31 August, 2020

OPAM For August

 Two finishes this month. 
Thea's doll who she has named "Jemima" and Billie's cat.
I think they were a hit with the girls!
Thanks to Kris for keeping us inspired.

22 August, 2020

Friday Night Sew-In

 Last night I got back to my 'Happy Stitcher" hanging. 
Finished appliquing the centre onto the background. 
Oops! I should have pressed it before taking a photo!
Basted the two strips of wool onto the side borders.
 Made a start on stitching down the scallops.
Thank you to Wendy at Sugarlane Designs for hosting us.

My new sewing room is almost ready!
Soon I'll be able to give you a tour.
It's certainly been a big job.

08 August, 2020

Softies and FNWF

Last night I finished my two soft toys for two special little girls 
for their birthdays. The doll is for now 4 year old Thea
 and the cat Billie's for her first birthday.
Hope it's not too long before I can see them to give their gifts.
I gave Thea's doll red hair like Auntie Christine's! LOL!
It was a bit of a learning curb making these but 
I'll know what to do next time to make it easier. 
Even with the hiccups, I enjoyed making them.
Thanks to the lovely Chez for hosting us.

01 August, 2020

OPAM for July

 I've had nine finishes for July.
 Baby Darcie's quilt.
 My scissor holder and fob.
As with most people, I have made some masks. 
I finally found some elastic in my stash while moving things. 
I knew I had some but had no idea where it was and you 
couldn't buy any as everyone was out of stock. 
I've managed to get some more now.
This is the inside. The outer is black.
 I liked the pattern I used so made more. 
The first three are the inside again and they are navy outside. 
Mine is the floral one but I used plain for the lining! 

Noel and Nelson's have the elastic that goes around the 
back of their heads instead of around their ears. 
They have found them better for having them on for 
longer periods. Nelson's work mate really liked his 
and has asked me to make one for him!
A lady at Austin's work had already made one for him 
and had used shoe laces for the straps 
so I changed them to the head elastic too.
I found for myself and Paris we needed half way between
the adult and child's size. This one is for Paris using the medium size.
 The sewing room move is slowly coming along. 
I stopped to make the masks. It is lovely sewing looking 
out the window whereas I always had my back to it.
Thanks to Kris for keeping us inspired.