towels.
 A Christmas stitchery hanging.
 Covered Journal.
A reversible Christmas decoration.
 Manicure set in a gorgeous spotty tin. The tin was what caught my eye!
 Mini Christmas cushion.
 Mug with matching mug rug.
Sewing machine mat.
 Pin cushion/thread catcher to match.
 Sewing tin with pins and threads.
 Scissors and tape measure.
 Christmas hanging.
Simone and I both had similar ideas. We sent each other covered hangers, a covered journal and
a mug with a mug rug!

26 December, 2012

Happy Birthday Ginger!

Happy 14th Birthday Ginger!

2012 Santa Sack Swap from Simone!

Where do I start! My partner in the 2012 Santa Sack Swap was Simone from Quilting is My Down Time and boy, did she spoil me! You can see how full my sack was. We both decided to wait until Christmas Day to open our sacks. Yesterday, I definitely got to open more presents than the boys did! LOL!
A little bag full of choccies!
 A lovely body care set.
 Sewing things with a chicken theme.
How cute are those buttons!
 Covered journal.
 Crocheted hangers. I love covered hangers!
 Drawer liners,  fragrant drawer sachet and a wardrobe fragrance hanger.
 Hand towel.
 Cupcake magnets and the cutest ladybug pegs.
 Mug bag.
And inside a lovely mug filled with chocolates.
 A mug rug to match.
 Some cute little reindeer candles.
 A lovely sewing pouch and note book. I saw Simone making these pouches and thought they were a great idea. Now I have one of my own!
 Some lovely smelling soap.
 How gorgeous is this table topper!
A kit in a card!
The most beautiful wall hanging. The fabrics are beautiful.
Thank you Simone for all my lovely presents. It's been lovely getting to know you.
Thank you also to Cheryll for organising this fun swap.