30 August, 2013

Already Behind and OPAM!

I'm already behind with my Fat Quarter Shop 2013 Designer Mystery BOM! Block 3 arrived this week 
and I haven't even opened block 2!
 Only one project for August OPAM. 
My Kookaburra Christmas.
I have been working on lots of secret things 
but can't show you anything yet.

27 August, 2013

Table Runner Swap!

My on-line Angels and Mortals group has just 
had it's Table Runner Swap.
Yesterday this lovely parcel arrived at my place. 
My angel turned out to be Marc of Daisy Jayne.
Marc has made me this lovely runner. 
The photo isn't showing the fabrics properly. 
They are so much more vibrant.
This is a little better but look so much nicer in person.
Marc also added some extra goodies.
How cute is this little thread catcher! It's the perfect size to fit into whichever project box I am working from.

Thank you Marc for my lovely table runner. Thank you also to Maree for organising this fun swap.
Here's my table runner all wrapped up and 
on it's way to ??????

26 August, 2013

Another One!

Last night the Under 17's were asked to come to the club for Presenation Day. Their Baby Brownlow night is their presentation event but the club wanted to present the boys to the rest of the club as part of the celebrations for winning the Grand Final in their final year of junior football. The boys were all presented with another trophy for being Premiers!
Mitchell with his coach, Caine.

25 August, 2013

Football Presenation Day and a Baby Brownlow!

 Yesterday was Presentation Day at 
Yarrambat Junior Football Club. 
Austin and Nelson both received participation trophies. Nelson also received a Grand Finalist medal.
Nelson with his coach, Craig.
Austin with his coach, Pete.
Look at this fantastic picture the boys presented to Pete. The artist used the team photo and has done a great job capturing the boys (and Pete). That's Austin on the left hand side, second one down.
I also received two trophies. Both were for time keeping in Austin and Nelson's teams.
 Mitchell then had the 
Diamond Creek Under 17's Baby Brownlow night. 
This is where the count is done for the Best and Fairest Awards. All the boys were to dress up and take a partner for the night. Mitchell took his lovely friend from school, Zoe.
Each boy was introduced, along with their partners.
 Mitchell received a trophy for playing his 
100 Games of football.

21 August, 2013

It's Time To Vote For Pets On Quilts!

 It's time to vote for your favourite Pets on Quilts. Head over to Lily Pad Quilting to vote on this post. There are prizes to be won, both for you and me.
 Molly is # 52 just in case you wanted to vote for her!
I've entered her in the Dogs on Quilts category.
 This post has all the pets for you to choose from.

19 August, 2013

Congratulations and Commiserations!

What a bitter sweet day it was. Unfortunately, Nelson's team were beaten by the better side on the day. Nothing seemed to be working for the boys. They all tried hard and we are very proud of them.
Poor Nelson woke up feeling quite unwell with a bad cold and high temperature. I got him some hydrolyte to rehydrate him and gave him some cold and flu tablets. He was feeling better by the game.  
Here he is receiving his medal.

Bad luck Nelson. You go get them next year!

Now for the sweet part of the day. 
Mitchell's team won! They were ahead the whole game and finished winning by 53 points.
Mitchell kicked the last goal of the game. 
What a way to finish his Junior Football Career!

Congratulations Mitchell!

17 August, 2013

FNSI and Two Grand Finals!

I didn't get to sew a stitch last night. I got home from making Mitchell's banner at 9.30pm. By the time I got myself something to eat it was a little late. I was pretty tired too from all the bending and crawling around the floor. 
But I did manage to get a little stitching done 
today at NOTY Guild Meeting.
Mitchell is playing in his last junior football match. 
Here he is last night after training. 
All the boys stayed to watch the footy on tv.
Good luck Mitchell and all your team mates in the 
Diamond Creek Under 17's.
 Nelson is all ready for his Grand Final too!
Good luck Nelson and all your team mates in the 
Yarrambat Under 13's.

Unfortunately, both boys are playing at the same time at different grounds. So Noel will go to Mitchell's game and I'll be at Nelson's. There are going to be lots of text messages going back and forth. This happened last year too with Mitchell and Austin!

15 August, 2013

It's Friday Night Sew-In Again!

Can you believe it! Friday Night Sew-In has rolled around again. Our lovely host is Wendy at Sugarlane Quilts. I don't know if I'll get much done as I'll be helping the other mums make a banner for Mitchell's team for Sunday's Grand Final (we made Nelson's team's one on Tuesday). I also have to get the washing done as Saturday is NOTYQ Guild meeting day. My lovely friend Gina (Patra's Place of Stitching and Vintage Linens) is coming to give a talk on her beautiful vintage linens. But any little bit of stitching will be good. Are you going to join us? You can sign up here.

14 August, 2013

Pets On Quilts!

Pets on Quilts is on again. Our lovely host is 
Jacque of Lily Pad Quilting 
This is the photo I submitted of Molly last year.
Twelve months later and she is now a larger but still 
cheeky dog who chews up everything!
Ginger and Molly spend a lot of their time 
sitting in the sun here in the bay window. 
Ignoring each other!
Molly is yodelling! 
"Don't tell anyone I'm here! 
I'm not supposed to be on the couch!"

Pop over to Lily Pad Quilting and 
see what other gorgeous pets are there.

13 August, 2013

A Find and Some Late Thank You's

 A little while ago I found this gorgeous tablecloth in the window display of a local Op Shop. I just had to have it! As the cloth had only gone in the window that day,
I paid for it but had to wait for two weeks until they changed the window display.
 It's a little hard to see in the photo but there are the tiniest and neatest stitches.
 Last month I was the lucky winner of the Friday Night Sew-In which was hosted by Wendy of Sugarlane Quilts while Heidi is having a break. 
Two very pretty fat quarters, DMC threads, pink polka dot scissors and cute canvas sewing tags.
 A close-up of the tags.
 How gorgeous is this card! Thank you Wendy.
I also won a dvd of Peter Pan from 
Anorina of Samelia's Mum. Thank you Anorina.

12 August, 2013

They Won!

Nelson's team played a fantastic game yesterday, 
winning the Preliminary Final 92 to 4! 
They all played so well in very windy conditions.

We have a very tense day coming up next Sunday.
Two Grand Finals!
Mitchell is playing Whittlesea and
Nelson will be playing against Diamond Creek.

Good luck boys!