20 January, 2020

First Friday Night Sew-In For 2020

 I've finally finished block 8 of Lillian Elizabeth's Kitchen.
I managed to make a start on block 9 before 
I got side tracked with other things!
Thanks to Wendy for hosting us. 
You can see what others got up to here.

04 January, 2020

Friday Night With Friends and A New Sewing Room

Can you believe it was the first FNWF for 2020?
 I worked on my block 8 of Jenny's Phyllis May's Kitchen
Thanks to Chez for hosting us. 
You can see what the others got up to here.
We have ripped up all the carpet in the house and will 
possibly be getting the concrete polished if the slab 
is suitable. If not, we'll go to plan B.

Of course, this means emptying the place out. 
The room I wasn't looking forward to was my sewing room. 
There are so many books and magazines and stuff!
We had to remove the window to get my glass cabinet out.
 The shelving has been pulled apart. 
All that's left to go is the corner desk.
So where have we put my sewing room contents? 
Some is in the boys' bathroom including in the bath!
There's just enough room to get to the basin, toilet and shower!
 More boxes are in our en suite.
All the books and magazines are in the lounge. 
There's no carpet in the lounge so we can leave things there.

We still have all the rest of the furniture from the bedrooms 
and rumpus room to be moved into the garage but that won't 
happen until closer to the time they come to do the work.

Lucky I have plenty of handwork prepared as there won't be any 
machine work done for a while. I probably wouldn't be able
 to find anything anyway. I'll re-organise my sewing room 
and will show you once it's all finished.

01 January, 2020

2019 Review - What I Made

Tea towels for Carly's Kitchen Tea.
Tea towels for Alisha's Kitchen Tea.
Glamorous rubber gloves for Carly and Alisha.
Shopping bags for Carly and Alisha.
Nativity for Alisha's wedding gift.
House Rules.
Miss Thea's apron.
Remi's baby quilt.
Billie's baby quilt.
Christmas decorations.
 Santa sacks.
 Shopping bags.
Twas the night before Christmas at the MacDonald's.

A total of 37 finishes for 2019.

Wishing you all a Happy New Year.
See you in 2020!