27 May, 2011

I think I mozzed myself!

Noel had his knee done earlier this month and we had to hire crutches. As we'd already hired crutches twice this year (Nelson and Austin) I decided to buy a pair as they weren't very expensive. Never did I imagine that two weeks after Noel came off his crutches, Austin would need them!

I got a call from the school nurse on Monday letting me know that Austin had fallen over and hurt his ankle. So out came the crutches and I headed up to school. He had a huge lump on the side of his foot. I took him off to the doctors and then for x-rays. He has a ligamentous avulsion injury. This means a little piece has chipped off the bone and he also did some ligament damage. Verdict - no weight bearing for 2 weeks and no football or gymnastics for 6 weeks! So, after 3 weeks use, the crutches will have already paid for themselves!

Looking on the bright side, I now have only 2 sets of
muddy footy gear to wash each week!
I received this lovely jelly roll from Sharon of Vrooman's Quilts this week.
I won it in week 2 of her May for Me giveaway. Thank you Sharon.
Now to decide what to make with it.

18 May, 2011

Footy news, some sewing and prizes!

Monday night Travis Cloake and a couple of rookies from the Collingwood Football Club came to Yarrambat to do some drills with the boys. There was even a hand-balling competition which Nelson won. He was lucky enough to get a new Yarrambat Football bag. The zip's broken on his old one so now I don't have to buy a replacement!Here's Nelson getting Travis' autograph on his footy jumper.
I cut into one of the pumpkins that had popped up in the garden from the compost. It was so orange that it stained my hand. I made a big pot of yummy pumpkin soup with it. It's fantastic eating things that have come out of your own garden.

I have been getting a little sewing done.I made this bag for a friend's significant birthday.Another Dee Dee Dolphin.

I've also been a bit lucky lately and have won a few prizes from blogs.
I won this a little while ago from Jo of Jo's Country Junction and forgot to post about it. It's some tape to fuse pieces of batting together. I haven't had a chance to use it yet. Thanks Jo!I also won these gorgeous wooden buttons and pattern from Lisa of Button Bliss. Thank you Lisa.
This parcel arrived from Michelle of The Raspberry Rabbits. Two beautiful applique books plus a couple of raspberry chocolates and some tea to enjoy while I read them. Thank you Michelle (and Harrington).
I've certainly been very lucky lately. There's something else that I've won but I'll post about that when it arrives.
If only I could be so lucky and win lotto!

06 May, 2011

Sixteen Years Ago.......

Sixteen years ago today, Noel and I got married. It was a beautiful Autumn day just like today and we had a fantastic time.
Here we are with the bridal party. Please excuse the quality of the photos.
I've taken photos of photos!
Happy Anniversary Noel!
Lots of Love,

05 May, 2011

A couple of finishes

Thread catchers.An early Christmas hanger. This was a kit I bought from Anam Cara in Kialla Lakes (near Shepparton) a couple of years ago. It's finally done!
Of course, I've also been working on my double wedding ring quilt and a few other bits and pieces.
I've just received the latest issue of Homespun - The Go Green Issue and my Dee Dee Dolphin is pictured in the Reader's Showcase section. It's very exciting seeing your work in print. It must be so much more exciting to have your own design in print! Maybe one day I will too!

02 May, 2011

Easter Camping

We had to postpone our trip to the outback but we managed to get away for the Easter break. We headed to Swan Hill up on the Murray River. We stayed at Pental Island Caravan Park and had a great time.We went to the Swan Hill Pioneer Settlement and had a great time seeing how it was "in the olden days"!We even had a ride in this Dodge.
Mitchell Farm Machinery. Mitchell had to have his photo taken here!Of course, I had to take a photo of this lovely old quilt. There was also a beautiful old cross stitch sampler dating in the late 1800's but I couldn't get a good photo of it.
There was a magician at the Settlement and Nelson was his assistant for one of his tricks!
If we had crossed the Marraboor River here we would have been on the same island we were camping on! The bridge was closed due to the high water because of the recent floods.

What's a trip to the Murray River without a ride on a paddlesteamer! We went on the PS Pyap and cruised down the River.A rare shot of the five of us!Could this have been Santa on the cruise with us?Nelson was pretty sure it was. Well, he does deserve a holiday, doesn't he!
At the Giant Murray Cod in town.
At the Anzac Day service.
Time for some fishing.No catches to report except for lots of snags!
By Tuesday, most people had left the caravan park and headed home. There were only five other vans as well as us left. It was very quiet Tuesday night!
There weren't any water restrictions and the boys got to do something they never can - run through the sprinklers! They had a great time.