28 September, 2012

Seven Friends In The Country!

I thought I'd show you one of my earlier quilts. This one is actually a Row By Row Friendship Quilt. There were seven of us in the group and we chose seven different themes.

The first row was "Own Choice". I did the little house with quilts on the clothesline. Row 2 was "Stars" made by Maddy (Woomba Woomba). Row 3 was "In The Garden" made by Simone (Quilts n Cats). Row 4 was "Hearts" made by Jennifer (Csorba Interactions). Row 5 was "Home" made by Libby (Boot Camp Quilter). Row 6 was "Nine Patch" by Vivienne and Row 7 was "Going North" by Jenni.
I added some appliqued and yo yo flowers in the border to finish it off.

I decided to enter this quilt in the Quilting Gallery's Weekly Quilt Contest. This week's theme is Group Exchange Quilts. Head over here to see what everyone else has entered. If you like my quilt, I'd love you to vote for me.

23 September, 2012

Basketball Has Come To MacDonald's Patch!

 Nelson has decided not to do Little Athletics this year. He has decided he would like to play basketball. Yesterday was his first game. Even though he hadn't been to training and met any of the team, if he didn't play yesterday he would have had to wait until next year. Nelson has played basketball at school.
 Nelson spent most of the day outside practicing.
 Nelson will be playing in Callum's team. Callum lives next door and the two are great mates.
Unfortunately, they didn't win but Nelson just loved it. He even scored a goal! The team are happy for him to play with them. So that now means three boys playing three different sports on a Saturday!

22 September, 2012

What I Did At The FNSI!

Last night I had planned to sit in my sewing room and do some machine work. Instead I stayed in the lounge room and made four more of my little brooches while watching Collingwood getting beaten in the preliminary final. Thank goodness Mitchell was at a party and we didn't have to put up with him yelling at the tv!
They have now joined the other ten I had been working on over the last two weeks!
This is a thread catcher I finished but hadn't shown you yet. Doesn't it sit nicely on my threadle machine!

I'm hoping to work on some more sewing today. It's a bit of a quiet weekend for a change. We're going out for tea so no cooking for me!

BTW, did you know Jenny of Elefantz is having a giveaway? Some gorgeous gum boot fabric along with some lovely buttons. Head over to Jenny's blog and tell her I sent you in your comment because if you win, I win too! 
How cool is that!

20 September, 2012

Friday Night Sew-In

Tomorrow is the Friday Night Sew-In hosted by Heidi of Handmade by Heidi and Bobbi of Crafty Vegas Mom. So while the boys are watching the footy preliminary final tomorrow night, I'll be tucked away in my sewing room. The prep work has been done and I'm all ready.

If you'd like to join in, head over Heidi's blog to sign up.

16 September, 2012

Birthday Fat Quarter Club!

I'm in an online group of lovely ladies known as the Fat Quarter Birthday Club organised by Cheryll. As it was my birthday last week, it was my turn to received some lovely goodies. 
Just look at the pile on envelopes I had been putting aside ready to open on my birthday! I chose red as my colour.
From Sue. How cute is that dog!
This one was from Pat.
Helen sent this lovely one.
Lisa sent these cute little owls.
Fiona also added a cute flower brooch that she made.
The lovely Bev sent me this gorgeous rose fabric, along with teeny, tiny ric rac, buttons and thread. The fabric is not quite as bright as the picture.
This is what Cheryll sent. She also knows I like chickens and added some cute chicken fabric. There was also a Sewing Bits and Pieces box. Inside the box was a cute little penguin key ring.
O'faigh sent this gorgeous fabric. I've never seen this one before. She also sent a little wallet pattern. 
My lovely friend Maria really spoilt me. Three lovely fat quarters, some very pretty green ric rac (once again the colour isn't right) and some lovely flower buttons.
There was a second parcel that arrived. Wrapped in the cupcake fabric was one of those little fold up bags to keep in your handbag. Maria wrote "Thought the folding bag will come in handy on your bloggy visits when you may buy more than you planned. LOL"! What a thoughtful person Maria is! I'll be able to buy as much as I want without worrying about how I was going to carry it all home!
Shez was clever and gave me my parcel at our bloggy meet a couple of weeks ago to save postage (Melody and I gave her hers too for the same reason!). Three beautiful Christmas fabrics. Vintage Santas and some fairy fabrics. Living in a house with only boys, I don't have any fairies in my stash! Now I have!
I was lucky enough to have my gorgeous friend Melody hand deliver my present. This beautiful box and inside the box was ........
Two lovely red fabrics, the most beautiful Michelle Palmer original art illustration on fabric bird, a brooch and some choccies. Melody also brought a yummy cake to our Show Committee meeting on the night of my birthday (we went out for tea the next night).

Thank you to everyone for my lovely goodies and birthday wishes. Can you believe it but not one fabric was duplicated! Thank you also to Cheryll for organising this fun swap.

14 September, 2012

Early Australian Linen!

Melody and I headed to the Bundoora Homestead today to see the Early Australian Linen Exhibition. There were some gorgeous tableclothes, aprons, doilies, tea cosies and other things. They were from the collection of Gina Wilson (Early Australian Linens). The theme was Australiana.
We got to meet Gina and can you believe it, the three of us talked for two hours! These were linens from Gina's family and ones she has found in op-shops, garage sales and on eBay.
 Me, Gina and Melody.
 I loved this Captain Cook's Cottage apron.
 Aren't these budgies beautiful!
 More budgies.
 Budgie tea cosy.
 Kookaburra set not completed.
Close-up of kookaburras.
 Isn't this lyrebird set gorgeous!
Royal Coronation tablecloth.
 A table cloth for the 1954 Royal Visit.
South Australia Centenary Apron.
 Beautiful wildflowers.
 This bank book cover was made by Gina when 
she was five years old!
 If you get the chance to visit the exhibition, you only have until Sunday. There were many more linens than shown here. Thank you Gina for sharing your lovely treasures. You can see more of Gina's linen here.

10 September, 2012

A Day In The Country!

Yesterday we headed up to Lancefield to visit Ian and Beverley. Ian is Noel's brother. It was perfect weather for a day in the country.

Mitchell drove the hour and a half and did really well. It is the longest time he has driven in one hit. He also drove home in the dark which was great experience for him.
We headed down to the back of the paddock to see .........
this little girl!
Ian's cow Betsy had a new calf. Her name is Bella and she was born last Thursday. How cute is she! 
Ginger and Molly came along for the day. They travelled in the back of the station wagon for the first time together. We were a little worried about how they would go but they travelled very well. There were no growls or snaps by Ginger getting annoyed with Molly. 
Ginger is enjoying getting a brush.
I love this photo of Ginger. We've been trying to get a nice photo of her for ages but never could. I think I'll get a copy of this one blown up.
Ian and Nelson were having fun with George the Cockatoo.
George likes to give kisses and eventually Nelson decided to have a go.
We went for a walk into town to have a coffee at my niece Paula's cafe. If you're ever in Lancefield (or even passing through) stop off here for a cuppa!
We tied Molly up when we went into town as we didn't know how she would go not fenced in. But we really didn't need to worry. For the rest of the day she just stayed around the house and didn't run off at all!