31 March, 2021

Woodland Stitchalong Week 9

Our project for week 9 was this flex frame pouch. 
I decided to do a bit of fussy cutting for mine.
This is the back.
So now I know how to use a flex frame. 
That's another technique I've learnt during the stitchalong.
Next week will be our last for the stitchalong. 
We've still got some lovely items left in our accessory packs 
so it's going to be interesting to see what we're making.

26 March, 2021

Woodland Stitchalong Week 8

For this week's challenge we made a project bag.
A zipped section and a pocket on the front.
My mitred binding went well. 
Can't believe I always thought it was hard to do! 
 I wonder what we'll be making next.


21 March, 2021

Woodland Stitchalong Week 7

Our project for week 7 of the Tilda Lovers Club 
Woodland Stitchalong was this cushion. 
Doing binding on a cushion is a first for me. 
Did a quick trip to the quilt shop for more of the red fabric this morning. 
I may just have bought another piece of Tilda home with me as well!

I've been quilting since 1993 and this is the first time 
I have ever done binding with mitred corners.  
Fee's tutorial showed just how easy it was to do. 
I know how I'll be doing my binding from now on!

20 March, 2021

Friday Night Sew-In

I headed into my sewing room early to work on my 
Tilda Lovers Club week 7 project. I started piecing
the front of the cushion and prepared the backing. 
After tea, I finished the stitchery part, pieced 
it all together and started the quilting.
I'm about 5 inches short of the red for the binding so this morning 
I'll just have to go to the quilt shop for some more!
Thank you to Wendy for hosting us last night.
You can see what the others got up to here.

17 March, 2021

A New House And A Cricket Grand Final !

Eleven months later and it’s happened again! 
Austin and Paris have bought a house in Doreen.
Not as close as Mitchell and Steph but only 10 minutes away. 
Monday they got to put the "sold" sticker up on the board.
We are all very excited for them.
So that’s two down and one to go. 
Our house seems to be getting a lot bigger!
We never imagined that two of the boys would move out 
within 11 months of each other.
Saturday saw Mitchell playing his cricket Grand Final.
Diamond Creek batted first.
Mitchell make 34 runs before being caught. 
He high scored for the team.
It started raining and when they finished their 40 overs, 
it was decided to call off the game as the rain was getting heavier. 
That meant they had to go back Sunday to finish the match.
Mitchell's team made 124 runs. 
Diamond Creek got the opposition out for 93.
They won!
Mitchell has now won 3 out of the last 4 Grand Finals 
and this one made it back to back Premierships!

13 March, 2021

Woodland Stitchalong Week 6

This week we finally got to use our bunny purse frames.
My purse stitched and put together.
Then disaster! The purse didn't fit the frame. 
I went back and checked the pattern download and print settings. 
For some reason, the settings had changed to "shrink oversize pages"
instead of "print actual size" which I always have set. 
I have no idea how this happened. 
Needless to say, my purse template printed out too small.
I now need to make another purse to fit the bunny frame.
 I'll buy another frame that fits this one and finish it off.
I was so disappointed (insert sad face). 
Now to decide whether I buy more of this green as 
I don't have enough left or use one of the other fabrics.

07 March, 2021

Woodland Stitchalong Week 5

I forgot to post about week 5's project for the Tilda Lovers Club 
Woodland Stitchalong. This week we made Easter egg scatters. 
I'm sure I'll be making more of these at some point. 
Imagine a basket filled with lots of different eggs!

Now to wait for Fee to announce this week's project later today. 
I wonder what it will be!

06 March, 2021

Friday Night With Friends

I had a lovely night working on this little stitchery. 
It is for a swap I am doing with the Tilda Lovers Club. 
I'm hoping to get it put together this weekend.
Thank you to Chez for hosting us last night.

01 March, 2021

OPAM For February

Week 1 Tilda Woodland Stitchalong - Candle Mat
Week 2 Tilda Woodland Stitchalong - Zippy Pouch
Week 3 Tilda Woodland Stitchalong - Hoop Pouch
Week 4 Tilda Woodland Stitchalong - Fabric Basket

I am really enjoying this stitchalong using the new Tilda Woodland range.
So that's four finishes for February.
Thank you to Kris for keeping us inspired.