31 December, 2017

2017 Project Review

Thought I'd go back and have a look at my finishes for 2017.
 Tree of Friendship
 Bunny Rugs
 Vintage Modern Quilt I
 Vintage Modern Quilt II
 Lavender Sachets
 Modern Wedding Quilt
 There's No Place Like Home
 Sewing Bird Pin Cushion
 Blossoming Hoop
 My Kitchen
 Marie Antoinette Cushions
 My Time My Place Sewing Caddy
 A Merry Christmas Tree
 Santa Sacks
 Lavender Sachets
Christmas Collage
 Pin Cushion

Another year of slow stitching for me with 37 finishes. I'm hoping next year will be more productive as my mojo seemed to go on holiday this year!

Wishing you all a very
Happy New Year.
 See you in 2018!

30 December, 2017

Final OPAM for 2017

My final OPAM report for this year.
Nineteen small finishes but finishes never the less!
Eight Santa Sacks.
Eight Lavender Sachets.
Christmas Collage
Pin cushion.

Many thanks to Peg and Kris for keeping us all inspired to get some finishes.

26 December, 2017

A Couple of Finishes

Several of these jars with removable centre in the lids were given to me.
I embroidered some little flowers and turned one jar into a pin cushion.
After several attempts to get the cushion part in, I finally succeeded.
 I'll definitely make a couple more of these.
This is an apron I made for Paris to go with the cookbook I bought her for Christmas. Once again I made it out of a tea towel.
Perfect for wiping your hands when cooking!

These are my final finishes for 2017 (unless some miracle happens!).
The boys are off to the cricket tomorrow so I plan to spend the day
sitting on the couch, stitching and watching movies.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.

25 December, 2017

Merry Christmas

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas.
Lots of Love
Christine, Noel, Mitchell, Austin and Nelson
Molly and Rex

24 December, 2017

Just In Time!

Just in time for Christmas, I finally got around to framing this. It is called "Christmas Collage" by Gail Pan. It's a bit hard to see but the ric rac is chenille. My newest addition to my Christmas decorating.

23 December, 2017

Friday Night Sew-In

 Can you believe it was the last FNSI for 2017! I'm sure I'm like a lot of you and worked on Christmas gifts.
 I made 8 lavender sachets to go along with a gift.
They look much nicer tied up in a bow! 
The last of my Christmas sewing all done.

A big thank you to Wendy for being a 
wonderful hostess throughout the year. 
It has been lovely stitching along with everyone. 
I'm looking forward to stitching along again in 2018.

Merry Christmas to all the Friday Night Sew-In-ers!

Still can't manage to get one of those nice backgrounds
to work but at least this makes the blog look a little better.

21 December, 2017

Stacks of Sacks!

I decided to make all the great nieces and nephews Santa sacks as part of their present. They'll be able to use them each year. I made the boys one each several years ago and always took them with us to the family Christmas. They were very roomy and each one put all their presents into their sacks. That way nothing got left behind. 
 We had the MacDonald family Christmas last Sunday. 
The sacks were a big hit.
I also made one for Austin's girlfriend, Paris.

09 December, 2017

FNWF And Other Things!

I joined Cheryll and the girls last night for Friday Night With Friends. I did a little stitching on my bee table runner.
 Rex checking out my stitching!
I also tried getting the pin cushion to sit nicely in this jar. 
I wasn't very successful and put it away 
to try again another time.
 Thanks for hosting us last night, Chez.
I was the lucky winner of October's Friday Night Sew-In with Wendy at Sugarlane Designs. Thank you for 
the lovely charm pack, Wendy.
 I also received a lovely gift from Maria  over at Life On The Block. It has gone straight to my "Blogging Friends Christmas Tree"! Thank you Maria.
Rex has been having fun exploring the garden.
 The other night he fell in the pond but got himself
out pretty quickly. No fish were hurt!
Molly and Rex have been getting on very well. They play all day and are great company for each other.
I've done the first baking of the almond bread. 
Now to slice it and do the second baking. 

I've also been trying to update my blog. A long time ago I seem to have lost my background and header. 
I've tried putting a new one on but no luck. Maybe it's just me! I'm not very technical. Hopefully, I can get it done as my blog looks terrible.

Well, I'm off to the sewing room to put seven Santa sacks together for the great nieces and nephews. 
Have a great weekend everyone.