20 June, 2024

A Couple of Hound Dogs!

Now that they have been gifted, 
I can finally share these hound dogs.
 I made them for our two favourite little neighbours, 
Bernard and Eugene.
Made for their first birthday.
I made them at Scrub Stitchin'. 
The boys were lucky to get them as they were
 kidnapped, or should that be dognapped,
by naughty Jenny
Jenny hid them behind this quilt.



loulee said...

Looks like everyone loves them.

Maria said...

The boys are gorgeous and it looks like they love their 🐶 🐶 .
Lucky Jenny didn’t get to take them home.

ButterZ said...

Oh these went down very well. Mmm maybe Jenny could make one too.

Lin said...

Oh so cute! xx

Susie H said...

Adorable! And I'm talking about the boys although the hounds are super-sweet too!

Ondrea said...

Such gorgeous gifts which will be hopefully much cuddled and worn over the years ahead.

Susan said...

Gorgeous hound dogs ... and children

Karen S said...

The dogs are super sweet and it looks like they are already a hit.

dq said...

Those little guys are so adorable! What a great neighbor you are!
Love the photo of Jenny trying to steal them from you. I can see why. They are so cute.